The driving mode on iPhone is a handy feature. It enables driving to focus on their driving, eliminating disturbances from the iPhone. As a result, it enhances driving safety for iPhone users.

However, software issues in iPhone can cause several disruptions, and it can turn out to be pretty annoying dealing with the driving mode automatically activating in your iPhone.

So in this post, we will see how you can use your iPhone Control Center to turn off the driving mode.

Do Not Disturb While Driving Mode in iPhone

The Do Not Disturb While Driving feature on your iPhone is worth discussing. This feature can disable certain operations and functionalities in your iPhone while you drive. These functionalities include:

Notifications and Alerts

You can disable alarms, emergency alerts, timers, and text messages in driving mode. Typically, the iPhone screen doesn’t light up when the driving mode is turned on.

The sender receives a reply automatically about you driving the car. For example, if your iPhone receives a reply saying ‘Urgent’, it will bypass the Driving mode settings and show a notification on your iPhone.

What about Phone Calls

For phone calls, the iPhone connects to your car’s Bluetooth. So, you can answer incoming calls through your car’s microphone without picking up your iPhone.

Otherwise, the standard settings take over, and you won’t hear any sound or see any light notification for your calls.

However, you can use your iPhone settings to change preferences and answer your favorite contacts while driving.

Adding the Driving Mode to iPhone

The driving mode feature is an excellent addition to iPhone. It can automatically turn on when the iPhone senses you are driving a car. As a result, the iPhone can make your job much easier when you’re in a rush and forget to turn on the mode manually.

But this is where the problem starts. Even when you’re not driving, the iPhone might sense otherwise and automatically activate the driving mode. So, you can miss important calls and messages even when you’re not driving.

Anyhow, it’s a valuable feature in your iPhone, especially when you know how to temporarily and permanently disable it.

But first, you should know how to add the driving mode to your iPhone. Follow these steps:

Open the Settings App

First up, open the iPhone settings on your iPhone. You can navigate to settings through the slider on the home screen or search for it in the search bar.

Navigate to the Control Center

Once inside the Settings App, navigate to the Control Center, where you will find the option to add the Driving Mode.

Configure Customize Control Settings

Look for the Customize Control Options in the Control Center. Tap the option to proceed further.

Add Do Not Disturb Mode to Your iPhone

Here, you will find the More Controls option. In addition, you will see a plus sign next to the option saying ‘Do Not Disturb While Driving’. Tap the plus sign to add this mode to your iPhone.

Disable or Enable the Driving Mode

Once added, return to your iPhone home screen. Then, swipe up or down, depending on your iPhone model, to open the Control Center.

In iPhone 8 or earlier models, you must swipe up from the bottom of the screen. In iPhone x and later models, swipe down from the screen top to open the Control Center.

Now, you will see a car icon. Tap the icon to disable or enable the Driving mode on iPhone.

How to Turn Off Driving Mode in iPhone

Now, it seems intuitive that you must tap on the car icon to turn the driving mode on or off. However, what to do when the driving mode keeps turning on automatically?

Here are two ways to deal with the situation.

Permanently Disable Driving Mode in your iPhone

Firstly, let’s look at how to disable the driving mode permanently on your iPhone. First, open settings and scroll down until you see the Focus option.

Tap on the option, which will take you to the Driving mode settings. Moreover, there will be other features for the do not disturb mode.

Now, tap on the Driving icon to toggle off the driving mode. With this, your iPhone driving mode will be turned off and won’t activate automatically.

This setting also allows you to manually disable or enable the Driving mode in your iPhone.

You can also delete the driving mode. Scroll down and tap Delete Focus on your iPhone. It will remove the driving setting.

If you’re worried that these settings will be removed forever, that’s not true. You can add it back anytime you want.

How to Disable Driving Mode Temporarily

Temporarily Disable Driving Mode in Control Center

If you need to disable Driving mode for a single trip, the easiest way is to open Control Center and tap the Driving button that should appear there. Then tap Driving again to disable it until your next car ride.

Is ‘Disable Driving Mode’ a Good Option for Me?

Well, it’s a worth-using option for your car if it doesn’t offer the hands-free Bluetooth feature. So, how does this feature help?

As soon as the car starts and you’re ready to drive, the driving mode senses it. In turn, it stops the notification sound so that you focus on driving.

This feature will be pretty helpful if you’re alone in the car. It keeps you from getting distracted, especially when traveling on highways. However, you may not need it if other people are in the car.