Since Apple launched its biggest technology revolution of smartphones in 2007, people can’t get enough of the iPhone even today. No doubt, iPhone is super-fast and sleek in overall performance. However, a lot of users complain about the storage space.

Although it’s essential to keep track of the phone’s memory, many users take this issue for granted.

Do you know what happens when you keep overlooking the memory status of your iPhone?

Your iPhone will start to behave abnormally and show slower performance, increased load time, improper data synchronization, and failed downloads and updates.

Therefore, if you face all these issues, this post will share the eight best iPhone cleaner apps that will keep your iPhone’s storage fully optimized.

8 Best iPhone Cleaner Apps

Let’s check out the eight most effective cleaner apps for iPhone based on customers’ ratings and reviews. Remember that privacy practices may vary between these apps.

Head to the App Store to buy and download these apps.

Smart Cleaner – Delete Duplicate Contacts & Media

The Smart Cleaner app is a valuable tool that keeps duplicate contacts, photos, and videos away from your iPhone. Moreover, this tool also keeps updating you about the memory status of your phone.

But how? Unlike other storage cleaners, this app for iPhone shows a real-time storage gauge in a user-friendly way. In addition, the UI of Smart Cleaner is also aesthetic and attractive.

Besides, sometimes you unintentionally save duplicate phone numbers, images, and videos. That covers up a significant portion of your iPhone’s memory. Therefore, the Smart Cleaner app identifies all the duplicate files and gives you to either merge those files or delete one of the duplicates.


  • Fast Smart cleaning feature
  • Deletes duplicate contacts, photos, and videos
  • Tests the internet connection
  • Deletes expired calendar events
  • Secures your data privacy


  • Expensive subscription plan

Gemini Photos

If you love taking pictures with your new iPhone, your phone’s storage space will likely start brimming with similar photos, screenshots, and videos.

That’s when Gemini Photos comes into play.

Gemini Photos is a fantastic cleaning app for iPhone as it identifies all the duplicate photos, live photos, and blank. Moreover, Gemini Photos lets you delete screenshots that aren’t useful for you.

The unnecessary photos, screenshots, and videos affect your iPhone’s performance.

Therefore, it’s necessary to only keep one unique copy of every picture in your iPhone to keep it at the top of its performance.


  • Organizes your phone’s Gallery
  • Suggests good useful pictures
  • Keeps checking for new duplicate photos
  • The free version gives your full app access for three days


  • Time-consuming in the first trial

Cleaner Pro – Phone Cleaning App for Contacts & Emails

We indeed tend to receive a pile of emails every day. Moreover, our contacts sometimes get overloaded due to the professional work cycle.

Do you know that these excessive emails and contacts affect your iPhone storage? That’s right. Your iPhone might start lagging suddenly, and you will see the reason.

However, Cleaner Pro lets you take the back seat and clear all the duplicate contact lists and emails.

Of course, your contacts and the email list are precious one way or another. But what good would they bring if they start burdening your phone?

Therefore, Cleaner Pro merges or deletes duplicate contacts and emails. If you are concerned about the data loss, then worry no more. This app is also available in 15 languages, including simplified and traditional Chinese.

Cleaner Pro makes a restore point that works as a backup before making changes in your address book.


  • Merges or deletes unnecessary contacts and emails
  • Smart filter to find the required contact
  • Has the undo feature on a single tap
  • Creates “restore point”
  • Available in Traditional & Simplified Chinese


  • None

Phone Cleaner

As the name suggests, you can clean your phone using the Phone Cleaner app. First, its smart feature identifies all the similar photos and videos on your iPhone. Second, it sorts the photos and videos by size so that you can easily remove the larger files first.

Moreover, this app for iPhone looks for contacts that are saved more than one time on your phone.

However, if you use the Phone Cleaner free app version, you won’t get the ad blocker for the Safari browser. Therefore, if you want to use all the features, upgrade the Phone Cleaner app with a paid subscription.


  • Sorts large videos and photos
  • Deletes duplicate and unnecessary contacts
  • Has advanced filters to search media files
  • Offers in-app purchases like an ad blocker


  • Adblocker is available in the paid version only

Clean Doctor

From the best iPhone cleaning apps, Clean Doctor excels in providing multiple storage cleaning services. From duplicate photos, videos, contacts, and junk files to expired calendar events and reminders, this cleaner app helps you get rid of all of them.

