Holding your AirPods Pro in your ears can sometimes be no less than a hassle. You may love their look, sound, and feel, but they won’t stick in place no matter what you do.

Several factors contribute to your AirPods Pro’s fit. Unfortunately, like most Bluetooth earbuds, AirPods, from their 1st Generation to AirPods Pro, suffer from a tiny yet very annoying problem – falling out from your ears.

This is unpleasant, particularly for athletes, runners, and constantly busy people. Think about losing your AirPods while you were on your way to work.

It’s also a lousy sensation to be constantly worried about them slipping out and having to shove them inside your ear always.

If you struggle with the same situation, don’t worry. There are a lot of AirPods users who have this complaint. Luckily, simple problems get solved with simple solutions.

So, read this post to learn how you can improve your AirPods fit and prevent “AirPods Pro from falling out.”

Why Do Your AirPods Fall Outside Your Ear So Quickly?

Apple AirPods Pro is an excellent choice for sporty people. No matter where you are, you’ll always love their good quality in every aspect.

This is why AirPods Pro is the most preferred product by several people, whether casual joggers or athletes.

However, AirPods Pro falls out often. But why does that happen? Here are your answers:

You’ve Got the Wrong Fit

Just like each of us has a different DNA, our ears are different in the same way. In addition, every person has a different ear shape and size; hence, asking one available size to fit all ears is pretty unfair, to be honest.

Even though Apple AirPods fit the best, that is only one side of the coin. Apple claims its AirPods can provide almost 90% of its users; however, 10% suffer from their misfit.

In contrast, this may not sound a lot in numbers. But, in reality, that can make up thousands of people, including you.

So the first biggest flaw you can blame when AirPods Pro keeps falling out of your ears is a wrong fit.

Silicone Ear Tips Slipping Out

You may appreciate Apple for identifying their customers’ problems and addressing them with their creativity, but it is still not enough.

Apple introduced a new feature in their AirPods Pro with silicon tips. This unique addition solved the problem significantly, but it also created some new issues.

As silicone ear tips are slippery, AirPod Pro users complained that their earbuds slipped out from their ears.

Getting Hit Physically

An external force physically hits one apparent reason for your AirPods Pro to fall out easily.

No matter how well your AirPods may fit your ears, they can dislodge from their place if you get hit by something. In addition to that, they may also fall out while you change your clothes, adjust your hairstyle, or do other random chores.

So, to avoid your Airpods from falling out, all you need to do is be careful not to get yourself hit. Easy, isn’t it?

Tips to Avoid Your AirPods Pro Falling Out

You can solve this problem in just a few simple steps. To know how you can prevent your Airpods from falling outside your ears, follow these easy tips:

Ensure to Wear them Correctly

Of course, you know how to wear your AirPods the right way. But you can try changing your habits to improve your AirPods Pro fit. 

If you wear your AirPods Pro incorrectly, their chance of falling out increases.

In addition, there’s a slight variation in how you should wear your original AirPods and AirPods Pro due to uniquely varying designs. Here’s what you need to do:

Wipe Your AirPods Pro with a Damp Cloth

You may wipe off dirt, oil, or other debris from your AirPods.

Since dirt and oil can make your AirPods Pro slip out quickly, you should remove them. By cleaning your AirPods, you’ll have a friendly and firm surface to prevent them from running out of your ears. 

But make sure you use a damp cloth and not a wet one, as it may damage your AirPods Pro.

Check the Size of Your Silicone Tips

This step is crucial for you, as your AirPods Pro will never fit right with the wrong silicone tips. But, again, you can refer to Apple’s size guide to determine the correct size for your ears.

Align the Black Vent

This step feels like a hack since it is so unique. First, ensure the sizing letter is aligned correctly with the black vent to ensure a perfect fit. When you’ve perfectly twisted them, you may hear a clicking sound.

Shove Your AirPods in Your Ears and Gently

Once your AirPods are rid of the oil and dirt, you are suitable to wear them. First, you may press them in your ears, ensuring their stem is vertically aligned with your head, forming a parallel line with the face.

This is essential for a secure fit. 

Make sure you do not push your AirPods too profoundly inside your ear canal such that they cause you discomfort, as this can give rise to infections and injuries. 

