So what if you can’t afford an Apple Watch? There are plenty of alternatives that look almost like it and are super cheap. You can even get a watch that pairs with your Android phone, unlike smartwatches by Apple. With similar features, these knock offs are becoming all the rage these days.

Smartwatches had been around even before Apple released it’s Apple Watch. However, it changed the game, and everyone went crazy for it. However, as Apple’s namesake, the watch was a little expensive, and the price has only gone up since. The latest Apple Watch can easily set you back 400 bucks.

Best Apple Watch Alternatives

Thanks to advancements in technology, the typical features an Apple Watch offers are no more exclusive to it. You can get similar features like health monitors on a fake Apple Watch too. Here are some of the best products in this category:

Amazfit Bip Fitness Smartwatch

The Amazfit Bip Fitness Smartwatch boasts a touch screen, built-in heart rate monitor, and long battery life. The battery on this watch lasts for a whopping 45 days. That’s if you don’t use the many smart features always, which is still a good deal.

It also has a GPS and GLONASS that helps you track your workouts. Even though it’s a smartwatch under 100, it’s heart rate monitor is not cheaply made. You can rely on it to deliver accurate information about your heart rate.

It features a 176 x 176-pixel screen, which is not as high-quality as that on the Apple Watch. However, it has an always-on feature that makes it useful as a watch. You can see the time and date just how you would on a regular look.

The Amazfit Bip is super lightweight, coming in at 32 g. This makes it quite comfortable to wear at all times, perhaps even when you’re sleeping. You can receive notification from your phone about calls, messages, and social media notifications directly on the watch.

The only drawback is that it doesn’t have an App Store like that on Apple Watch, so it’s functionalities are limited to the apps and features it already has.


  • Long battery life
  • Easy to use
  • Looks like Apple Watch
  • High-quality heart rate monitor


  • No app store

Fossil Gen 5 Stainless Steel Smartwatch

Fossil has climbed its way to becoming one of the most popular smartwatch brands. The Fossil Gen 5 watch is one of their hottest sellers, as it’s downright stylish and pretty. It doesn’t look exactly like the Apple Watch, as it has a circular shape, but still looks great.

At a much affordable price, it offers a heart rate monitor, GPS, and NFC. Much like the smartwatch of Apple, you can find plenty of wristband options for this watch too. The watch itself comes in different colors, which gives you plenty of choices.

The processor is the latest Qualcomm processor. Also, it offers 1 GB RAM and 8 GB storage, so you can download plenty of apps. This model now has audible notifications, as well as Google Assistant. If you pair it with an iPhone, it may not work as great as it would with an Android phone, as it has wear OS.

It tracks your physical activity with Google fit, and the results are accurate and reliable. The built-in GPS tracks distance accurately too. You can even use it underwater, as it’s swim-proof. So if you’re buying a fake Apple watch for the sake of training, this could be a good choice.


  • Stylish design
  • Lots of features
  • Good for training purposes
  • Swimproof
  • Decent battery time


  • Not great for iPhones

MyKronoz ZeTime Original Hybrid Smartwatch

The MyKronoz ZeTime is a hybrid smartwatch, as it looks like your regular wristwatch and has smart features. It’s pretty versatile that way, as you get the benefits and style of both the types of watches. You can pair it with both Android and iOS.

The round full-color touch screen is highly responsive. The watch is 5 ATM water-resistant, which is pretty great considering it’s under a hundred bucks. Then you also have a sleep monitor, heart monitor, and activity tracker, all of which make it a great companion for exercising.

The watch faces are changeable, and so are the wristbands, much like the actual smartwatches of Apple. This watch also exceeds expectations when it comes to its construction. Made of the stainless steel case, it’s quite durable.

This one is also ideal for people who don’t necessarily need training features. The hybrid nature makes it suitable as just a watch for tracking time, seeing the date, and setting the alarm clock.

The music player of the Mykronoz ZeTime smartwatch could use some improvement. It has dates and all in European format, so it may take some time getting used to that.


  • Hybrid watch
  • High-quality touch screen
  • Training trackers are reliable
  • Beautiful design
  • Durable built


  • No third-party apps
  • Calibration is not flexible.

Fitbit Versa Lite

The Fitbit Versa Lite remains one of the best Apple Watch alternatives. It’s not exactly an Apple clone, as Fitbit is a brand in itself. However, you’ll find a lot of similarities between the two devices.

For starters, it looks a lot like an Apple Watch with its squarish shape and display screen. It offers over 15 exercise modes for training, using GPS and other tracking technologies like heart rate monitors. You get 24/7 hours of heart rate monitoring, which can help monitor your health.

