Introducing Apple Pencils

The Apple Pencil has enhanced the iPad’s capabilities for sure. It adds many functions to the Apple iPad. From making it easier than ever to handwrite notes to drawing complex artwork, the Apple Pencil lets you do this and many more functions.

No matter the version (there are two generations), the Apple Pencil is one of the best in style. It is easy to use with an iPad as they are both from the same developer; Apple. So, you will miss a lot if your Pencil won’t connect to your iPad. It is the Pencil that makes the iPad great.

If you have bought one recently and wondering how your Apple pencil can be connected to your iPad, you have come to the right place. However, since the process is all wireless, it is not apparent what you need to do to pair the Apple Pencil. Fortunately, pairing only takes one minute and is very easy.

This article will explain to you everything about setting up an Apple Pencil. In addition, we will elaborate on how to pair the Apple Pencil with your iPad and discuss which Apple Pencil is compatible with which iPad and what to do when it doesn’t pair due to other issues.

Without further ado, let’s dive into the Apple world of creativity:

Connecting First Generation Apple Pencil

The first-generation apple pencil connects differently.

The first-generation Apple Pencil connects to the iPad’s charging port via a lightning connector. If you have a first-generation Apple Pencil, remove the cap on the back and plug the pencil’s lightning connector into your iPad’s charging port/lightning port. If your iPad is locked, unlock it. Then, tap the Pair button if the prompt appears.

Connecting Apple Pencil 2nd generation

The second-generation Apple pencil connects via a magnetic connector on your iPad.’s side. Just latch it onto the side of the magnetic connector or magnetic strip. In most iPads, the second-generation Apple Pencil automatically connects without a prompt. In contrast, some iPads will show you the Bluetooth Pairing Request. Tap the Pair button if it appears.

Setting your Apple Pencil.

After pairing, you need to set your Apple Pencil (both first generation and second generation Apple Pencil). To do so, follow the steps below:

  1. Tap Settings.
  2. Open Settings
  3. Tap on Pencil to see the options available
  4. There is a battery icon to see the charge left on your Pencil.
  5. Tap’ Only Draw with Apple Pencil; if you only want to use your Apple Pencil for drawing or writing and not navigating.
  6. Tap’ Scribble’ to transform any handwritten text into the keyboard-typed form.
  7. Click on Left Corner Swipe to turn on taking screenshots with your Pencil. This gesture even works when you have toggled on ‘Only Draw with Apple Pencil.’
  8. Click on Right Corner Swipe to turn on Quick Note along with your Apple Pencil. This gesture even works when ‘Only Draw with Apple Pencil’ is on.

Now you know how to connect and set the Apple Pencil with your iPad!

Apple Pencil Compatibility Information

Before pairing, check again to ensure that your Apple Pencil is compatible with your iPad model. If you are wondering which generation pencil will connect with which model of iPad, check it out below

Second Generation Apple Pencil

If you own a second-generation Apple Pencil, it can connect with the following models on the iPad:

iPad mini 6th gen

iPad Air (4th gen and onwards)

iPad Pro (3rd gen and onwards) 12.9inch

iPad Pro (1st gen and onwards) 11inch

First Generation Apple Pencil

If you have an Apple Pencil 1st Generation, it can connect with the following iPad models:

  1. iPad mini (5th gen)
  2. iPad (6th gen and onwards)
  3. iPad Air (3rd gen)
  4. iPad Pro (1st gen) (12.9-inch)
  5. iPad Pro (2nd gen) (12.9-inch)
  6. iPad Pro (10.5-inch)
  7. iPad Pro (9.7-inch)

Issues While Pairing Apple Pencils

If, even after trying all the steps mentioned above, your Apple Pencil is not paired with the compatible iPad or it is not working even after connecting, there might be some issues.

The reason for not pairing and not working can be:

Apple Pencil doesn’t have enough charge.

The Apple Pencil will automatically disconnect from your iPad when it doesn’t have enough charge. So to fix this problem, ensure that it is adequately charged. You can check how much charge Apple Pencil has left in the ‘Today View on your iPad.’ Just swipe on the Home screen from left to right, and there is a batteries widgetYou can also check the charge from the settings mentioned above.

Bluetooth is not enabled on your iPad.

Most of the time, you cannot iPad attach your Apple pencil because Bluetooth is switched off on your iPad. Go to the setting app on your iPad’s home screen to enable Bluetooth and tap the Bluetooth slider. It should turn green. Once you have Bluetooth turned on, your ship will sail.

iPad settings are not correctly configured

Sometimes it’s not the Pencil that has issues. Instead, the iPad fails to connect due to configuration problems. You can try connecting it with some other compatible iPad to check this. If it connects with that, there is nothing wrong with the Apple Pencil. Just configure your iPad in its settings app and try again!

  1. Technical issues
  2. There can be hardware or software problems that won’t let the Pencil connect with any iPad. Either it has been in use for too long and needs repair, or there can be internal malfunctions.

Most of these issues can be resolved at home. You can charge your Apple pencil or restart your iPad to see if it helps. But if the problem persists, visit the Apple store near you. Only an expert can fix the issue if software or hardware deficiencies exist. So don’t wait; get your Pencil repaired if you still have a warranty.

Sometimes, your Pencil may be permanently damaged, and sadly you will have to replace it with a new one.

Final Note for Longevity

Great job! If you have read till here, you must know how to connect Apple Pencil and which iPads match its compatibility! But that’s not enough to keep it connected. 

Once connected, even if you forget your Apple Pencil on your iPad, it will remain paired unless you restart the iPad or turn on Airplane Mode. Just don’t forget to charge your Pencil and keep it safe after use to keep using it for a long time.

The pencil can lasts for several years if you’re careful with it. Usually, physical damage and overconsumption of batteries are reasons that lead to the Pencil’s death. So to protect it from malfunctioning and increasing its life span, follow these three steps:

Avoid hard drops

Dropping pencils on hard floors can cause irreparable damage. It won’t be able to connect with your iPad if it gets internal damage. so prevent it from falling at all costs

Avoid never charging it, or the battery will go flat.

Even when not in use, try to charge the Apple Pencil at least once a month. If it is left uncharged for way too long, it dies out. Then you won’t be able to recharge it ever again, and the Pencil will go to waste.

The tip can wear out in a year or two, so replace it.

Apple offers a pack of 4 replacement tips for just $19. So get new if you feel you have overused them. The Pencil will feel like a new one.

Keep Scribbling

Master your Apple Pencil now and let your creativity ooze. Use it to draw photos, write, scribble and make your iPad a canvas with unlimited opportunities! Be it iPad Air, iPad Pro, or iPad mini, turn it into an artistic tablet with Apple Pencil.

We hope this article was helpful. Follow us to get more tips and keep up with the latest news regarding Apple Devices like iPhones.