What are the main concerns when buying an iPhone wallet case? Will it scratch the screen? Will it be a convenience but add weight and bulge to the pocket?

Also, some people develop allergies to some particular materials. Hence we need to contemplate this factor before making any impulsive buying decision. So before you head on to eBay or Amazon.com, these are some valid concerns before buying an iPhone wallet case.

In this honest guide, we will help you find the best iPhone wallet case for you by dissecting the features and exploring the conveniences you can gain from various iPhone wallet cases.

Why Is There a Need for Case for iPhone?

For us, the answer is why not? Its human nature to hoard, and it is impossible to come out of this mess until it starts reducing.

Fortunately, reducing clutter and increasing dependability on the phone; is doable in this digital era. Either you go to TESCO, pay for the parking ticket, or book a movie ticket at VUE Cinemas; everything is possible with phone applications.

For the most part, digital banking has sorted most of the clutter. The rest can be sorted by throwing that bulgy old leather wallet and taking the cards on the go.

Typically, the iPhone wallet case has two or three slots for cards and some space to keep paper money. It sorts you for good, since nobody forgets their phone, hence you always have your wallet with you, with the phone.

So, why not reduce, and shift to a new wallet case. Not to forget, the wallet case comes in various colors, styles, and designs, which add some character to your otherwise black Montone iPhone.               

Our Pick of Best iPhone Wallet Cases

Here are some of our picks of wallet cases for iPhone. Each is listed with its features, specifications, pros, and cons.

Twelve South’s MagSafe Book for iPhone 12 Pro Max

There is a valid reason for this iPhone wallet to be dubbed a book. The case is a perfect alternative to the old-school money wallet.

Twelve South has ample space to hold slips, bills, and cards in the slots. The design mimics the look of an ancient book. The book keeps the phone safely tucked in as you go about your day.

Twelve South’s Book is made primarily to facilitate ease for MagSafe charging. Without removing the phone from the case, you can mount it on the charging dock in the car. You can also flip the book open to make video calls and access quick selections as you drive.   

It is made with full-grain leather. Twelve South Book Wallet may seem sturdy at the purchase, but it ages and softens with time like all leather. The insides of the case are finished with microfiber to ensure the phone screen doesn’t scratch.

So, from now on, as you rush out, all you have to do is grab your Twelve South Wallet. Life becomes a little less fussy with this iPhone wallet case.


  • Magnetic Clasp
  • Drop protection
  • Hard case with microfiber layer inside
  • Holds several cards and receipts
  • It looks like a book


  • Only suitable for iPhone 12 Pro

Smartish Wallet Slayer for iPhone 7 & 8 Plus

The slayer series from Smartish brings a sleek and beautiful wallet for iPhone 7 plus and iPhone 8 plus. From the first look, you can see the design is very urban. It has a curving shape, which surprisingly offers an excellent grip.

Soon you can see how the sides elevating from the front give a good cushioning if the phone falls face down. It is made with sturdy material and can sustain some tough drops. Also, it is an ideal way to protect your expensive phone by buying an inexpensive case.

A small slot is at the back of the cover to keep three to four credit cards. The cards can be poked out from the poke-hole on the other side if you over-stuff it and need some nudging.

The slot has a fine grip to hold one thin card or four cards. It keeps them secure and in place as you use your phone.


  • Sturdy material
  • Slot for 3-4 cards
  • Available in various designs and colors
  • Ergonomic grip
  • Economical


  • May require a protective cover to protect the glass

Spigen Slim Armor CS Designed for iPhone 13 Pro Max

The Spigen Slim Armor CS wallet case is a final choice when looking for something tough. The exterior of the case is made with dual layers of polycarbonate plastic. Uniquely, the case is made with Air Cushion Technology. So it keeps the phone secure after a significant drop too.

The design is modest and makes the phone look discreet and unnoticeable. Hence it takes all the attention away surrounding the new iPhone 12 Pro Max. Similarly, the slot at the back can hold up to two thick cards. If you have thinner cards, three cards would fit just fine.

Spigen Slim Armor CS wallet case works well with voice and power buttons and makes it easy to use. However, it doesn’t support MagSafe technology.


  • Robust design
  • Air Cushion Technology
  • Holds two cards and cash


  • Only available in black color
  • Doesn’t support MagSafe

OtterBox Folio Case in Strada Series for Apple iPhone 11

The Strada series in Otterbox aims to achieve boldness and sophistication. The design of the Folio case speaks loud about design sophistication. The folio-style case is made with only genuine leather. OtterBox Strada series is created in inspiration from Italian design and elegance.  

