OSX 10.5 or later

Optimized for Snow Leopard

There are other apps available -- Maintenance and MacJanitor come to mind -- that perform similar tasks, but neither of those programs comes close to the depth of capability of IceClean (TUAW)

I just donated to an app developer for the first time!  I donated to the developer of IceClean because his application is very powerful, feature rich, easy to use, and the list can go on.  I decided to support developers who make such great programs at little or no cost.  It says a lot about a person who is willing to help others out, so I decided to log into PayPal and conduct an easy transaction.

To the Developer. This is such a great program. It made my mac go faster. And it's even better and easier to use than xTool or TInkerTool. I love it! It's like free alternative to myClean PC!

First time using this utility, and already I find it invaluable.  It encompasses what more than one utility/maintenance application does now! Great stuff

My Indesign files were seemingly corrupt... My head was pounding.. BAM! Ice clean and a restart..THEY ALL OPENED!!!

Clean up your system and change system settings by using this easy-to-use tool.

5 STARS ALL THE WAY! I can't BELIEVE the top two that "others" recommended were SLCC (Snow Leopard Cache Cleaner) and OnyX. Having used BOTH (OnyX not being as bad as SLCC, but that's not saying much), this app blows them both completely away. In fact SLCC (which I PAID for) I DUMPED because it was so pathetic, and the ONLY reason I keep "CleanMyMac" (which I ALSO paid for) is that the "Language Files" cleanup is worthwhile - otherwise, it is FAR too high-maintenance, causing you to make SURE that you aren't going to let it "clean" an often VERY necessary file. With IceClean 3.4.5 not only do you not have that worry, the additional functionality built in is FANTASTIC. I ESPECIALLY like the "Whois" that I can use in conjunction with "Hands Off!" to see EXACTLY which domains those IP addresses that pop up asking for "permissions" are - which previously I would resort to "Better Whois" to identify (a tedious method compared to having it right at hand in the IceClean 3.4.5 app. Everyone will naturally have their own "opinions" of what the "best" cleaning solution is - but I for one am VERY happy to have chanced upon IceClean 3.4.5 via MacUpdate (a MUST have in itself), and intend to make a donation as soon as my financial situation allows me too. I ONLY WISH I could get my money back for SLCC, AND CleanMyMac, and donate it ALL. So there's my "review" for what it's worth. If you haven't given IceClean 3.4.5 a test drive - do so ASAP!

I have been using IceClean for a couple of years now and I want to thank you for your work. This is one of my favorite applications of the "must have type". I am always happy with it and keep using it because as soon as an update from Apple comes out your software is updated and ready for the newest build. This is why I love this application as many developers seem to be behind in preparations for these updates from Apple.

Thanks for an awesome product that's free!

When are you going to come out with a disk defraging tool? I've been using this App. for a couple years now. I'm amazed at the amount of tools it has.

Hello, and Thank You, for this two very nice and useable pieces, IceClean and FinderClean:) Before I did use Cocktail, had tryed Onyx, Mac Cleanse. But Yours is my style. Simply Powerfull, Friendly and very Logical softs. I am new with computers, and now I had got one really Helper to my exercises... Thank You again! Good Luck, Best Wishes! And I wait for Next by Yours!

This is the most awesome app I've ever used on a Mac! It's lighting speed!

Another solid release from a rather dedicated developer. Kudos to the developers for continuing to care and update this utility. All of the tasks are executed per the utility's description. What sets IceClean from the rest, in my opinion, is the fact that I have experienced blazing-fast task executions with IC. I would recommend this product to anyone interested in giving it a test-drive. Feature request: an auto-update option so that users may become aware when an update is available. The only reason I knew Ice Clean had been updated was because I visit MacUpdate daily. Otherwise, I would have missed it. 

IceClean is the #1 Mac app to download. It is more valuable than any other app. Thank you so much MacDentro.com! IceClean has saved my Final Cut Studio machine multiple times.

Very nice...been waiting for this. Out of all the free system utilities apps, I prefer IceClean. I can see how _some_ people might be confused about how this works, but I understand, and appreciate your efforts! No problems (yet) with this beta...Please continue the excellent work!

I've tried other utilities that do similar things like Cocktail, Onyx, etc., and I've always felt smothered by so many options and variables. Not so with your product.

I love this little utility. Simple, understandable, dependable. The UI is extremely straightforward for a utility that does so much. Thank you for such simple options as "perform all maintenance tasks", and "deep clean", etc. No confusion there!

Excellent app. Thanks. Keep it up. 

I'm running a beta build of OS X Leopard and IceClean works flawlessly. It has really improved the responsiveness of the OS across the board. So as far as quickly beta-testing IceClean on an older (June 2007) beta build of Leopard goes, it works.

Worked very well in tightening up my old iBook, thanks!

The only app so far that's actually force emptied my trash can!  I love it.

I am financially embarrassed right now, but I intend to donate to MacDentro.com as soon as my finances improve. IceClean a million dollar program helps me forget that I'm running on little to no income at this time. IceClean has kept my computer running great.  I'm very lucky to have it. I hope everyone donates generously who can afford to. When they download  at MacDentro.com. What ever program or computer needs you have, MacDentro.com can solve.

I'm really looking foreword to IceClean 3.0 for leopard. It will be everything and more for keeping my Mac running up to pare. Thanks for the great programs. Thanks to all those who worked hard at making my Mac run faster,flawless,and without major problems. The only way to stay the course is the MacDentro way for sure. I work uninterrupted without time consuming system problems that creep up on your computer when you don't have great utility programs as MacDentro.com has to offer. Thanks again

This is a great application I have ever used to clean my mac. It's just fantastic! I am quite a rough user; meaning I hardly turn my Macbook off. I often close the screen and carry in along everywhere I go. I also run at least 3 applications at a time with so much application installed in the Mac. Couple of months after I bought it, it started getting jammed and so ever. I thought Virus has already got into Mac now. But after I started using the IceClean it's just a whao...!!! It's fantastic. It started running like a new machine. No jam and nothing related to jamming. It's the best apps I used until now. Great work IceClean!!

I love IceClean. Thanks for an awesome product that's free! When are you going to come out with a disk defraging tool? I've been using this App. for a couple years now. I'm amazed at the amount of tools it has.

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