Viewing your past notifications on your iPhone is possible through different methods. For example, if you’re away from your phone for a while and receive a flurry of notifications, you can lose the notification view on your iPhone lock screen.

But if you want to catch up on the past notifications on your iPhone, you can connect to your notification history. This post will look at everything you need to know about viewing older notifications on your iPhone.

What is the iPhone Notification Center?

The iPhone Notification Center is the screen that keeps track of the notification history on your iPhone. You can view the notification summary and tap notifications to take necessary action about them. More importantly, you can customize the notification settings to view only the necessary notifications.

Adjusting Notification Center

Thanks to customization options, you can decide how notifications appear on your lock scrFor example, you. You can tap the Options, which will show a small menu where you can adjust different settings and notification styles, i.e., how you want to view the notification summary.

Typically, the notification settings let you view in stacked, count, or list view.

iPhone Notifications Disappear After A While

In the iPhone, the notifications received don’t stay there forever. Once they’ve popped up on your screen, they will disappear if you don’t attend them for a while. Also, it’s possible that the newer notifications would replace the old notifications on iPhone.

So, how do you see all the notifications you’ve missed on your iPhone? Here is the answer.

Viewing Old Notifications on Your iPhone

Follow these steps to view old notifications on your iPhone.

Turn On Your iPhone

Sometimes, it’s possible to miss notifications due to a turned-off iPhone. For example, a low battery or deliberate shutdown could keep you from viewing notifications on your iPhone.

So, turn on your iPhone if it isn’t already powered on. Then, depending on the model, you need to press the Home or Power buttons to start the iPhone.

Swipe Down the Lock Screen

When you see the lock screen, swipe down, and it will pull up the list of notifications. You should see the ‘No Older Notifications’ message if there are no previous notifications.

View Your Notifications

If you have notifications waiting, you can see them group-wise according to their native App. Also, the pending notifications can appear all at once without any grouping.

Select a Notification to Open

Please select your desired notification and tap on it. It should pull up the Open button. When you tap to open the pending notification, you must unlock the iPhone to launch the App connected to the notification.

Viewing Notifications with an Unlocked Screen

If you are not on the lock screen and want to view notifications, you can view notifications by swiping them down from the top-left corner of your screen. It will show your lock screen but won’t lock your iPhone.

Now, you should see the notifications you might have missed earlier. These notifications are organized app-wise.

How to Clear Old Notifications From Appearing on Your Lock Screen on iPhone

Typically, the notifications pile up when they’re not urgent or essential for a user. That’s when your notification center will have more unseen notifications on your iPhone. So, it’s an excellent option to clear older notifications history, either individually or collectively.

Locate the X mark next to the Notification Center on your iPhone to clear notifications. Tap and hold the X mark to see the clearing options.

Clearing All the Notifications in One Go

Select the ‘Clear All Notifications’ option to clear all notifications, which will wipe off everything from your notification screen.

Clearing Individual Notifications

To clear the individual notifications, swipe left over your desired notification. You can also do the same for a group of notifications. Now, it will show you multiple options like ‘Clear,’ ‘View,’ ‘Manage,’ etc.

Select the Clear option to remove notifications from your iPhone. This method allows you to manage notifications from unlocked and locked iPhone screens.

Is It Possible to See Deleted Notifications on iPhone?

If you delete notifications on your iPhone, you cannot retrieve them. The old notifications on iPhone are there until you either view, precise, or delete them. After that, they will no longer appear on your lock screen, nor can you view them back.

How to Turn Off Notifications on iPhone

Like most smartphones, iPhone notifications can be deactivated. For instance, if you are at work and want to stop Instagram notifications from distracting you, there is a simple way to turn notifications on the iPhone.

Go to the Settings App on your iPhone to adjust the notification settings. Once in the settings App, go to Notifications.

Here, you can select the App you wish to disable for notifications. You should see an ‘Allow Notifications’ toggle button. Please turn it off to disable the notifications temporarily. You can reset the notifications option when you want to allow the notifications later.

Moreover, you can also activate the Do Not Disturb mode to turn off all notifications on your iPhone.

iPhone Not Getting any Text Notifications

Sometimes, the iPhone may not get email notifications, texts, etc. In this case, check your notification permissions to ensure the notifications are allowed. For instance, if you cannot receive text messages, go to Notifications and check the Messages app. Make sure that the Allow Notification is green.

Can You Stop Notifications from Disappearing?

Yes, you can use the Persistent Notifications setting to allow notifications for any app. The persistent notifications setting lets you keep the notifications on your lock screen until you take action about them.

This is handy if you receive an important test message or email but cannot address it instantly and want to view it later.


Your notification history can be pretty long if you don’t respond to them regularly. More importantly, if you don’t tap notifications in time, you can lose track of them. But thankfully, you can check all notifications on your iPhone’s lock screen through a straightforward method. So, it shouldn’t be a problem for you to view older notifications on your iOS device.