iPhone 8 Plus is an excellent phone from Apple and can make a style statement of its own. However, it needs protection like any other phone, so why not get one of those cool iPhone 8 Plus cases.

Like most other phone accessories, Apple has its line of iPhone cases. For instance, the Apple leather case is a popular accessory many iPhone lovers use.

However, many third-party phone cover makers specialize in accessories for iPhone 7, iPhone 8, and many other devices from Apple.

Best iPhone 8 Plus Cases

iPhone 8 Plus covers come in a wide range of materials, colors, and functionalities. Whether it’s about protection, style, or durability, most of these cases tick the right boxes, which makes them just the suitable options to consider if you have an iPhone 8 plus.

So, which iPhone 8 plus case should you pick. Here are some of the best options to look out for.

Spigen Neo Hybrid Back Cover Case

Spigen Neo Hybrid Back Cover Case is an ultra-slim but highly durable case for iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 Plus. While it may not be the most stylish of cases for iPhone 8 Plus, it still has enough looks to stand out from the other cases.

It’s a two-piece design, but thanks to its seamless construction, you won’t feel a thing, and it gives a good feeling when you hold it. Moreover, it doesn’t make your iPhone 8 Plus too heavy, and its lightweight makes it an appealing option for an iPhone 8 Plus.

In addition to that, unlike some of the other cases, you don’t need to take off the cover to charge the phone wirelessly. Moreover, the patterns make sure that they don’t catch any dust.

The shock-absorbing technology provides the ultimate protection to your iPhone 8 Plus, and its polycarbonate bumper prevents any chances of cracks in the iPhone. In addition, its latest design has an upgraded and reinforced frame providing better durability.


  • Supports wireless charging
  • Lightweight design
  • Durable with bumpers to prevent shocks


  • Not the most stylish design

Life Proof FRE Series

If there is an ultimate durable case for iPhone 8, it must be Life Proof FRE. Then you love adventure; you need a phone cover that can withstand tough weather, shocks, water, and dirt. With the Life Proof FRE case, you get all of it.

Life Proof FRE is designed for adventure lovers, especially when iPhone 8 Plus offers high-quality photography; it’s only logical to take it with you on hikes, trekking, and even bike rides.

Thankfully, the Life Proof FRE case makes sure that your iPhone can be mounted anywhere. In addition, it has exceptional mounting capabilities for bikes and belts.

It also features a built-in scratch protector, and it also acts as a high-quality screen protector for your iPhone 8 Plus. So if you’re after durability and sturdy phone cases, it’s one of the best iPhone 8 Plus cases on the market right now.

The efficient shock-proof design allows it to withstand impact and shock from up to 66.5 meters in height.


  • IP68 is designed to withstand ice, dust, dirt, and water
  • Heavy shock proofing
  • Ideal for adventure lovers
  • It also includes screen protection


  • A bit bulky around the corners

iPhone 8 Plus Wallet Case

If you like keeping all your stuff in one place, go for the iPhone 8 Plus wallet case. Not only does it offer a multifunctional design, but it’s also an excellent product that lets you make a style statement of your own.

Since it’s a leather wallet cum phone cover, it’s slightly thicker and bulkier than the other cases for iPhone 8 Plus. However, it has all the safety and durability features that you expect in a high-quality phone case.

A magnetic back cover offers the utmost convenience in shutting the case when you want. The back cover also hides your credit cards and other essential items that go in your wallet. You can also use the back cover as a kickstand to watch videos and attend online meetings.

On top of that, it provides decent drop protection for your phone too. It’s a patented design for iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 8 Plus. It uses military-grade corner guard technology thanks to a dual carbonate design. So, it can bear shocks from a drop height of up to four feet high up to 26 times.

For wireless charging, open the back flap and place the iPhone on the charger; make sure there are no metal cards in the wallet, or they could hinder the charging process.

Thanks to the magnetic back flap, the cover also allows seamless mounting in cars. You won’t need an additional magnetic mechanism or adhesive to mount the iPhone 8 plus in your car.


  • Multifunctional design
  • Best iPhone 8 Plus cover with leather wallet
  • A magnetic flap lets you kickstand your phone for watching videos
  • Mountable


  • The thicker back cover may disturb wireless charging.

Caseology Parallax for iPhone 8 Plus

Caseology Parallax cases are renowned for their quality, durability, and sturdy designs. They are undoubtedly one of the best-selling cases for the iPhone 8 Plus.

The parallax model offers a dual-layer design that features a TPU shock-absorbent shell. So, the cover bears extreme shocks to protect your phone and keep it completely safe and free from cracks.

The second layer features a polycarbonate frame that accurately fits the phone edges, giving it a sleek and compact outlook. So, unless you are not smashing your phone against a wall or the ground, it will remain scratch-free and in top-class working condition.

Caseology Parallax also features a diamond pattern outer surface that makes it easier to grip without catching any dust or dirt from the air. The patterned back cover also enhances drop protection, and there is added corner cushion to prevent sudden shocks.


  • Responsive tactile feedback buttons
  • Non-slip grip ideal for rough handlers
  • Dual-layer protection to enhance durability
  • Stylish look


  • It doesn’t come off so easily

Otterbox Defender Series Case

Otterbox is a renowned manufacturer of iPhone cases. The Otterbox Defender Series case is made for iPhone 8 Plus, and it also works with iPhone 7 Plus models. From the outset, it’s a heavy-duty design that can prevent scrapes, scratches, and sudden shocks.

