While working near your Macbook Pro, imagine you knock the coffee cup over the front.

Pure horror, right? Why experience such trauma when you can get your hands on some of the best keyboard covers for MacBook?

Various covers are available that help you block the grime and dirt always present in the air and lodge underneath keys. Also, it protects the keyboard from any mishaps that can happen on your table near Macbook Pro.

According to your requirement and preference, there are so many color options if you look online. In addition, you can search for various products on Amazon and eBay with customer feedback.

Depending on the size of your MacBook Air or MacBook Pro, or MacBook Pro with touch, you can find colorful, rigid, transparent, or minimalistic laptop keyboard covers.

You will find one perfect product for your keyboard layout with a bit of search.

Who Needs Keyboard Covers?

Sometimes you think to yourself, why do I want to add another thing to my routine. For example, by taking off the keyboard cover and putting it back on when I start working, am I putting myself on another additional problem?

But, this little thing is added to your routine, gives protection to the keyboard, and maintains the keyboard integrity.

The keys of your apple laptops are now less susceptible to wear and damage due to this cover. Also, it saves from any damage that could have been caused by crumbs lodging under the keys or liquid spills.

If I put it straight forward out there, it’s a below $10 insurance for your $2000 laptop; an easy bargain, right?

Overall, keyboard covers save you from big problems that could come your way.

How to Clean the Keyboard Covers?

Cleaning the keyboard covers is extremely simple and quick. Here are some simple steps:

  1. Remove the Keyboard cover carefully, be careful not to spill the crumbs on the keyboard.
  2. Standing over the bin, dust off the crumbs.
  3. Either you can fill up the sink with lukewarm water or wash it in running water.
  4. Apply some mild soap and soak for a few minutes
  5. Later wash off the soap to clean under running water.
  6. Let it air dry and clean with the mop to ensure no water is lodged in keys.

Remember not to use any harsh chemicals when cleaning. And never put it in a dishwasher or washing machine.

Top 5 Keyboard Covers for Macbook Pro

Here is our pick of the top five keyboard covers for MacBook pro:

UPPERCASE GhostCover Premium Ultra Thin Keyboard Protector

If you require a product that is easy on the eye and does the work, UPPERCASE Ghostcover Premium is the perfect choice for you.

As the name suggests, it’s an ultra-thin keyboard cover, especially for users who require a backlight.

The layer of TPU (thermoplastic polyurethanes) makes no difference to backlight or typing experience. Moreover, TPU is 100% recyclable material; hence it’s a smart purchase and for the environment’s good.

It doesn’t interfere with the MacBook Pro with touch bar operations. You can always wash it clean with water and soap when it gets dirty. Uppercase ghost cover has minimum maintenance; meanwhile, it safeguards the keys from dust, crumbs, spills, and whatnot.


  • TPU plastic
  • Fits perfectly
  • Easy to clean
  • It doesn’t reduce backlight


  • Need cleaning as dirt start showing

MOSISO Keyboard Cover Compatible with MacBook Pro

When most of your day eating, coffee, and lazing is near Macbook pro, having MOSISO Keyboard Cover is a smart thing to own. The cover saves your keyboard from spills, grime, and dust with its ultra-thin silicone layer.

It doesn’t leave any stain on the screen when you close the lid of your Macbook pro. It can be removed to clean and fits like the skin on most Macbook Pro models.

While it reduces the typing sound, eliminating tactile feedback. It also gives lovely hues from the backlight of the MacBook Pro keyboard. It doesn’t interfere with the functionality of the touch bar.


  • Extremely thin
  • Perfect Fit
  • It doesn’t impact the backlight
  • 1-year warranty


  • Design wears off with time

Funut MacBook Pro Keyboard Cover with Touch Bar

Funut MacBook Pro Keyboard Cover adds so much color and safety to your device.

Spill-proof silicone keyboard skin fits snugly onto the low-profile keyboard, adding an elegant touch to your MacBook Pro.

Meanwhile, it protects from key wear, spills, and dust. If any crumb lodges under the key, it is a whole jargon to get it cleaned for the keys to work smoothly. In that case, it works fantastic and protects the keys while you nibble and work.

The keyboard protector is an ultra-thin, high-grade layer of silicone. It fits with utmost accuracy reducing any chance of interference in continuous functionality.

Uniquely made with the material in consideration of the environment, the cover removes like a breeze and can be used with simple soap water.