Inside, the case has slots for cards and cash. The slots ensure the cards don’t touch the screen of the phone. There are two card slots, which can be alternated with receipt or cash depending on the need.

The case shuts with a magnetic clasp, clearing the quality test. Moreover, the leather folio case is tested for 238 hours and gets OtterBox certified drop+ protection.

The OtterBox Strada series folio wallet case is beautiful, not bulky for the pocket, and gives 360o protection. Meaning it protects the phones from the front, back, and sides.  


  • Genuine leather wallet case
  • Two slots for credit cards
  • Drop protection certified
  • Clasp stays perfect for a long time


  • Leather may look weary after some time.

KIHUWEY Premium Leather for iPhone 11, Shockproof Wallet Cover

Kihuwey iPhone wallet case is made with high-quality polyurethane leather. It gives complete protection to iPhone, even in the most troubled areas, i.e., the corners.

The raised buffered edges are raised to 1.5 mm. It is a decent size to protect the iPhone from the infamous edge drops that often break the screen. Despite the protection it gives, the leather is exceptionally soft and doesn’t add much weight.

The almost invisible wallet is secure with magnets. When magnets are released, it opens to the glorious wallet that can hold up to four cards, some cash, and receipts.  

In addition, it has a beautiful makeshift kickstand. You can make video calls, read a book, or watch movies. The phone stays at an ergonomic angle with the kickstand.


  • Shockproof leather case
  • Magnets to secure wallet
  • Holds up to three credit card
  • Kickstand to stabilize the phone at an angle


  • May trigger allergies
  • It doesn’t support wireless charging

Buyer’s Guide for Best iPhone Wallet Cases

An ideal wallet case carries cards and cash along with a phone. This buyer guide gives some insight into other aspects and helps make better buying decisions.

Various Types to Choose From

Since there are various kinds of cases available to choose from – you will find yourself getting dizzy as soon you log on at amazon.com, don’t worry, we got you.

Slim Wallet Case

These are for people taking the reduction bit seriously. The slim iPhone wallet case is pocket-friendly, with space for one or two credit card slots and a small slot for sundry things.

Con: The cards are always visible and prone to theft.

Folio Wallet Case

Folio comes in medium to enormous sizes. In addition, some Folio wallet cases are pocket-friendly, with space for three cards, flaps, and slots to accommodate the absence of a cash wallet.

While you can also find slightly inclining towards big-size folio cases with wrist straps, these make absolute fashion accessories.  

Con: If you choose a Folio case with many slots, it may not fit in your pocket.

Stick-on iPhone Wallet

These are simple and easy kind – since they aren’t folio style, they do not cover the front part of the phone, i.e., the screen. Instead, look for a design with raised edges to support big drops.

Con: The phone may not survive a significant drop; hence invest in a glass protector.   

Wireless Charging

It is very inconvenient for a person to pull the phone out of the case, each time, whenever they need to charge. Apple has this fantastic feature of MagSafe, which enables a person to use wireless charging. With the help of a magnetic attachment, it is effortless to charge the phone while using.

Also, the folio case sorts the card and phone into different sections. When not using a folio design, the cards may obscure the magnetic transmission of MagSafe.

As a result, you have to go through the tardy process of pulling the phone or cards out of the case. You can put them back when it is charged. It is highly impractical, and one cannot indulge in such things when working.

Hence look for an iPhone wallet case that works with MagSafe technology. However, since the technology is available in only iPhone 12 or newer models, be wary when looking for one.

Having an iPhone wallet case with MagSafe technology will reduce the effort at your end with ease. In addition, it will liberate you with wireless charging technology.


There isn’t much expected from a mere iPhone case, but ease, convenience, and little capacity would be excellent. In an ideal scenario, the wallet case can carry two to three cards, at most. But that is the idea behind wallet cases, i.e., to the clutter by getting rid of bulky wallets.

Hence, a small card slot for a few essential and routinely used cards and a section for some change or receipt would be grand. In this way, one can imagine reducing the clutter in pockets. Having one thing to carry is more functional and convenient.

Some people tend to forget things. But this hardly implies to phone. So your wallet is safe and on the go with you with the phone.


It is always a good policy to declutter. Of course, it may sound impossible to lose the wallet initially. But it is doable; since there are online payment methods for every facility, one can get rid of the bulky wallet. If not, the wallet case can hold up to three cards to sort any need for payments.

Choosing between folio style, leather case, or sturdy plastic is personal. But one thing is for sure, iPhone wallet cases are life-changing.

Soon you will find yourself more organized, accessible, and looking to buy those snug-fit jeans without fear of bulgy pockets.

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