Not long ago, we only had two types of digital gadgets: smartphones and pcs/laptops. But we can see that it is not easy to carry PCs around. Even if you are using a computer, you will notice that it is not easy to use it everywhere. 

Smartphones such as Apple iPhone or Google Nexus are small but don’t have functionalities similar to PC. For instance, they don’t support good drawing tools. Moreover, their screen is small, which affects the overall user experience.  

This is where we needed a device that completes the need for a small computer. This is the sole reason for the invention of the tablet PC. Apple has also manufactured a tablet known as the iPad.

iPad and tablets differ mainly because of the operating system environment. iPad uses an operating system called iOS.

There are other differences as well, and that’s what we are going to cover in this article.  

What is a Tablet?

A tablet computer or Andriod tablet operates on a mobile operating system. The tablet uses mobile OS and takes input via a touch screen.

The most famous OS for tablets is Google’s Android OS. However, there are different Android operating systems depending on their versions.

You can also find Windows tablets. But big mobile companies like Samsung, Lenovo, etc., use Android OS for creating tablets. 

A tablet can perform almost all tasks similar to a PC and mobile. For example, you can use it to take notes, play games, test your drawing skills, and much more. 

There is a long list of android tablet manufacturers. So, you will have to do a lot of research before buying an android tablet. 

Difference Between an iPad and a Tablet

The iPad is also a type of tablet. Either you are talking about iPad mini or iPad pro. They both are tablets. iPad is just the name of the product belonging to Apple’s line. You can consider it as a cross between Apple iPhone and iPod Touch.

Apple always tries to bring something different from the industry. That’s why all Apple products have different operating system environments. For example, since most android tablets use the mobile OS (e.g., the android tablet runs on the Android operating system), the iPad runs on Apple’s iOS, which is the operating system for the iPhone. 

Apple iPads use the iOS operating system, but their functionalities are not the same as other tablets. Even its build quality is different from the others. 

We will have a detailed discussion of the differences between iPad and Android tablets. But first, let’s examine the pros and cons of iOS and Google’s Android tablets. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of iPad

Let’s start with the benefits:

Pros of iPad 

Easy to use consistent software 

iPad offers an easy-to-use interface. Within a few minutes, you can get comfortable with the environment. And if you are a fan of Apple products, using an iPad will be a piece of cake for you. Why? Because the iPhone and the iPad share similar user interfaces. 

Amazing quality 

When we talk about consistency, we cannot leave behind the build quality of iPads. The sleek design, flush screens, and metal cases give you a premium feel. Whether you are using a new or old version, the build quality will not disappoint you. 

Best performance 

Apple does not compromise anything when it comes to performance. From iPad touch to iPad speed, everything is top-notch. Also, you will find the best quality chips whether you buy base models or premium ones. 

You can efficiently multitask, play games, and watch HD videos without disturbance on an iPad. 

Secure app store 

According to Statista, there are 2.22 million apps on the apple app store. And currently, it is the second-largest app store in the world. 

The best part is that all apps are examined before they are published on the app store. This is because Apple wants to make sure that no malware should get into their devices. 

High-end apps 

On the apple store, you can find the best apps for increasing productivity, audio/video editing, graphic designing, and many other apps that can help you excel in your field. 

Amazing gaming experience 

The gaming experience should always be good on tablets. Because when we have nothing else to do, we play games. And it never gets bad when you are playing games on an iPad. 


The Apple tablet comes with a vast number of accessories. You name a tablet accessory, and you will find it easily. Whether it is a case for your tablet, a stylus for easy use, or a keyboard for improving your writing, you can find it without any hustle. 

You can easily find accessories from Apple shops or a third-party vendor.  

Options for better productivity 

Apple iPad for different users. Whether a student or a businessman, you can find your desired iPad. There are even high-end iPads that can be replaced with your laptop. So, name your needs, and you will find a perfect iPad.  

Battery timing 

All of the Apple products have excellent battery timing. And the same is the case with iPads. An iPad, on average, stays alive for 10 hours. 

Linking Apple devices 

The Apple ecosystem is fantastic. We can link all Apple devices together. You can quickly move files from your iPad to your MacBook and vice versa. And even if you need multiple screens for your work, you can connect the iPad to your MacBook and start working.  

Cons of iPad 

Less customization 

You can’t change the appearance of the iPad’s user interface. However, you may alter the theme on Android systems and Android phones. The icons on all iPads have a nearly identical appearance and feel. Because there are so many different Android manufacturers, all Android tablets have unique designs, yet the iPad’s design is almost similar.

Limited apps on the Apple store 

As mentioned earlier, the Apple store has a wide range of apps. You can find almost any type of app there. None of the apps will have malware because of the strict quality check of Apple. 

But because of these strict quality tests, many great apps cannot get into the Apple store. You may find an alternative for those apps. However, you may not enjoy the alternates. 

No storage expansion 

Suppose you need to store a lot of data, then iPads are not for you unless you can use storage devices like external hard drives. 

The android tablets have an external slot for SD cards. Thus you can increase their storage to any extent. But this is not the case with iPads. If you have an iPad with 32 GB storage, it is limited to 32 GB only. 

