You will love the iCloud Music Library if you are an iPhone user. This cloud storage lets you download songs using Apple Music or iTunes Match. Moreover, the sync library option allows you to keep your Apple Music catalog up to date.

However, sometimes the whole process gets stuck and shows different errors like:

  • Sync Library Error
  • Wrong Metadata
  • Missing or Mismatched Album Artwork
  • Tracks & Their Studio Versions

Now, if you try to resolve each error, your music library might get more complex. Therefore, it’s better to disable the iCloud Music Library to stop receiving such troublesome errors.

Disabling iCloud Music Library

Before taking this step, you might want to know about some of the features of the iCloud Music Library.

First of all, this feature lets you sync and share all your favorite music tracks and albums on all your Apple devices. That’s right. You only have to have a valid iCloud account. However, this feature is only available if you pay for one of the following subscription plans:

  • $9.99/year for Apple Music
  • $24.99/year for iTunes Match


No doubt, Apple Music or iTunes Match subscription gives you the ease of transferring your music library from one Apple device to another. However, there are some limitations which include:

  • You can download up to 100,000 songs.
  • Sync is available for 10 admitted devices.
  • 200 MB (or 2 hours long) is the song’s maximum capacity.
  • Unfortunately, you can’t sync the library from iTunes to your iPhone manually.

Now, after knowing all these details, let’s move to disable the iCloud Music Library.

Disable iCloud Music Library on iPhone

Of course, you can apply this method to other iOS devices like the iPad and iPod Touch.

  1. On your Apple phone, go to the Settings app.
  2. Now, go to the Music app.
  3. In the Music menu, find the iCloud Music Library option.
  4. Turn iCloud Music Library off.

That’s it. You have successfully disabled the iCloud Music Library on your iPhone and other devices.

Disable iCloud Music Library on Mac

Since you can share the Apple Music catalog and albums on Apple computers as well, similar issues might also occur here. Therefore, it’s better to turn off the iCloud Music Library on your Mac as well.

  1. From the menu bar, click on iTunes.
  2. Now, go to Preferences.
  3. In the preferences window, go to the General tab.
  4. There, uncheck the box labeled iCloud Music Library.

After doing that, you won’t be able to use the iCloud Music Library on any of your Apple devices. However, you can activate that again.

To do that, enable iCloud Music Library following the previous methods for iPhone and Mac respectively.

iCloud Music Library Common Errors

No doubt, iCloud helps you in getting rid of the physical storage for your music library. You can get access to the saved songs on any of your Apple devices anytime. However, the iCloud Music Library service interruptions might occur anytime due to the following reasons:

  • iOS Updates
  • iCloud Update
  • Apple ID Issue
  • Apple Music or iTunes Issue
  • Routine Maintenance

iOS Update

If you want to sync your Music Library with all your devices, iCloud asks you to first update your iOS devices. Why?

It’s because the iCloud Music Library gets updated with the latest version of iOS. So now, if you are using an older version of iOS, you might face issues using the synchronization option.

Besides, Apple Music Library will work fine on older iOS versions. Therefore, keep your iPhone and other devices up to date to use the latest features of the iCloud Music Library.

iCloud Update

You can check for the updates for iCloud or iCloud+. Moreover, these updates refer to the cloud-based service you have purchased.

Simply, go to Settings > Tap on Your Name > iCloud > Manage Storage.

Apple ID Issue

Sometimes, you face issues related to your Apple ID, which eventually hinders the iCloud Music Library process. Therefore, you have to sign out of your Apple account and log in back.

Apple Music App or iTunes Match Issue

If you are facing Apple Music or iTunes Match issues, it might be due to the iPhone’s performance. To resolve this, force quit both the apps and try using them again.

Plus, Apple Music and iTunes app have both the options available, i.e., sync your music files and albums and stream music from iCloud Music Library. However, users prefer using Apple Music to sync music instead of the iTunes library.

Routine Maintenance

If you can’t access Apple Music or Mac’s iTunes library, it might be because of iCloud’s service status. Apple runs frequent maintenance check-ups to give you a seamless music experience.

However, you can restart the Music apps on your Mac or other devices to start listening to your primary music collection and upload tracks again.


Does Turning Off iCloud Music Library Delete Music?

No. When you turn off the iCloud Music Library, you still have access to the saved songs.

What Happens if I Turn Off iCloud Music Library on iPhone?

The sync library option gets disabled in your iCloud Music Library. However, you can enable iCloud Music Library again on your iPhone or Mac using the same method.


If your iCloud Music Library is not working fine or interfering with your other tasks, you can disable that. However, it’s important to know that you won’t be able to stream online music or sync the songs from iCloud to your other devices.

Therefore, it’s better to first download your primary music collection and then disable the iCloud Music Library on iPhone and Mac.