You have all the essential features like app notifications, call and text, alarm clock, and calendar. There are special features for female users as well. You can log your period information and track your cycles and symptoms.

The Versa Lite is a more affordable edition of the Fitbit Versa, so it lacks some things like you don’t have onboard music storage as you do on Versa 2. However, that’s not a big flaw, as you can always use your smartphone for music playback.

Another great thing about this particular watch by Fitbit is that it comes in many cool colors. The battery life is over four days, which is lower than some of the other cheaper models. The screen is immaculate, made of Corning Gorilla Glass.


  • Swimproof up to 50 meters
  • Durable screen
  • Lots of color options
  • 24/7 heart rate tracking
  • Sleep stages monitoring


  • Lacks onboard music storage

LETSCOM Smart Watch

LETSCOM Smart Watch is the cheapest smartphone watch Amazon has a reliable knock off of the Apple Watch Series 3. It has a large 1.3-inch TFT screen with four different customizable displays. The battery life is up to ten days depending on your usage, while the standby battery capacity is 40 days.

This smartwatch is great for fitness tracking as it monitors your steps, calories, and activity throughout the day. As a result, it gives you daily and even monthly data that shows how active you are. If you want a cheaper solution for a fitness tracker like the Apple Watch, this is a viable option.

You also get other essential features, such as alarm clock, call notification, text notification, reminders, and music control. You can sync all your data easily with the Strava app. All in all, it’s a great companion, especially as far as fitness tracking is concerned.

The design is minimalistic, just like the newer Apple Watch Series 5, and available in multiple colors. You can also change the wristbands and add colorful and patterned ones for a more fun look.


  • Great fitness tracking features
  • High-quality screen with customizable display
  • High battery capacity
  • Easy to use


  • Takes long to charge

Buyer’s Guide

Just because you’re buying a fake Apple Watch doesn’t mean you should lower your expectations. Yes, it would help if you kept it realistic, but it doesn’t hurt to seek something quality. The smartwatch market is growing by leaps and bounds, with new devices coming out almost every month. That can make choosing an alternative Android watch/Apple watch a bit difficult.

However, consider the following things to ensure you get the best Apple Watch alternative:

Fitness Tracking

Most people buy smartwatches because of fitness tracking if offers. So right off the bat, you should pay attention to the fitness aspects of the watch. It should have features similar to that on Apple Watch. For instance, heart rate monitor, step counter, calories tracker, and sleep tracker are all present on the Apple Watch Series one through five.

It should also have a reliable GPS to track your movement as you run or jog. Similarly, it should also be water-resistant, in case you want to wear it while swimming.

Battery Capacity

Another important consideration is the battery life of the watch. Usually, these watches can easily give you anywhere from three days to ten days of battery. Some watches can give over a month on standby.


You’re either going to pair the watch with an Android phone or iPhone. Some watches may work better with Android phones, especially those with the Wear OS. However, most smartwatch brands offer compatibility with both mobile OS systems.


What is the Best Knock Off Apple Watch?

There are many choices when it comes to Apple Watch Series knock offs. While you can find many cheaper options, the Amazfit Bip watches are some of the best. They offer most of the perks that an Apple Watch offers, but at a relatively lower price tag.

You get fitness tracking, real-time notifications, customized screen displays, etc. with this smartwatch. Plus, the battery lasts a lot longer than an Apple Watch.

What is the Closest Thing to an Apple Watch?

Fitbit Verse watches are the closest to the functionality you’ll get from the Apple watches. Fitbit offers highly reliable fitness tracking capabilities. The Fitbit Verse 2 and Fitbit Verse Lite are the competitors of Apple’s watches.

Some may argue that Apple’s smartwatches are faster, but Fitbit is pretty fast too. It’s the closest thing to an Apple smartwatch you can have. Also, not all of them are inexpensive.

Is There Such a Thing as a Fake Apple Watch?

Ever since Apple released its smartwatch, many manufacturers around the world started producing its clones. The fake Apple Watch looks quite like the real thing, but certain tells can distinguish them. These brands sell the watches under their brand, but they look exactly like an Apple Watch.

The copycat watches have similar features but lack the quality and reliability that an Apple Watch offers. However, if you buy identical models from reliable brands, you can get something quality. The brands like Fitbit and Fossil don’t necessarily copy Apple, instead do their own thing.


You can easily find an Apple Watch alternative no matter what your budget is. These watches look exactly like Apple’s, and you can use different wrist bands with them. However, not all watches are created equal, so make sure to focus on the essential features.

Also, look out for the warranty, especially when buying a smartwatch over a hundred dollars. Setting up these watches is also pretty easy. You can find the setup information in the table of contents of the user guide.

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