iPhone is an incredible device. Since Steve Jobs invented this device, it remains one of the top devices offering many things simultaneously.

If you’re a music App user and listening to music is your hobby, you must be concerned about the iPhone speakers.

However, iPhones have loud sounds, but the speaker’s volume quality may decrease with time.

Another reason can be listening to music or speaking to someone on the phone in a loud place, which results in the inability to hear.

There can be many other reasons too. Go through this blog and learn how to make the iPhone louder.

How Can I Increase the Volume on My Phone?

Breaking news! There are several ways to make your iPhone louder. The tried and tested tips are present below.

Change EQ Settings

One of the best ways to increase the volume of iPhones is to change the EQ setting. iPhone has limited equalizer settings. They are responsible for altering the iPhone sound waves.

The EQ alters the sound settings default. You can use Late night eq settings to fix and increase the volume. Unfortunately, it will make your iPhone louder.

How Will Late Night EQ Setting Increase the Volume?

This feature in iPhone increases the volume of quieter parts of the sound. Hence, the silent part of the sound you’re listening to in the music App matches the louder parts of the song.

It will equalize the music settings.

If you don’t know how to alter late night equalizer setting, here is the guide.

  • Drop down the notification tray
  • Click on the Settings App
  • Tap Music
  • Tap EQ settings
  • Now you can enable Late Night EQ Settings

After following the steps above, the late-night setting will apply to all the tunes to make your iPhone louder.

Increase the Volume in Spotify Settings App

Like the apple music App, there’s another one to make your iPhone louder. You will need to tweak a few settings to make the iPhone speaker louder.

The requirement for altering the settings on the Spotify App is you should be a premium user. Only they have access to gain maximum volume through the App.

If you aren’t, we hope you don’t face subscription issues to becoming a premium user. However, if you’re already a premium music app user, then you are good to go!

To enable the maximum volume settings, follow the below-mentioned steps.

  • Go to the Spotify Apple Music App.
  • On the top right corner of the App, tap on the Settings App.
  • When you land on the settings App page, select the Playback option. This option will be present on top of the menu.
  • Now, go down and find the Volume level. Click it, and tap the loud sounds option.

Put the Phone in an Empty Glass Or a Vessel

You can increase the volume level of your iPhone through the following trick. It has worked for everyone and will be helpful for you too.

  • Take an empty bowl or a glass and place your device in it with speakers facing the bottom of the glass.
  • Before you place your iPhone in a bowl or glass, you can tap sounds you like and play them. Then put the device into the glass. Doing so will increase your iPhone’s volume.
  • The sound waves coming down from the speakers hit the glass’s surface and release into the air, thus enhancing the audio quality.

Turn the Phone Upside Down & Uncover the Speakers

To achieve a better sound quality of an iPhone, you can place your phone upside down. However, when you put the device on the phone stand, its speakers face downwards. As a result, it results in poor sound quality.

To increase the volume limit, you can gently change the position of your phone with the speakers facing up. Kudos, you have now achieved the volume boost. To know more, you can watch tech tutorials regarding it.

While on-call or listening to music, don’t hold the phone by covering its speakers with your palm. It affects the audio output of the iPhone. So, use your common sense and keep the speaker uncovered, as simple as is.

Switch Off Volume Limit to Make iPhone Speaker Louder

The iPhone has a safe option to let you listen to music at a maximum level. It doesn’t affect the sounds from your phone, but it prevents your ears from being damaged.

However, if you still want to increase different sounds in the iPhone, you can disable the volume limit option.

  • Open Sounds
  • Tap on Headphone Audio Safety
  • Now turn off the volume limit feature

We hope you don’t need to use this feature, but if you do, be cautious about headphone safety.

Connect Your Device With a Bluetooth Speaker

Are you exhausted from playing music on iPhone producing less volume output? Don’t worry. We have a solution for you. There are tons of Bluetooth speakers available on the market.

Buy anyone and connect your device with it. It’ll be helpful for you while listening to music and watching videos.

Clean the Speaker Grills to Make iPhone Speakers Sound Louder

Most users want to make their iPhone speaker louder. However, if you are listening to music or on an audio/ video call and unable to hear the volume clearly, your speakers have a problem.

The dust and rust may have sat inside the speaker grills. But don’t worry; you can fix the issue to give a volume boost to your iPhone speaker.

For that, you’ll need to clean the speaker grills. You can do it quickly.

  • Hold the iPhone with speakers facing your mouth. Blow inside it. It will scatter the dirt near grills.
  • Another thing you can do is to clean the grills with a thin needle and pull out the rust. While cleaning the speakers, you’ll need to be cautious.

The process is simple and beneficial. But to increase your iPhone volume, ensure you don’t damage the speaker grills during the cleaning process.

Warning: Making iPhone Speaker Louder

Everyone wants to increase their iPhone sound quality. But beware! loud sounds can severely damage your ears.

Before you plan to increase the volume quality, please review the damages it can cause. We hope that changes your mind.

However, it’s up to you if you still want to take the risk.

Final Thoughts

Like android, laptops, and other devices, iPhone too loses its sound quality. Again, it’s better to leave them the way as is. If speakers are the problem, go for the other iPhone if you can afford them.

If not, we have discussed some ways to make your iPhone louder. For example:

  • You can connect them with a Bluetooth speaker
  • You can tweak some settings on the phone
  • You can clean the speaker grills
  • You can watch YouTube tech tutorials related to enhancing the device’s volume quality.

We hope you find this blog post helpful. Until then, try the tips we shared!