Do you want to buy an iPhone 13 Pro Max? Yes, we know, it is very dreamy!

Buying the recent ones that rolled out in 2021 can be slightly tricky on the budget for many. But what if we tell you there is a way!  

There is a marketplace of refurbished iPhones, and you can find something you are looking for if you look patiently.

You may land your hands on iPhone 13, iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13 Pro, or iPhone 13 Pro Max if you consider space. If not, iPhone SE and iPhone 11 are good options too.   

These phones are slightly cheaper than the new ones and almost as good as the new ones. So isn’t this a better trade-off?

What is a Refurbished Phone?

A refurbished phone is restored to its full functionality. Someone previously owned these phones, and now a certified seller repairs these before selling.

The phones don’t look brand new and may have some marks and scratches. However, besides these minor cosmetic problems, all essential functions are tested.

The only good thing that one gets out of a refurbished iPhone is the price is less compared to a brand new iPhone or Android phone.

Difference Between Refurbished or Used iPhones

It is vital to understand these terms are poles apart. First, used phones mostly do not come with the seller’s warranty. Plus, there is a chance that some of the functionality is compromised. Used phones are slightly cheaper than refurbished phones.

Also, you must check all the functions check for iCloud logs if they are deleted before buying a used iPhone. Refurbished phones mostly come with a seller’s warranty or return policy.

Notably, these phones are tested and pass through some function tests before being made available for buying.

Another thing to watch out for is the open box deal. These deals are phones returned by the user without any use right after opening the box. It is a rare occurrence but always look out for such deals.   

Best Places to Buy Refurbished iPhones

Besides Gazelle and Three, there are places to buy refurbished phones and secondhand iPhones.


Of course, it is easy to rely on anything with an Amazon-approved tag. Amazon offers a separate selection to view only the renewed/refurbished phones for purchase. They are the best bet online for reliability and affordability.

Amazon licenses only a few sellers to sell refurbished goods to maintain the quality. All products run through checks for quality with some Amazon dictated standards and protocols.    

However, Amazon Marketplace is an entirely different place with different protocols. Therefore, it is not regulated with the same standards, and it’s best to double-check there.

Music Magpie

Music Magpie is a trusted name for the online buying of refurbished phones. It is UK’s favorite online marketplace. When buying from Music Magpie, the buyer gets free delivery and a 12-month warranty on the purchases.

Hence it is one of the reliable platforms to buy the refurbished best iPhone.


It is a vast marketplace and offers a great variety of products. You can also find similar products at various prices. So it’s likely to get a good bargain out of this marketplace.

It’s an open platform; hence there aren’t any protocols or set guidelines. Look out for the difference between ‘refurbished’ and ‘secondhand.’

Likely, a product is not checked, tested, or cleaned. However, it is easy to look for good ratings and reviews for stores. Stores are often careful about their integrity over eBay hence selling only quality products.

Apple Store for Refurbished iPhones

The store only sells the best-refurbished iPhones as the name stands for quality. The phones are tested rigorously, cleaned, and passed to maintain quality by the apple refurbished store.

Since the protocols are strict, there aren’t many options to buy from the store. Hence, if you are looking for something particular, make sure to start looking with some time margin to find the right phone.

Also, the prices are higher than competitors. But that is given since one can get a reliable and good quality product with a guarantee.   

Our Pick of Refurbished iPhones

Refurbished 32GB iPhone 7 in Black

It is a clean pre-owned iPhone 7 in black, tested by Amazon Certified Suppliers for functionality. It is cleaned and checked thoroughly to meet all standards.

There are no visible scratches or imperfections when you look at the iPhone 7 from at least an arm’s length. In addition, it is a locked phone, suitable with carriers like T-Mobile, Verizon, Sprint, and AT&T.

The battery life will not be as good as the new one; however, it is 80% of the new iPhone.

The product comes with a generic box, charger, lightning cable, and SIM removal tool. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with headphones or a SIM card.    