  • Colorful, sleek design
  • Easy maintenance
  • High-grade Silicone


  • Cancels backlight
  • It doesn’t cover the touch bar

ProElife Ultra Thin Keyboard Cover Skin for MacBook Pro 13 Inch

The beautiful and classy ProElife Ultra Thin Keyboard Cover for Macbook Pro works for models that came in 2020 and later.

The manufacturer has listed the compatible models for accuracy and ease, including the function keys.

ProEilfe keyboard covers are fragile and easy to remove. You can remove them, wash them with soap water, disinfect them, and pat them dry to put them back again.

It has beautiful Ombre blue color to compliment the best keyboard of the Apple series.

Suppose you are a person who multi-tasks while typing. For instance, many individuals do not find time to walk off their desks. Hence their lunch break or smoke break is also near the mac keyboard.

These covers protect your keyboards from ash or crumb lodging under the keys. That can become quite a nuisance when it interferes with the functionality of the key. It would require an excellent deep clean service of the mac keyboard.

However, one little cover can save you from a lot of drama and trouble. Additionally, it reduces keys to a minimum or no sound if this is not your pet peeve.


  • Blue ombre color
  • Thin and sleek design
  • Dust & Dirt Proof
  • Reduce typing sound
  • Money-back guarantee


  • Needs to remove the cover to close the lid

KEROM 2020 MacBook Pro 13 Inch Keyboard Cover

With elegant and beautiful marble texture, Kerom 2020 Macbook Pro 13 Keyboard Cover adds a lot of beauty while protecting.

It is suitable for various mac models, and each is listed on the website for the ease of buyer.

The cover is effortless to put on as you start working and remove it when done. While it protects the keyboard from your lunch and snacks, it gives personality to your device.

The keys are safe from key wear and damage while protecting from any spill or hazard.

It is uniquely made with premium TPU silicone; it settles on the keyboard like nature. But, with 0.3mm thickness, it doesn’t feel like it’s present after some time.

You can type fast without worrying about budging and moving while typing. However, it reduces the tactile feedback and noise, giving a quiet typing experience.

After a few weeks, you will though required to wash and sanitize the keyboard. Since it takes everything from the environment, it requires occasional cleaning.


  • Marble effect
  • Hard casing
  • Reduce typing sound
  • It doesn’t move while typing


  • Needs to remove the cover to close the lid
  • It doesn’t include a touch bar cover

Buyers’ Guide

We will discuss important aspects that help you determine why you need a keyboard skin. And what kind of keyboard cover skin is suitable for you.

With so many options and products available at different prices, everyone has something.


When buying the keyboard cover for your Macbook Pro with a touch bar or MacBook air, you need to check if the keyboard cover is compatible with the specific model.

Often different models have unique layouts for the keys. Hence it may not work for each model. Look for the design of function keys; they are often the deal-breaker.

If you look closely, the 15-inch MacBook Pro keyboard has different keys. For example, the spacing and placement of the num key are different by 15 inches from the touch bar 13-inch model. So you need to make sure since the MacBook keyboards are unique from others.


There are various color options for buying a keyboard cover for a Mac keyboard on amazon.

By default, the color of your device is monochrome, but you love to have some colors. So now here, you are free to add colors or style to your mac.

Or, if you fancy minimalistic keyboard skins that only work as a keyboard cover, several transparent keyboard skins are available.


You wonder, why does thickness matter for the keyboard covers? Sometimes, you need a keyboard cover that resonates with the natural look and is no hindrance.

After finishing your work, you slam the lid shut, and the cover is no interference. Some silicone covers give and feel thin but protect the MacBook keyboard nevertheless.

Since keyboard covers are made with thick stuff and can be a hindrance in shutting the lid – each time, you will require to remove the keyboard cover to make sure it doesn’t cause any damage to the screen.


You can upgrade to a theme from a regular keyboard cover with no design. Many options are available if the keyboard backlight is not an influential agenda.

Various designs and colors are available that can help you create a theme. Unfortunately, some keyboard covers of MacBook with touch bar covers are not available in some countries.

Some designs interfere with the function keys; either way, check what works best for your device and what product helps protect the MacBook Pro keyboard.


Seeing how much time and activity happen around your Apple laptop, having something that protects your laptops from dust and spills is super.

The price compared to your laptop is a terrific option to save your laptop from any accidents.

What’s more, it adds design and color to your device while protecting the laptop from key wear and damage issues.

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