Rotate Your AirPods’ Wedge to Secure Them

Finally, all you need to do is rotate your AirPods until they feel tight and secure. 

You can even take a picture of how they look once they are secured, so you can repeat the process the next time you wear them.

Perform the Ear Tip Fit Test

Here’s a valuable feature Apple provides you. To make sure AirPods Pro fits you best, you can run an Ear Tip Fit Test. 

Connect the AirPods with your phone and go to Settings. Then, navigate to Bluetooth once you’ve worn them. Next, press the “Ear Tip Fit Test” button on the device’s information button.

If the “Ear Tip Fit Test” option isn’t available, your software version is presumably older than 13.2. To avail of this feature, you may upgrade if possible.

Consider Using Memory Foam Tips

Although the AirPods Pro silicone tips are designed to help assist with a good ear fit, they tend to cause AirPods Pro to fall out.

To avoid this problem, you can try using your Apple AirPods Pro with different types of foam tips. 

Memory foam is the ideal material to use after silicone tips. Unlike Apple’s silicone tips, these third-party foam tips quickly conform to the ear’s curve, resulting in a more secure fit.

Many Apple users have switched to memory foam ear tips and enjoy using their gadgets to the best. 

If you also want to try using memory foam ear tips, try buying from Foam Masters, as they are one of the most hyped and popular brands. 

Here’s a comprehensive guide to how you can use them:

Remove Your Silicone Tips

To remove your silicone tips, all you have to do is pull the tips out to pop out of your AirPods Pro.

Then, ensure that the silicone tip matches the memory foam tip size as a rule of thumb. You must always choose brands like Foam Masters that comply with Apple’s sizing guidelines.

These third-party ear tips are marketed as compatible with AirPods Pro, so there should be no issues with your ear fit.

Lock in the New Ear Tips

Next, you need to push and squeeze the new memory foam tips as you may do for the silicone tips. Once your new ear tip is securely fastened to the AirPods Pro, you may hear a clicking sound.

Securely Plug Your AirPods Pro into Your Ears

Even though the memory foam tips and silicone tips are installed the same way, the methods for wearing them inside your ears are a bit different.

When you wear your AirPods Pro with the memory foam, squeeze the memory foam tip, then apply the standard wedge push and rotation method.

Your memory foam AirPods ear tips will expand and adjust to your ears’ shape in about 4 seconds, properly sealing the ear canal.

Try Applying a Waterproof Tape

Waterproof tapes are sticky to help your AirPods Pro adhere to your ear more securely. In addition, the waterproof tape can be handy as they are made from materials that can resist water and prevent earbuds from loosening their grip.

Here’s how you can use waterproof tape food your AirPods Pro:

  1. First, cut out some tiny dots from your waterproof tape.
  2. Punch out several dots to have a spare one if your earlier placements don’t work out. Moreover, it would help if you replaced the tape occasionally, so keep a stock of waterproof dots of tape on hand.
  3. Place the waterproof tape above and below the black dot sensor.

This will take some time before you become perfect at it. You may even experiment with different shapes to find one that fits your ear better.

Swap the AirPods and Wear Them Upside Down

Here’s an interesting tip to make your AirPods Pro fit better. Although it may sound strange to you, it works for many users.

You have to swap your AirPods Pro and flip them upside down. This will ensure a more secure fit and prevent them from falling out.

If you’re reluctant to do that, know that this trick is approved by many joggers and runners who have done the same.

Use Some Third-Party Accessories

If nothing works for you, you might want to consider using third-party accessories to keep your AirPods from falling out. These accessories are designed to tackle common user issues and demands, such as making AirPods Pro fit better and preventing them from losing grip.

Final Thoughts

Despite having a few flaws, the AirPods Pro is undoubtedly the best earbuds on the market. These revolutionary gadgets have taken the market by storm and are loved by millions of users globally. 

Their advantages outweigh their flaws and let you enjoy a perfect music streaming experience. 

However, to avoid the falling out issue, you can try out some of the methods we have listed for you. So now you can run, walk, work out, and even play football while wearing your favorite AirPods Pro. 

If none of the methods work out for you, try seeking assistance from your local Apple store, they may be able to help you with their expert advice.