If you are an iPhone user with friends who also use iPhones, you must know that games on iMessage are fun and addictive.

Still, they’re exclusive to iOS because the Apple security system is a little tight. For example, using an iCloud account, you can only play iMessage games on iOS devices like iPhones, iPad, or macOS.

Once you have shifted to an Android phone, do you think you’re out of luck and can not play iPhone games? Not necessarily! But what if you want to play the iMessage game on your Android phone?

The good news is that the Play Store has an iMessage game for Android devices, and now you can officially play iMessage (Apple’s instant messaging app) games across platforms (iOS gadgets and Android phones) if you shift to Android.

How to play iMessage games on an Android device?

If you want to play iMessage games on Android officially, the weMessage app is an alternative app experience on your Android device which has all the features:

  • Download the weMessage app from the Google Play Store on your Android device
  • On your Android phone, install and launch the weMessage messaging app
  • Then tap Allow when prompted to allow access to your messaging app while clicking Continue
  • The slider needs to be moved to Allow Modify System Settings, then double-click the On button
  • The next step is to sign in with your apple id to get a Mac IP address. The mac os IP address can be found in the IPv4 Address field of the System Preferences, under Network, Advanced, TCP/IP
  • This IP address should be entered in weMessage.
  • Your Mac device will ask you for your email and password. Please enter them.
  • Go to the Sign In page.
  • The Conversation page will appear after you have completed every step properly in the system preferences.
  • You can send messages from an Android to an Apple device via iMessage. It is complete when messages appear in Blue Bubble, one of the iMessage features.
  • Last and final step, as long as your Android is connected to the same wifi as your Mac device, it will work and send messages to other Apple devices using an iCloud account. Now you have an official iMessage account.

After completing this process, you can access all your messages, including iMessage games on Android.

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Want to play games on an Android device? Here are your options:

Pirate Run

This game is a very addictive iMessage game. It is an endless runner; you must run as far as possible while collecting treasures and gold coins in this iMessage game.

This game offers many upgrades which can be obtained by spending the currency gained by playing the game. In addition, there are also many challenges playing games that players need to face before they reach their goals.

In addition, Pirate Run also has a lot of levels so that every player who likes this type of iMessage app game can enjoy playing it at any time they want because they will not get bored with just one level.

The good thing about Pirate Run is that it doesn’t require an internet connection, so you can play iMessage games even when you have no wifi or travel without access to your Android phone data networks!

Dude, your car?

To play iMessage games like Dude, your car? On Android is very simple to enjoyable and simple to play: you race against a friend’s car on a pre-selected track.

You can play this iMessage game with friends or strangers, but the latter option will likely be more fun because you’ll see if you’re better than someone else. There are currently seven cars to unlock in Dude, Your Car? and several tracks and modes become available once specific requirements are met (e.g., winning races).

The only downside of this game is that it doesn’t allow you to play games against other people worldwide through multiplayer mode—but hey, playing against random people isn’t so bad, either!

Checkers Free

Checkers Free is an entertaining iMessage game on Android devices to play iMessage games with friends, family members, and colleagues. The game can be played online or offline.

It has a chat feature that allows you to send messages to your opponent anytime during the gameplay. You can also choose from multiple difficulty levels depending on how strong you are at checkers and how long you want the game to last.

There are also in-app purchases available if you want to customize your character or buy more coins which will give you access to more features in this app.

Word Hunt

Word Hunt is another iMessage game downloaded and played over 3 million times on Android devices. The game was released in 2011, but it still gets updates today. The latest update was released just last week.

Word Hunt is available on both the App Store and Google Play store, which means you can play iMessage games no matter what smartphone you have or which platform you prefer. It’s also free! Downloading the app isn’t an upfront cost; ads appear periodically while playing the game.

These ads aren’t just annoying; they’re helpful because they give players hints when they’re stuck trying to figure out a level’s answer within the allotted time limit (typically around 10 seconds).