Moreover, Clean Doctor has multiple other services available too. For example, the tone generator tests the performance of your iPhone’s speakers.

Apart from this, you can also add your phone’s storage information on the iPhone home screen. That way, you can instantly check the status of your phone’s storage capacity and take necessary action.

Besides, Clean Doctor is famous for its privacy policy as it provides a camouflage mode that changes your photos into a random landscape. You can revert those photos to their original state anytime. This app’s privacy practices may surprise you.


  • Clears duplicate photos, videos, contacts, calendar events, and overdue reminders
  • Camouflages your photos gives complete privacy
  • High rating and reviews
  • Home screen widgets
  • Multiple other options like speaker’s test when you subscribe


  • You have to delete the duplicate contacts manually

Cleaner App

If you got a plethora of duplicate and blurry photos in your phone’s Gallery, worry no more. The Cleaner app will clean the storage space smartly without losing important data.

Apart from the cleaning services, this Cleaner app for iPhone gives you excellent key feature tools like storage monitoring and internet speed test. Therefore, the Cleaner app works well when adding all those excellent management tools to your iPhone.

You can also select multiple files manually and check the memory status. That means whether your phone’s storage will be optimized or not after deleting them.

Do check out the reviews of Cleaner for iPhone on the App Store before subscribing to its weekly/monthly/annual plan.

Checking the App Store for reviews of apps is generally a good practice.


  • Quickly deletes duplicate & temporary files, including photos, videos, and contact list
  • Scans large videos and other files
  • Test the internet speed
  • Affordable and value for money


  • None


You already know that the iPhone cleaner apps are not entirely free. But if you are looking for one, go for iCleaner for your phone as it’s 100% free. This is the biggest plus of this storage cleaner for the iPhone.

The iCleaner app is user-friendly, and you can get rid of duplicate files with just one tap. In addition, you can scan photos and videos that are similar and then delete them. However, this app is free, and you have to see many annoying ads during the cleaning process.

Therefore, if you want the ad-free version of iCleaner, subscribe to their weekly/monthly/annual plan and declutter your digital life in just one tap.


  • 100% free
  • Easy to use
  • Works fast regardless of the load
  • Simple UI/UX


  • Has a lot of ads in the free version


Your iPhone’s performance might gradually deteriorate if you receive tons of emails every day. Keeping that in mind, Cleanfox is one of the best cleaning apps that removes all the junk files and duplicate emails from your iPhone.

Since you already know that some emails come with heavy attached files, it’s essential to run a storage space test in your inbox regularly.

Cleanfox provides an automated email filter through which you can differentiate between the emails. For example, you would want to delete the promotional emails, and that’s all fine. However, Cleanfox will separate those and ask you whether to unsubscribe from them.

Moreover, Cleanfox works very fast. So you don’t have to spend hours on your iPhone checking what emails are important.


  • Fast email cleaning app
  • Filters email on their category
  • It provides you the option to unsubscribe from a mailing list
  • Saves your time


  • None

What is the Best Free iPhone Cleaner?

If you compare the iPhone cleaner apps with other similar apps, their key features won’t differ. However, the secondary difference lies in the following factors:

  • Speed of scanning the files in your iPhone
  • UI/UI of the apps
  • Features included in the free trial
  • Cost of the premium version

Of course, there are other apps available to clean the storage of your iPhone. But you have to choose from the factors mentioned above.

If you are looking for the best iPhone cleaner app, go for iCleaner, as it will save you money and keep your iPhone clean of all the unnecessary digital files.

What iPhone Storage Capacity is Suitable?

When you are buying an iPhone, you generally get five options for choosing its storage capacity:

  • 32 GB
  • 64 GB
  • 128 GB (recommended)
  • 256 GB
  • 512 GB
  • 1 TB

The first two options will run short sooner than you expect. It’s because usually, users don’t worry about their iPhone’s storage status until it starts brimming.

Therefore, you should go for the 128 GB iPhone storage capacity to make the best of it even in the long term.

On the other hand, the 256 & 512 GB options are enough. Also, the iPhone 256 & 512 GB are a bit too steep due to their big storage capacity.

Final Thoughts

Sometimes your iPhone gets cluttered with unwanted stuff like duplicate media files and contacts. While you fail to notice that your iPhone’s storage is getting full, a big pile of junk files affects your phone’s overall performance.

Therefore, it’s better to check out the cleaner apps and download any of them for your iPhone. That way, your phone’s storage will always remain optimized.