Airpods are a great way to communicate. These Apple earbuds provide the utmost convenience while making phone calls and having video chats. But sometimes, you will have to mute your AirPods for privacy concerns.

So, how to mute Airpods since they do not have a physical mute button or an unmute button to do so? Furthermore, how would an iOS user ensure nobody listens to the conversation on this end during a call?

This guide will discuss ways to mute Apple AirPods without declining your phone call or switching off your iPhone.

Here’s How to Mute Apple Airpods Microphone

The method to mute this Bluetooth device varies depending on which generation of AirPods you use.

But one of the most tangible things you should know is that AirPods don’t have a built-in mute function whether you’re using first-generation Airpods or second-generation AirPods.

It would help if you had software, phone controls, or a device to mute them. AirPods feature four built-in microphones on both buds. So, you honestly cannot hope to block them as well.

However, with iOS 12, Apple did provide its users with the tapping features. All you have to do is double-tap on each Airpod, and you can answer or decline an incoming phone call, activate Siri, and play or pause music.

It will also automatically pause music if you take only one AirPod out of your ear and will resume playing once you insert them back via automatic ear detection.

But unfortunately, you cannot put AirPods on mute with the double tap. This annoys someone who likes to remain hands-free while using a gadget.

Microsoft Teams

Regardless of the Airpods generation, they are not fully supported by Microsoft Teams so you can use them with a PC and MacBook. However, it would be best if you made some essential adjustments so they can work as your headphones and microphone.

So, let’s look at alternate software or device so you can mute Airpods. Our following suggestions apply to all AirPods generations.

How to Mute Airpods During Phone Calls?

You can mute AirPods during a phone or video call using these two methods. Bowaysods are similar, and you probably already use one, requiring several taps.

Two Ways to Mute Airpods on the Lock screen

First method

  • Tap and unlock your smartphone.
  • You can open it by entering your Face ID, Touch ID, or your Pin code
  • Now you will see the last app you used on your home screen. On the top left corner of your screen, tap on the call and select call settings.
  • To mute the AirPods or AirPods Pro, you can tap the mute icon to mute or unmute.

This is a well-known procedure and is probably already in use. But as you can see, it requires a lot of tapping and may take up to 10 seconds for you to mute the call. But, by then, the damage could already be done.

So, here is an alternate method to mute Airpods faster.

Second method

  • A green microphone icon will be on the left-hand corner of your screen.
  • It’s the active call indicator. Please tap on the active call when you want to mute it.
  • You will have the call settings on your screen. Tap the primary microphone to unmute or mute your AirPods.

So, this is how you can do damage control much faster.

How Would You Mute Airpods on Zoom?

If you are wondering how to mute AirPods on conferencing apps such as Zoom, FaceTime, or Skype, then we are here to help. It would help if you tapped the primary microphone, and you can mute/unmute it whenever you want.

The location of the microphone icon may change, but you will mostly find it in the toolbar at the bottom of a MacBook or PC.

However, it may appear at the top of the screen if you use an iPad, tablet, or iPhone.

How to Mute Airpods Call?

We recommend keeping your microphone off if you have a business conversation with multiple people and have a family.

This way, you can speak when spoken to, and you will not have to compromise your privacy.

If you’re using the conferencing app on the Mac or PC, you can unmute your mic by pressing the space bar. You won’t have to spare time to reach for the mouse or look for the microphone icon whenever someone addresses you.

We must mention again that Apple AirPods don’t have a built-in function or a mute button for muting phone calls. So to ensure your privacy, you will need to help yourself.

How to Mute Airpods Notifications?

Even if you don’t say “Hey, Siri,” Siri can still be annoying, especially when using AirPods. It will announce notifications and inform you about incoming calls even if your favorite songs consume you.

You can turn off Airpods notifications by following these guidelines,

  • Find Settings, scroll down, and then tap Notifications.
  • Tap Announce Notifications, and it will turn off Siri.

That’s it. Siri will be quiet, and you can continue listening to your Airpods without interruption.

Final thoughts

So, this is everything we could gather on how to mute Airpods. Even though these wireless headphones are convenient, there are still a few things that Apple needs to integrate and improve these earbuds further.

Such as, they need to add a mute button on the Airpods so you can stop using the phone app to mute your AirPods microphone. The double-tapping feature is excellent, but they should also introduce more gestures for functionality.

Whether you’re using the first-generation Airpods or AirPods Pro, both are phenomenal in their usability love Airpods Pro for their ergonomic design and longer battery life. Plus, they have a better microphone as well.

Please leave us feedback on which Airpods are using and how you mute them.