iOS devices are known to encounter significantly fewer technical issues. But once they face any problem, the solution to resolve it seems like finding a needle in a haystack. For example, one of the gruesome issues most iOS users face is the iPad stuck in recovery mode. This issue makes the device unresponsive, making it more difficult to restore it from recovery mode.

Whenever an iOS device undergoes technical trouble, the common quick fix that resolves it is simply restarting the device. However, once in a while, the issue becomes much more intense in some special conditions, making it challenging to fix Ipad or any other iOS device.

Reasons iPad gets in Recovery Mode Loop

  • Before you find a quick fix to this issue, addressing what makes your iPad get stuck in recovery mode is essential. This problem may arise when an iOS system updates to a new version. During this time, the iOS device gets stuck in the restore mode (commonly known as Recovery mode.) Here are some common reasons why an iPad goes into recovery mode issue:
  • Issues in the iOS operating system (software or hardware)
  • iOS system stuck in update
  • Old iOS versions
  • iPad froze on the white apple logo loading screen

Methods to Fix iPad Recovery mode Successfully

So, if you’ve found yourself surfing through Google to find a solution to resolve your iPad stuck in recovery mode, then this article is for you. Read on to find some quick fixes you can follow to bring your iPad back to work if it’s stuck in recovery mode.

  1. Force Restart the iPad

The first and safest method to follow if you find your iPad stuck in recovery mode is to force restart it. Keep in mind that this method won’t result in any data loss. To restart forcefully or reboot the iPad, here are two ways to exit recovery mode:

iPad with a Home Button

If you’ve any entry-level iPad stuck in recovery mode, the simplest way to restore it is by pressing the “home button” and “volume button” together until there is an Apple logo on the black screen.

iPad without a Home Button

If you have an iPad Air or onwards model stuck in recovery mode, you must press the “Volume-Up Button” for 5 seconds and quickly release it. Once released, press the “Volume-D0wn Button” for 10 seconds separately.

Then click and hold the “Power Button” till an Apple logo appears on the screen. The Apple logo on the restore screen indicates that the restart process has started and the issue has been resolved.

  1. Connect to iTunes to Restore

The most common option to fix any issue in the iOs device is to connect it with iTunes. For example, if an iPad is stuck in recovery mode, iTunes could serve as a quick fix to resolve this problem. However, be mindful that this solution may erase all the data in your iPad if the backup process hasn’t been carried out recently.

According to the newest addition of iTunes on PC or MAC, follow these steps; Settings > iCloud > Turn off “Find my iPad.” Once done, follow these steps further:

  • Connect iPad stuck in recovery mode to a computer or laptop with a USB cable
  • Run iTunes on your computer
  • When iTunes detects the iPad device successfully, a pop-up window on top of your iPad home screen will appear. This iPad stuck in recovery mode must be restored before using iTunes. To proceed further, Click OK to start the restoring process.
  • Once the restoration is done, your iPad, which has been stuck in recovery mode, will recur to the factory settings.
  1. Exit Recovery Mode Through Third-Party Software

Another safe method to fix iPad stuck in recovery mode is to utilize third-party software. Using third-party software is better if you can’t connect your iPad to iTunes. Several tools and software fix an iPad stuck in recovery mode.

A third-party software restores an iPad from recovery mode by flashing firmware on its current iOS. Another good reason to use third-party software for this issue is that you won’t have to worry about any data loss.

However, before you choose a third-party software, it’s essential to keep the following aspects in mind to ensure you find the safest and proper third-party recovery software;

  • Ensure the third-party software is compatible with iOs system recovery
  • It should have a user-friendly interface
  • Also, ensure your iPad device and iTunes version is compatible with third-party software.
  • Identify if the software you’re choosing causes data loss
  • Lastly, ensure the software you choose doesn’t require excessive permission to access your device, such as; personal information, financial credentials, access to other apps, etc.

Every third-party iOS software includes the following restoring step:

Step 1. Launch the software program and select the option of “Enter / Exit recovery mode.” Once selected, connect your Ipad to a desktop device and proceed ‘Next”.

Step 2. After proceeding next, a button “Exit Recovery Mode” will appear; click on it. The software then executes iOs system recovery.

  1. Restore through DFU Mode

If you’ve performed the methods above and none works out, your last resort would be restoring an iPad through DFU mode. Even though this method will erase all your data from your iPad, it will help the iPad exit recovery mode. Based on different iOs models, here are some ways to put the iPad into DFU mode.

iPad with a Face ID:

Step 1. Connect the iPad to a desktop device through a cable and open iTunes on the desktop. Make sure your iOs device is shut down but connected to iTunes.

Step 2. Press and hold the button present on the side for approximately 4 seconds. While holding this side button, press the Volume-down Button and hold it simultaneously for 10 seconds.

Step 3. Release the side button first after 4 seconds but keep holding the volume-down button for more than 6 seconds.

Step 4. After 10 seconds of holding the volume-down button, the iPad’s screen stays black but brightens a little. This is because it indicates your iPad has entered into DFU mode.

  1. Reinstall iPadOS 

Another easy way to fix the iPad stuck in recovery mode after restarting or updating it is to try reinstalling the iPad OS. Following the below steps can help: 

  • Install and update software to its latest version on your Mac (including iTunes)
  • In case you have Windows PC, install the newest version of iTunes
  • Connect your iPad to the Mac or computer via a USB cable. Once connected, a Tagalog would appear on the desktop’s screen, saying, “There’s an issue with [your device name] that requires an update or restore.”
  • Select the Update icon, and make sure not to click on Restore. The latest iPadOS will be reinstalled when selected, keeping your data intact.
  1. One-Click to Exit Recovery Mode Loop

Another suggested method to help iPad exit recovery mode is using renowned software called “TunesKit iOS System Recovery.” 

This repairing toolkit provides an easy method to resolve many iOS system issues such as screen display issues, iPhone disabled, unresponsive display, restoring iPad recover mode, etc. 

The primary reason to use this kit to exit recovery mode is that it guarantees to retain all the existing data in the iPad. Moreover, it also offers a free version that allows iOS users to fix iPad stuck in recovery mode with just one click.

  1. Get an Expert Service

After trying all these methods, if your iPad still shows a recovery mode screen, then it’s crucial time to reach a Genius tech guy at the Apple Store. You will save tons of money if your iPad has its warranty date.

Additional Tips to Fix iPad Recovery Mode

After trying every fixing method, if your iPad is still stuck in recovery mode, try the following fixes to evaluate if they are the actual problem.

Make sure to Use the Original USB Cable. 

One of the significant issues in repairing iOS devices is using a first-copy or fake USB cable. Therefore, the original cable Apple provided is highly suggested, especially for updates and restoration. 

Update iTunes 

Another common thing most Apple users forget is keeping their iTunes app up-to-date with its latest version. If the iPad, which is in iOS system recovery mode, has been updated to the newest version but not iTunes, this issue might not be resolved quickly.

Updating iTunes to its latest version and connecting it with an iPad stuck in recovery mode often solves the problem. 

Erase the Security Software 

If your desktop device, be it a Mac or Windows, has any antivirus or anti-malware software, it’s better to turn it off or uninstall it temporarily. Such software can easily detect malicious iPad activity and block them from connecting to the desktop.


It feels like the end of the world whenever an iOS device undergoes any technical issue. Therefore, it seems an impossible task, significantly, to restore an iPad stuck in recovery mode.

However, the process becomes easy if you know the possible proven methods to repair the iOS system. Hence, this article thoroughly explains some easy and proven methodologies to fix an iPad stuck in recovery mode.