When Apple introduced its first iPhone to the industry in 2007, nobody could anticipate how widely used it would be today. But, like the first computer, the brand’s first smartphone set the bar for a slew of technological cellular breakthroughs to move history.

iPhone users share almost all the features any other phone may have to offer. However, you can find genuine fun and enjoyment in the device’s apps and internet connectivity.

As an extension of the operating system’s messages app, you can use your keyboard to make Apple Pay transactions, create your own Memoji, and even play iMessage games on your iPhone.

Who Can Play iMessage Games?

As long as your friends and family have iOS 10 or higher downloaded to their phone, iPad, or iPod touch, you can play various games as you send messages or even make phone calls to each other with just a tap.

However, even if they have an Android device, we’ve found a way to start playing against your friends who have iPhones. All the games showcased within iMessage take the text messaging experience to a new level.

Start Interacting with Multiple Games on iMessage

Apple devices have access to some of the best games thanks to the iOS App Store on Mac products, the Apple Watch, iPhone, etc. In the same way, there are a handful of iMessage games that are exclusive to the application.

The iMessage app currently has 24 multi-player games available for download. Top names include interactive tap games like Game Pigeon, Sea Battle, and Chess, to name a few.

While some apps are free, others come with in-app purchases to access all their features or remove ads.

Get Ready to Compete!

Did you know that some games are also compatible with group chats? This way, you can play with your entire friends’ circle without anyone missing out on the fun.

These apps are designed to be played step-by-step with minimum strategy involved; you take your turn, your contact takes the next turn, and so on.

After completing each person, you can switch to a different game and continue the competitive streak within the usual conversation!

How to Access iMessage Games?

Before participating in different games, ensuring your Apple device is up-to-date is vital. This is because the newer iOS interface works slightly differently from its predecessors. However, to access iMessage games:

  1. Open the iMessage application on your device and start a new message with your desired opponent.

    Alternatively, you can tap or search for the friend you want to play against through your contact list and begin a text message instead.
  2. Tap the App Store icon located next to the iMessage text field. This option may be in the small bar above your text messages keyboard if you have an older iPhone.
  3. A particular version of the App Store dedicated to your messages app will open up. This section shows iMessage features like stickers and games.
  4. Scroll down to the end of the list till you find a section titled “iMessage Games We Love.” Then, tap “See All” to view a complete list of iMessage games available for download.
iMessage Games We Love

Through the iMessage App Store, users can browse a comprehensive list of all games compatible with the app. In addition, you can view videos, screenshots, and other information about each game till you find an iMessage game you would like to play.

Download Imessage Games

To begin playing games, you and your friends will need internet access. So here’s how to get ready to hit “Play“:

  1. Tap the “Get” button next to the iMessage game iconyou want to play. It will begin downloading like any other app.
    Then, wait until everyone has installed the selected game on their Apple devices.
  2. After downloading your game of choice, tap the cross icon at the top-right corner of your screen. This will return you to your message interface, ready to play!

How to Play Games Through iMessage?

You’ve almost reached the answer to “how to play iMessage games.” Now that you’ve got everything, you need to begin:

  1. Start a message with your friends who you want to challenge. Next, scroll through icons below your iMessage keyboard until you find the game you want to play.

    To view all available iMessage games, you can tap the grid icon from the lower-left corner of your screen.
  2. Navigate through the icons under your iMessage keyboard till you find the game app you have just downloaded.

    This will open a separate menu where you and your contact can customize your gameplay together. Then, when you are ready to begin, the iMessage game will automatically load as you usually share visuals.
  3. Like any message, your game will indicate it has been delivered to your competitor. You can start the game by tapping the iMessage.

You will be notified when your opponents are ready to play or have finished their turn. Clicking this notification opens the app so that you can take your turn.

In Basketball, there are only a few rounds. On the other hand, Chess can go on for a considerably more extended period. Then, when you finish the game, you can play it again or select a different app to compete on within the interface.

Can You Play iMessage Games on Android Devices?

Apple’s iMessage is a platform for sending and receiving messages, photos, videos, and various attachments. You can use the application across Apple devices, including Mac laptops and computers, iPhones, and iPods.

The Apple Security System encrypts the app. This means only devices that can decrypt its end-to-end security can access the text messages sent on it. As a result, iMessage can’t be used on any Android phone or device.

However, technology has come a long way, and developers continue to find innovative ways to make access to Android a possibility. One such solution is weMessage.

What is the weMessage app?

If you wondered how to play iMessage games on your Android device, the weMessage app could hold the magic formula. weMessage is a fusion of Apple’s closed messaging systems and the Android platform with all iMessage features.

This includes group chats, sharing visuals, and the ability to play any Apple game.

A Brief Guide on Installing weMessage

Even though the app is made for your Android device, you will need an Apple ID you use on iMessage, a Mac with MacOS10.10 or higher, the latest version of Java, and the message application on your Android phone.

After installing Java through your Mac’s Terminal, download weServer from WeMessage’s website. Double-click on the application’s icon after downloading and installing as indicated. Then, to give security permissions, access the Apple Menu’s Security and Privacy tab and comply with the indications next to the lock symbol to give weMessage access.

Login using the same credentials as your Mac’s iMessaging account and pick a password. Your data must be synchronized with your Android for the application’s text feature to work.

How to Play iMessage Games on weMessage?

You can then launch the weMessage on your Android devices and connect it to your Mac’s IP address. Remember that your Mac and Android must be connected to the same WiFi network for the game to work.

Play an iOS Game on the Android

You can’t run and enjoy all the benefits of iOS applications on Android. However, this creative platform gives Android fans access to iMessage games, including StickyMonster, Quiktionary, Four in a Row, Mr. Putt, and more.

iMessage Game Recommendations

The App Store within iMessage offers a selection of fun gaming adventures ranging from brain teasers to sports. A few iOS applications that will keep you hooked include:

  1. Game Pigeon

Game Pigeon is a cult favorite because it features a free classic game range. Instead of switching between apps, you can select from dozens of titles like 8-Ball Pool, Mini-Golf, Basketball, Cup Dongs, etc.

  1. Cobi Hoops

This free game lets players immerse in a game of b-ball without working up a sweat. Then, you can use it with your pals to shoot some hoops against one another in 30-second rounds.

  1. Truth Truth Lie

People worldwide know about “Two Truths and a Lie.” The game is often played in groups where players share three facts about themselves, and the remaining players guess which statement is untrue. Truth Truth Lie makes it possible to learn more about your acquaintances.

The Bottom Line

Playing games on your iPhone can be thrilling while texting or calling loved ones. With the latest version of iMessage and a few extra downloads, you’ll be ready to outshine your friends while making regular conversation fun.