Hence you should choose wisely if you need more storage space. 

Legacy issue 

You should never use older versions of iPads. Because after some time, Apple limits its support. For instance, you cannot install apps on iPad 2 or iPad 3. However, adding new apps on old tablets is not an issue. For example, you can easily add YouTube on ancient android tablets but cannot do the same with iPads. 


Well, it is a fact that Apple products are always more expensive than other gadgets. And the expense doesn’t stop after buying the iPad. Most of Apple’s iOS apps are paid. Also, you will have to pay more for external accessories like a keyboard, touchpad, and an Apple pencil.  

Advantages and disadvantages of Tablet

Now, let’s take a look at the upsides and downsides of a tablet:

Pros of Tablet 


Affordability is one of the most significant advantages of android tablets. You can buy two good tablets at the price of only one iPad. Also, it is a one-time payment because Android does not have many paid apps. So, if you have a small budget, then don’t worry. Android tablets have got you covered. 

However, the low-end tablets will have fewer features. 

Huge variety 

The iPad has only one manufacturer, that is Apple inc. But other tablets are being manufactured by a large number of companies. For instance, Samsung tablets are used around the globe. Also, Lenovo, Motorola, Google, and Microsoft are manufacturing tablets.  

Do you know? Microsoft tablets can support both the Android operating system and Windows operating systems. 


We all love different types of colors, themes, and icon sizes. Unfortunately, you can’t add such changes to the iPad. However, the android tablets give you all the permissions to make desired changes. In an android, you can change every corner of the interface. 

For instance, you can give it the look of a tech lover if you love the technology or add some barbies to make your daughter happy. 

A huge number of apps

Google play app store has 3.48 million android apps on it. Thus you can find all of the apps on it. 

Expanding storage 

Android tablets have additional SD card space that allows you to increase storage space. Hence, if you are a person who needs more storage, then you should consider using android tablets. 

Cons of Android Tablets 

Less secure app store 

Google does screen all apps before publishing them on the play store. However, they don’t check everything. Thus, there is a chance for low-quality apps to get into the app store. These apps can bring malware to your device, which can cause significant damage. 

Remember, if you use an android tablet, you should only stick with well-known and trustworthy apps. 

Changing quality and performance 

There are many manufacturers of tablets. The big companies are giving their best quality at a reasonable price. But when you purchase cheaper products, the quality will not impress you. So it is recommended to check for various reviews before buying an android tablet. You should know that you are putting your money in the right place.

Customization can confuse you. 

Customization in Android is an advantage. But if you are looking for a simple interface, you may not like it. So, you should ignore the customization feature; otherwise, your experience will be affected. 

Little to no integration with other devices 

Linking Apple devices is a piece of cake. But you can’t do that with android devices. So, connecting your tablet with your PC will not be easy. Yes, you can do that using the same Google Account. But don’t depend on third-party apps to connect your devices.

iPad and Android Tablets: Which One Should You Choose?

Purchasing a type of tablet depends on your needs and budget. So let’s compare both of them so you can decide easily. 

When Should You Buy an iPad?

If you find the following requirements similar, you should go for an iPad. 


The iPad is an excellent option if you are looking for good performance. Whether you buy a low-end iPad or an expensive one, you will not be disappointed. All of them have premium chip sets and robust build quality. As a result, you can use them to run large apps without worry. 


Purchasing a drawing tablet is a good option for your projects. But a drawing tablet is limited to only one task. You may not be able to use it for other purposes, like drafting, texting, etc. 

But you can use an iPad for multi-purposes. During the day, it can be your working tool, and it will become your entertainment partner in your leisure time. 

You can even turn it into a notebook and start writing whenever necessary. 

Connecting Different Devices 

The Apple ecosystem is an entirely different world. You can link all your Apple products without any sweat. For instance, you can connect your iPad with the Mac and simultaneously use one mouse for both devices. You can easily drag and drop files from iPad to MacBook. 

When Should You Buy an Android Tablet? 

You should be considering buying an android tablet if 

You Have Low Budget 

Apple products always have a premium price. So if you don’t have a better budget, you can go for the androids. You can find some good pocket-friendly tablets, but you must do more research to find the perfect product. 

Need for More Apps 

The iPad is a secondary option if you love using more apps. As you know, the Google Play App Store is larger than the Apple Play Store, so that you will find more options on Android devices. You can also install APK files on Android without much trouble. 

Easy Communication 

Smartphones have made the methods of communication easier. We have WhatsApp, Instagram, and Snapchat. We are now connected 24/7 with our friends and families, no matter where they are. 

If you don’t know, the apps mentioned above are not natively available for iPads. So, if you want to use these apps, you should stick with Android tablets. 

Summing Things 

It is challenging to decide which is better: an android tablet or an iPad. But if we compare some features, then we can conclude. So if we only talk about performance and build quality, the iPad is the winner. Also, it is more secure.

However, in the end, it depends on tablet users and their requirements. Different requirements will highlight the benefits of both devices. For example, one chooses the Apple iPad air, and the other may move toward the Samsung android tablet.