An Apple watch can help you receive notifications and track your fitness and directions without using your iPhone. If you love Apple products but don’t have an Apple watch, you miss out on a fantastic gadget. The Apple Watch can help you reduce time usage and increase productivity. 

An Apple Watch will help you in many ways. However, sometimes Apple Watch notifications can disturb you. For instance, you don’t want it to ring during a meeting or a class. Also, the brightness of the Apple Watch can disturb you and your friends in the theater. So, you should know how to silence Apple Watch. 

There are multiple settings you can use to silence your Apple watch. And you may have to apply two or more of them to save yourself from unwanted situations. So, without wasting any time, let’s dig into the solutions.  

8 Ways To Turn On Silent Mode In The Apple Watch 

in this article, we have discussed the eight best methods to silence Apple Watch notifications. You can use any of them according to your need.

Cover The Apple Watch Face

This is an instant solution to silence your Apple watch. In this method, you must put your palm on the Apple Watch face for at least three seconds. This method is valid only if you are in a situation to hear a notification bell or alarm. But if you are in a class or meeting, you should turn on the silent mode. 

You can turn on/off the “cover to mute” option by following the given steps. 

  • Go to settings 
  • Find your watch and open it 
  • Tap on “”Sounds & Haptics”” 
  • Scroll down and cover the “Cover to Mute” option. 

Now you can cover the Apple watch face to mute it.

This method will not silence your Apple watch completely. So, if you wish to completely turn on the silent mode, you should choose one of the following methods. 

Theater Mode 

When you are in a theater, you will not want anyone to disturb you. But, unfortunately, the others are also accepting the same from you. So it is better to turn on the theater mode of your Apple watch before watching the film. When you activate theater mode, it will turn off the active screen gesture, turns on the silent mode, and disables the walkie-talkie status.  

If you wish to turn on the theater mode, follow the given steps

  • Turn on the control center by swiping up. 
  • Now tap on the theater mode. Its color will change to orange.

To disable the theater mode, tap on the icon again. 

Silent Mode 

A silent mode is also a good option for muting your Apple watch. This feature works just like your iPhone. The Apple Watch will no longer generate sounds when you activate the silent mode. However, you will feel slight vibration alerts from the haptic engine. 

After turning on this function, it is your choice whether you will see the incoming alerts or not. To turn on the silent mode, you must open the control center.

You can turn on the silent without any problem. 

  • Swipe up your Apple watch screen to open the control center
  • Scroll down and look for the silent mode button (bell icon)
  • Tap on it to enable the silent mode 
  • Tap on the bell icon again if you wish to disable the silent mode

As you know, silent mode will not stop vibrations. So, if you wish to stop the vibrations, you can turn on Do not disturb mode. 

Do Not Disturb Mode

Do not disturb mode temporarily disables all notifications except alarms.

Do not disturb mode is perfect for you if you are in a meeting, class, or family gathering. You do not want to get annoyed with annoying notifications from social media. And you can check random memes sent by your friend later. 

The Do not disturb option will control all the notification settings except alarms. So, either you should remember the time of the alarm or not set it in the first place. 

When you try to turn on the Do not disturb feature, you will see the following three options

  • On 
  • On for 1 hour 
  • Until tomorrow morning 

You can choose either of them. The Do not disturb does not turn off until the time is over. Or you can manually turn the status according to your need. 

It is recommended not to use the “On” option because if you forget to turn off the function, you will not receive any notifications for a long time. 

To enable the Do not disturb feature, follow the given steps 

  • Open the control center 
  • Look for the crescent moon icon and tap on it
  • Select one of the given options 

Control Haptic Feedback 

Imagine you are receiving notifications continuously. For example, you are in an important meeting or class. And your Apple Watch is vibrating again and again. How will you feel there? I can say that it is not going to be a good feeling. So, if you don’t want to go through such a situation, you should turn haptic alerts off on your Apple watch. 

When you disable the haptic feedback, your watch will no longer vibrate after every notification. Moreover, turning off haptic alerts will also save some battery for your Apple watch. 

Here’sHere’s how you can disable haptic feedback. 

  • Go to the Settings app from your Apple Watch 
  • Tap Sounds & Haptics 
  • Turn off the Haptic alerts 

Furthermore, you can change the status of Crown haptics and system haptics if you want to turn off vibrations completely. Also, you change the strength of the vibration from the same page. Prominent is the option for strong vibrations, and you can use Default for less powerful vibrations. 

You can also use your iPhone to toggle off the haptic vibrations. 

  • Open settings go to My Watch 
  • Tap on settings and then tap Sounds & Haptics

If you are interested in receiving haptic notifications, you can turn on Haptic alerts again.

Reduce Watch Volume 

If you are in a situation where you can listen to all the sounds your watch makes, then just reducing the volume is a good option. For instance, you may be talking to a friend and don’t want to miss an important notification. Here’s how you can reduce your Apple watch’s volume. 

  • Go to Settings on your Apple Watch 
  • Tap on Sounds & Haptics 
  • Now use Alert Volume Slider to adjust the volume 

Sync With iPhone Using The Watch App

Apple users will only surround themselves with Apple gadgets. Whether it is a pc, phone, or watch, they will go with Apple inc. They choose these products because it is easier to link them together. As a result, you can do many productive things within the Apple ecosystem. 

The same is the case when trying to mute Apple Watch. For example, you may mute your iPhone and forget the Apple or vice versa. This is not a good situation. So, instead of applying the same setting multiple times, you can do it only once by syncing the devices. But, You will need to turn on Mirror iPhone from the watch app to sync the devices. 

Here’sHere’s how you can turn on the Mirror iPhone option 

  • Open your watch app 
  • Find and tap on General 
  • Tap on the Do not disturb option 
  • Toggle Mirror iPhone 

Control Siri 

None of the above settings will affect Siri. Whenever you call for her, she will answer back. Likewise, she will respond if you call her name accidentally or intentionally. So if you don’t want her to talk when you say “Siri listen” or “Hey Siri”, you will have to mute her intentionally. Siri believes that she should respond whenever you call her.

Follow the given steps to mute Siri from your Apple watch tab. 

  • Open Settings on your Apple Watch 
  • Tap on Siri 
  • Toggle off “Listen for ”Hey Siri” 

Manual Settings For Different Apps

On the Apple Watch, you can set different settings for different notifications. But you can do this only when you have received a notification. Otherwise, you will have to use your phone to make these changes. 

When you receive a notification on your Apple Watch, swipe the watch screen to the left and tap on more options. Now there will be two options Deliver Quietly and Turn Off on the Apple watch. 

If you select the first option, the notification will not sound when it arrives next time. Instead, you will see a red dot highlighting the notification’s arrival. 

The second option is to Turn Off the Apple watch will block the particular notification on your Apple watch.  

You can also apply these settings from your iPhone.

  • Open the Apple Watch app 
  • Open notifications 
  • Change settings for each app separately 

Final Thoughts 

This was it from our article. We hope that this article was able to solve your problem.

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