It’s also got a geeky and techy look, making it a popular choice among teenagers. But more importantly, triple-layer protection provides rugged support and drop protection for iPhone 8 Plus.

The three layers consist of synthetic rubber, a built-in screen protector, and a polycarbonate shell, so it covers your iPhone 8 Plus quite nicely.

It also has corner protection with bump-proofing around the edges. So, whether it’s dirt, debris, or even rough conditions, the Otterbox Defender Series can withstand most of it for longer durations, making it an excellent option for iPhone 8 Plus protection.


  • Port covers to prevent dust and debris.
  • Detachable holster and belt clip to allow hand-free viewing
  • Triple-layer protective design
  • Great for travel


  • Color may vary from pictures

Apple Leather Case

Like most other accessories, Apple also offers leather cases for iPhones. The Apple Leather Case is a simplistic design that provides sufficient protection with a microfiber lining on the inside of the cover.

Since it’s a leather case, it already boasts luxury and style, which you often associate with iPhones. But, more importantly, it’s a sleek design that you can keep on all the time, so it doesn’t interfere with wireless charging.

Generally, the Apple leather case comes in various colors and is made from European leather. So, it’s primarily a high-quality case for your iPhone 8 Plus. In addition, you can choose the proper contrast for your Space Grey, Silver, or Rose Gold iPhone, thanks to the color variations.

The case provides a soft and comfortable surface with protection comparable to any other smartphone cover.


  • Simplistic design
  • Soft to touch
  • Supports wireless charging
  • Impact protection


  • Pricey

MOKO Clear Case

If you like showing that famous iPhone logo to everyone, you would probably want something clear but durable. The MOKO Clear Case lets you show the beauty of your iPhone while providing optimum safety and shock protection.

The case features reinforced corner bumps to protect from severe shocks. Because of its simplistic design, it’s a relatively cheaper option for an iPhone cover.

With the MOKO Clear Case, you can still enjoy the enticing looks of your iPhone, especially if it’s a Rose Gold model.

The MOKO Clear Case is relatively thin for a rugged and heavy-duty protector and supports wireless charging. In addition, its anti-scratch hardshell material features flexible TPU.

So, it has all the right features that you would want in an iPhone protective casing.


  • Clear and scratch-free design
  • Reinforced corner bumps for maximum protection
  • A cheaper option for iPhone covers
  • 100% transparent


  • Simple design
  • It May turn yellow after some time

TUCCH iPhone 8 Plus Case

If you want a luxurious-looking iPhone 8 Plus cover, then the TUCCH iPhone 8 Plus case is just what you need. Although it’s available in various colors with a highly detailed design, it’s just the right option to take to parties and official meetings.

It’s a classic design with a left-turning cover protecting your front screen. Also, this is a handmade design offering the perfect curves that don’t take away anything from the sleek design of your iPhone.

It’s not only pretty but equally sturdy and long-lasting too. So, it makes sure that your phone stays well-protected. On top of that, there are three card slots and a money pocket so you can carry all your valuables in one place.

The flap design also lets you stand the iPhone, and its magnetic design means that it can close automatically.

There is a soft entire TPU inner case with shock-proof edges for bumps and drops as far as the protection features are concerned. So, it’s quite a thin design considering that it has card slots too.


  • Stylish and luxurious design
  • Supports wireless charging
  • Card slots
  • Magnetic closure


  • Card slots can stretch over time
  • Non-leather material

Buying Guide for iPhone 8 Plus Cases

A decent iPhone 8 case will have more than looks. So, when you’re buying these accessories, there are some crucial parameters to consider. Here is a quick look:


Since we use so much of our phones every day, they are bound to take a tumble or two now and then. So, when you use a quality case for the iPhone 8, it keeps you from worrying about dents, scratches, and possible malfunctions.

Since the iPhone 8 derives all its looks from the glass back cover, you can’t afford a scratch or an accidental coffee spill when the phone is on the table. So, look for cases that provide maximum protection.

Generally, these protectors are made of rubber, silicon, or TPU that further enhance the safety of your iPhone.

Style and Looks

iPhone 8 is no cheap commodity, so it’s always good when it looks new and stylish. So, look for covers that let you make a style statement. Because third-party makers also allow you to customize your phone case, the options are pretty much endless.

However, make sure that you don’t compromise the ease of use for looks. So, if you’re buying a case with additional widgets and extra weight, it may not be too convenient for you in the long run.

Wallet Case

Suppose you’re integrating a wallet case into your phone case. That way, you can get rid of your wallet and make your iPhone 8 Plus case an all-in-one solution.

Generally, iPhone 8 wallet cases have enough space to hold ID cards, credit cards, and some cash.

Corner Protection

When a phone falls on the ground, it may hit one of the four corners. So, it’s a great idea to keep the phone corners well-protected.

Many iPhone 8 plus cases come with corner protection, providing additional safety in case of accidental drops.


Buying the right iPhone 8 Plus case can be challenging, especially when so many choices are in hand. However, now that you know the best ones and understand the buying dynamics, it shouldn’t be too difficult to purchase your next iPhone 8 Plus case.

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