An apple watch is a lifestyle addition that you wear all day. Yes, even while doing laundry or the dishes. Since this device is water-resistant, you can even wear it while showering.

In short, you don’t have to worry about your high-tech watch coming in contact with water. However, if you accidentally touch the screen while in contact with water, it can cause major damage to your Apple Watch.

So, to further protect your screen and your smartwatch in general, Apple has come up with the Water lock feature.

Keep on reading to learn everything about this feature and how to eject water from your Apple Watch!

What is the Water Lock Feature

Water lock is a smart feature that protects your Apple Watch from water damage. It is designed to make your watch face inactive, so it does not respond to any touch.

Almost all Apple watch models have a water lock feature to increase their water-resistance properties. However, even if you are careful, you can accidentally touch your screen, allowing the water inside your screen.

The water lock mode is automatically activated in the newer models, which protects your gadget from any accidental contact with water.

For instance, if you engage in water skiing, water-based workout, shallow water activities, or even just washing hands, you will need instant protection from moisture. This is where the automatic water lock mode will come into action.

Pro Tip: Protect your Apple Watch from soaps, shampoos, and detergent even with the water lock activated, as it can destroy the acoustic membranes and water seals of the watch.

How to Eject Water from Apple Watch in Four Easy Steps

With these four easy steps, you can manually clear water from your Apple Watch:

Access the Control Center

Open the control center on your watch by sliding up from the bottom. You can also press on the bottom of the screen and then drag it up to access the control center.

Tap the Water Lock Icon

Tap on the water drop icon. It looks like a plain water droplet and controls the water locking and unlocking. Do this when you are back in the dry area.

Spin the Digital Crown

It is a tab on the side of your watch. Turn the digital crown in either direction to allow the water to flow out of the speaker holes. You will feel slight wetness on your hands while doing this.

Al this step, you will see an animation on your watch’s screen that shows the water being drained from the device. You might also hear a few sounds indicating proper drainage of the watch.

Dry Your Apple Watch

Lastly, dry your watch with tissue paper to ensure 100% dryness. This is an optional step, but it provides the proper safety of your device. It will keep your Apple Watch in optimal condition for a long while.

Eject Water feature in Apple Watch Series 5 and 6

Apple watch series 5 and 6 have an automatic eject water feature to prevent any long-term damage. To find this setting, you have to go to the “settings” tab and tap on the public option. Next, open the Emergency SOS option.

From there, you can customize the settings to detect water automatically. This way, even if your device accidentally comes in contact with any dampness, the lock will turn on and automatically eject the water when you get back to the dry area.


What does it mean to turn the digital crown to unlock and eject water?

The digital crown detects water and helps the moisture escape through the speaker holes. The crown moves in a continuous motion, and it catches any vibration or wetness inside the watch. Once you turn the crown the full way, it gets the command to unlock the water-resistance mode and eject the water.

Will my Apple Watch always be water-resistant?

It is important to know the difference between waterproof and water-resistant gadgets. The water resistance of your watch can decrease over time. Unfortunately, you cannot count or check how much the water resistance rating has decreased.

Can you swim with an Apple Watch?

Yes, you can swim with your Apple Watch. All the Apple Watches have water resistance that can protect your device in the pool. However, if you have Apple Watch Series 1, then you might need to avoid wearing it while swimming.

Are all Apple Watches water-resistant?

Yes, all Apple Watch series are water resistant except for Apple Watch Series 1. Some watches are also dustproof. So make sure to thoroughly check the specifications before submerging your watch into the water.

Is it necessary to eject Apple Watch water?

The speaker is the only opening in the watch that can accumulate water after long-term exposure. Therefore it is necessary to eject it out through those holes to prevent long-term damage. Especially if you indulge in water sports, scuba diving, and swimming, then make sure to use the eject option every single time.


People use Apple Watch to constantly stay in contact with their loved ones and stay updated with all the notifications on their iPhones. However, since you wear this device 24/7, it can easily get wet, and the water can seep inside the watch.

Therefore it is important to know how to use the Water eject mode and save your device from long-term damage.