  • Tested by Amazon certified suppliers
  • 12MP rear camera
  • 7MP Front camera
  • 90-days refund or replacement policy 


  • Headphones and SIM not included
  • 80% battery life

Unlocked iPhone 11 Pro, 256GB in Midnight Green

The iPhone 11 Pro in midnight green color has a storage capacity of 256GB. As can be seen, the phone went through rigorous testing and diagnostics.   

Notably, the iPhone 11 Pro is compatible with AT&T, Verizon, Tracfone, T-Mobile, Cricket, Mint Mobile, and US Cellular on GSM or CDMA networks.

After the tests, the suppliers indicate expected battery life of 80% compared to a brand new iPhone. In addition, it comes with a Mfi-Certified charger and lightning cable.

Also, the phone is cleared of all user information of the previous owner. As a result, the only problem you may find is minimal and visible scratches that are not visible at arm’s length.


  • Tested by certified suppliers
  • Functional camera and speaker
  • 90-days refund or replacement policy 


  • Headphones not included
  • Near to 80% battery life

Space Gray iPhone XS Max in 64GB

It has been observed how people love iPhone XS Max for its functions and features. The 6.1-inch OLED display and other features are still a favorite after the iPhone 13 Pro Max release.

Similarly, the price for a brand new iPhone XS Max is also high compared to other Android and Apple phones.

The phone is tested and checked to meet all protocols and standards. The battery is maybe a little less efficient than the original phone. However, all other functions are fine.

In addition, the phone comes with Mfi certified charger and lightning cord. iPhone XS Max is compatible with various carriers like AT&T, T-Mobile, Tracfone, Sprint, US Cellular, Mint Mobile, and Metro.


  • Checked and tested
  • Compatible with various carriers
  • It comes with a charger and cable


  • The battery may not work as new

Fully Unlocked 64GB iPhone SE in Black

iPhone SE is a consumer favorite due to its price and functions. The phone has a storage capacity of 64GB, with a 7MP front camera and a 12MP rear camera.

The battery is exceptionally close to the new one and offers almost 90% of the new iPhone’s battery.

After some testing, it is checked and cleaned, becoming an Amazon Certified phone. However, it may not come in its original packaging with a UL-certified charger and cable.

The box also contains the SIM removal tools for ease and convenience. In addition, the phone comes with 90 days warranty for exchange or replacement on any fault detected.

The iPhone SE is cleared from all previous user data and iCloud accounts.  


  • 90-day warranty
  • It comes with a SIM removal toolkit
  • Unlocked phone


  • Box doesn’t include headphones

Unlocked Black iPhone XR in 64GB

iPhone XR is the best bet when you want a used iPhone on budget with a bionic processor. The phone has a 6-inch display and features that any regular user requires.  

Both rear and front cameras are fully functional and at their best performance, with 64GB capacity and long-lasting battery life. Due to all these functions, iPhone XR is a favorite among gamers.

It is not certified by Apple but tested by Amazon-approved sellers and offers a 90-days warranty. In case of any software defect, you can contact the seller for replacement.

However, some scratches and signs of distress may be seen. But they are only visible on inspecting closely due to some use by the previous owner.

The package comes with Mfi certified charger and cord for use.


  • Includes SIM Toolkit
  • 90-days warranty
  • Economical buy


  • I May find some scratches on inspecting

Tips for Buying a Refurbished iPhone

Buying a refurbished iPhone comes with some risks involved. Unfortunately, phone theft is widespread, and they are mainly resold to buyers for gains.

Now, if a buyer unknowingly and unintentionally buys a reported stolen phone, it will soon get locked with the help of IMEI. As a result, you may end up with a brick or stolen property.

However, there are some ways to know if you are buying a genuine phone:

IMEI Number

Every phone has a unique IMEI number. It is notable for every phone in the world, and it never coincides, ever!