Word Hunt is easy to use and has earned high ratings on both Apple devices and the Android platform where it’s available: 4 stars on iOS devices (iPhone device) andfour4 stars for Android phones too!

Who’s That Pokemon?

This is an iMessage game on an Android device that you can play iMessage games on Android with your friends on iOS and Android devices. It is based on the Pokemon series and has over 500 to choose from. You can play this iMessage game in three different ways:

  • Normal Mode – This is where you will guess the name of a Pokemon based on its picture using only one word at a time. If you guess correctly, your opponent gets one point; if not, they get two points; whoever reaches 5 points first wins!
  • Reverse Mode – In reverse mode, players show their cards by tapping one at a time until all ten have been revealed or everyone has tapped “Pass.”
  • The player who chooses “Pass” cannot pick any more cards; however, if one of the other players discovers his card was incorrect during this process, he must return all uncovered cards to random locations before another card reveal may occur! Whoever collects five cards wins!

Trivia Crack Kingdoms

Trivia Crack Kingdoms is an iMessage game on Android, similar to the original message app. You can play iMessage games on Android with friends or against them in this game, which makes it great for groups.

You can also play iMessage games on Android solo and challenge your high score without waiting for someone else to answer all the questions correctly.

You can challenge random opponents if you want more of a challenge, but playing with real people makes the game more fun and engaging because there’s more pressure on everyone involved.

Ludo King

Ludo King is one of the best iMessage games on Android devices that can be played with up to four people in person or online. As the name suggests, it’s similar to Ludo but with new features and better graphics.

This iMessage game on Android has three different modes: Classic Mode (where you can play iMessage games against other players or AI), Pass & Play (you play against your friends in real-time), or Online mode, where you compete against players across the globe using an Internet connection.

Turf War

Turf War is one of the fantastic iMessage games on Android that is playable offline and online. It’s a turn-based game, so it doesn’t require any frenetic activity from the player. You can easily play an iMessage game like this with someone in the same room as you or across the world.

The idea of creating a game like Turf War is that two teams of creatures fight over a finite amount of food within a particular area.

The goal is to keep your team alive while simultaneously killing off all members of your opponent’s team by eating them before they do so to you or before they run out of resources and die from starvation, which happens if no one eats anything for too long!

This game features two modes: casual (1v1) and ranked (3v3). In simple mode, everyone starts as “newbies” who get matched up with other newbies until they reach level 15; they’re considered “veterans.”

Veterans can start playing ranked matches at level 10; these matches are more competitive but still have no penalties for losing or having low-ranking points (RP).

Chess with Friends

Chess with Friends is one of the best games for apple devices on the Android platform. Many options exist; you can play this iMessage game online or with all your contacts on your mobile phone.

You can play in the real-time or turn-based mode for even more flexibility in your matches. It’s also possible to play the iMessage game against strangers or bots, so if people donated to learn the game better, you’d still be able to get some practice before playing with an actual human opponent.

The app features multiple boards and pieces that players can customize as desired (you might want them bigger or smaller depending on your equipment).

Game Pigeon

Game Pigeon is one of the best multiplayer iMessage games on Android devices that allows you to play iMessage games with friends and family, random people, or even people from around the world.

It’s also free to download and play the iMessage game. In addition, the app has a variety of games (the ones listed below are some of the best) available for users:

  • Chess – One of Android’s best iMessage games is playing chess against your friend in real time!
  • Hearts – You can now officially play iMessage games on Android and your iOS device, known as “hearts,” which is like playing hearts at home, except you’re doing it on your phone with another person!
  • You can choose between 2 or 3-player games and whether you want to use the Joker card when playing cards in this game mode.
  • Solitaire – Solitaire is one of those classic card games that everyone knows how to play iMessage, but few get around to playing anymore because they don’t have time or forget how much fun it was! 


If you enjoy using the iMessage application, you must enjoy playing the iMessage game on an Android device.

If you want to play an iMessage game, then you should download these games on your Android phone. You can play games, which will also help you kill time if you are bored with anything else. So, go ahead and download them right now.