IMEI is beneficial in many ways. First, you can always identify the stolen phone in the sea of stolen phones. If you report the stolen phone, the carrier company can block the phone and make the phone about as good as a brick. is a great platform to check if the IMEI is listed in stolen phones when buying the phone.

Ask for Proof

When buying a phone, always ask for proof of purchase. It can be in the form of a sales receipt, electronic purchase, or box.

A genuine seller will always pass on all the purchase receipts and proof to the buyer since they are of no use to them anymore.

Return Policy

When looking for a trusted seller, examine if they offer a return policy. If they provide one, it ensures that they are a trusted seller. For example, big stores and sellers have an established name and offer some warranty or returns.

However, any individual seller will not offer any return policies on the purchase.

Reset and Set it up  

When buying the phone, ensure you check all the essential functions like making calls, checking the camera, and having no iCloud account on the phone.   

If the phone still has an iCloud account and isn’t removing it, it’s highly likely stolen property.  

Buyers Guide – Refurbished Phones

Here are some essential aspects to contemplate before you go online and buy the refurbished iPhone or any iOS device.


You need to evaluate the use of this device first. For example, are you going to use this device because your work involves strenuous and rigorous movements, you drop the phone a lot, or is it going to be for primary calling and texting.

After identifying the usage, you can plan to buy a cheaper phone – unless you plan to use it for the camera. For that reason, you may require a good phone, preferably recent models.  


There are various platforms to buy phones online. But some sellers give warranty or return offers along with the purchase.

If you want to have a good purchase and save yourself from cons – which is possible when buying from an individual or unauthorized seller, check the return policy.

If the seller has a limited or one-year policy, it is a sign of a credible seller. However, always look for authorized refurbished android phones and Apple refurbished stores.


When buying the refurbished phone, compare the price with the new phone. It must save you something from $200 if purchasing recent models to a staggering $1000 when buying later models.  

It is the whole point of buying a refurbished iPhone. To save some bucks and get functionality and features that suit your day-to-day needs.

Choose a Good Seller

It is risky to buy refurbished phones online or from a local dealer. But it is worth the trouble if you find the right seller. Always look for a dealer with 5-star ratings on their page.

It is not impossible to achieve, and if any store has it, it is a sign of a dealer who cares about their credibility.

Also, if you find a store in the vicinity, visit the store to check the product for any problems. Such as speaker, in-call voice, headphone jack, and charging dispensing. These are some crucial aspects to fit in a phone.  

But having the possibility to hold the phone in hand and run all checks is gold. Then, when needed to make any complaints and claims, they cannot ghost you like an online seller.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the best places to buy refurbished iPhones?

A: There are various options such as Apple, eBay, Gazelle, Amazon, Music Magpie, Facebook Marketplace, and Three. These places offer some great deals for refurbished iPhones.

Q: Are refurbished phones fake?

A: Despite the common misunderstanding, refurbished phones are a great buy. These are as real as any phone bought from the Apple store. Furthermore, the seller tests and checks them for full functionality and comes with certification and return policy.  

Q: What are the best refurbished phones to buy in 2022?

A: Anything that was released four years ago is terrible news. Since iOS keeps updating on new ones, the updates eventually stop rolling out. You don’t want to end up with a dud phone. So look for something a year or two old.

Q: How much can you save from buying a refurbished iPhone?

A: Mostly, one can save roughly $300-$500. If you follow the sites that sell refurbished iPhones or used iPhones for a month, especially around the holiday season, the price drops. You will find some best deals and save money.  


Do you know every phone emits 80 kg of carbon in its complete life span? And 80% of the emissions are caused during manufacturing.

Each time you buy a refurbished iPhone, you are reducing waste.

What’s more? You are being kind to yourself and your bank to save some hard-earned bucks. It is a frenzy every time a new iPhone comes out. But it bubbles down within a few days.

Anyways why not wait out a few days and find the new or refurbished version in a couple of months. I hope it was enough motivation to reconsider buying a refurbished phone over a brand new phone.

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