iPhone users will understand how frustrating it can be to deal with continuous rebooting. Especially when you have something important and your iPhone is stuck on the Apple logo.

The problem intensifies when the rebooting continues for hours, and you don’t know what to do with your phone. You might try restarting or checking out some hacks to solve the problem, but it might not have worked. This is where you might feel frustrated and may be on the verge of quitting your iPhone.

However, dealing with the boot loop issue in iPhone is pretty straightforward. At times, even a faulty lighting card can be an issue. But if you never knew how to solve this problem, find your answers in this post.

So, this post will tap into the mysteries of the iPhone boot loop issue. Then, find some easy fixes to help yourself eliminate the problem. Hence, you won’t need to look at the dreaded Apple logo constantly.

Most of these steps require you no external tools or software resources. However, if you can arrange iPhone repair tools and a PC, trying out each of the fixes mentioned in this post can be more accessible.

What Happens in a Boot Loop

When the iPhone XR is stuck in a boot loop, it will keep rebooting, and you won’t be able to see past the initial Apple logo on your screen. Every time the Apple logo appears, it will be followed by a restart, and the process will keep happening in a loop.

Since you’re stuck on the Apple logo and can’t proceed to the home screen, your iPhone is useless now. But don’t throw it away because we have the fix for this problem.

But if you don’t know how to spot a boot loop in iPhones, here are a few signs to help you:

  • The iPhone doesn’t turn on completely, nor does it turn off
  • You will keep seeing the Apple logo flicker on the iPhone screen
  • You cannot start your iPhone usually and may need fixes like force restart, resetting, etc.
  • The iPhone will not receive calls, messages, or other notifications when stuck in the boot loop.

Having an iPhone stuck on the apple logo due to a boot loop is one of the worst feelings for a user. You tend to feel helpless because no controls or buttons help you navigate the problem.

On top of that, the boot loop can go on for hours without pausing. Hence, it may just eke out all your iPhone battery, making it even more frustrating.

Boot Loops Can Occur Due to Unexpected Reasons

Another frustrating problem is that you don’t always know why the iPhone boot loop has started. It makes it even harder to diagnose the problem, and you might helplessly watch your iPhone screen stuck on the Apple logo.

Some known reasons for the iPhone boot loop are power issues and connections. So, in iPhone XR, a boot loop can result due to the:

  • Broken charging port for the USB cable
  • Accumulation of dirt in the charging dock that prevents proper charging
  • Insufficient battery power
  • Broken or loose battery connections
  • Missing out on iOS updates for iPhone XR

Generally, these problems can arise when you accidentally drop, mishandle or wet your iPhone.

Once you know why it’s easier to fix iPhone reboot loop issues, otherwise, you might be tempted to give up on your device.

But wait, there are many ways to deal with the problem, so don’t away your iPhone just yet.

Handling Boot Loop Issues in iPhone XR

Managing the iPhone boot loop problems is much simpler than you might have thought. For most of these hacks, you only need to ensure your device works fine before the boot loop.

For instance, if there were any other problems with the phone before the boot loop, then it’s possible that these hacks may not work for you.

However, it’s worth trying these hacks anyways because you won’t need to pay any charges. Furthermore, you can do many of these at home.

So, here are a few things worth trying.

Force Restart Your iPhone

A force restart is a typical solution for most iPhone problems. It also works fine for iPhone boot loop issues. In addition, it’s a practical method that doesn’t involve any external tools or software.

Press the Volume Down and Volume Up buttons and the Side key to restart your iPhone XR.

  • First, press and release the Volume Up button.
  • Immediately after that, press and quickly release the Volume Down button.
  • Next, press the Side button until the Apple logo appears on your screen.

If the force restart works for your iPhone, you should no longer have your screen stuck on the apple logo, and the device should start up as usual.

Use an iOS Repair Tool To Safely Recover Without Data Loss

iOS repair tools are ideal for solving any iPhone problem. Typically, you can install these software tools on your PC or mac computer. Hence, the repair tools can be handy when solving problems like boot loops.

So, let’s say your ‘force restart’ hack didn’t work. In this case, it’s time to consult a third-party software tool to help you with the problem. The best part about iOS recovery tools is that they repair the damage without data loss.

Hence, you can recover your device without resetting it and enjoy your iPhone like before. Remember, resetting the iPhone will also solve the problem, but it’s better to avoid it if you want to preserve your iPhone data.

Moreover, you can use these repair tools to solve many iPhone problems. Here are a few examples of using an iPhone recovery tool.

Use Fonelab For iPhone Recovery

Fonelab is an intelligent repair tool for iOS devices. You can use it for troubleshooting iPhone boot loop issues. More importantly, it preserves your mobile data and keeps data loss at bay.

So, install Fonelab on your computer and then troubleshoot the problem. Here is how to use Fonelab for iPhone Recovery from the boot loop.

Connect Your iPhone XR to a PC OR MAC COMPUTER

Connect your iPhone XR to a Windows PC or Mac computer with a USB cable. Then, open the Fonelab application and select ‘More Tools’ in the sidebar.

With your iPhone connected to the computer, go to the iOS System Recovery tab and click the Start button. Then, proceed to the next window.

Choose the Repair Type

You should see the ‘Standard mode’ option in the new window. Click on it to fix the boot looping problem without compromising your iPhone data. But if you don’t want to save data, you can choose the ‘Advanced Mode’ option and proceed by clicking the ‘Confirm’ button.

Download the necessary firmware

After confirmation, you must select the latest iOS version for your iPhone XR to ensure the correct device firmware update. Then, click the Next button to start downloading the relevant firmware package for your device.

Click the Fix Button

After downloading, you should receive a ‘Download Complete’ message. Now, click the Fix button to start the repair process.

Once the process ends, it should resolve the boot loop issue in your iPhone XR.

Fixing iPhone With Kakasoft Repair Tool

Another option to eliminate the iPhone XR boot loop problem is to use the Kaksoft Fixet repair tool. Besides handling reboot problems, it can help you with other iPhone issues as it’s an iOS repair software.

You can use Kaksoft Fixet to restore your iPhone screen stuck on the Apple logo. Here is how:

Download the App

First, purchase the app from the official website. Next, connect your iPhone XR to the computer via a USB cable.

Launch the App

Launch the app and see a repair menu on your screen. Here, select the standard repair mode and wait for a few seconds.

Choose the Firmware

From the next window, choose your iPhone firmware and then download it. Next, click ‘Fix Now’ and let the firmware download on your iPhone. After the download, the iPhone should restart and see the Apple logo problem being resolved.

In addition to the booting issue, the device firmware update can help resolve many other software problems that might not have popped up in your phone yet.

Reset iPhone Settings

Another helpful option is to reset all your settings on the iPhone. This reset option is slightly different from a factory or master reset. It only readjusts the basic settings in your iPhone XR. Some of the settings that will change after the reset include:

  • Wallpaper Settings
  • Ringtone Settings
  • Alarm and other essential system functions

This is a great option to ensure that no external device has caused the booting issue to your phone. To reset all settings in your iPhone, go to the Control Center and open the general menu.

Next, locate the Reset button in the settings section and click on it. Next, choose ‘Reset All Settings’ and leave your iPhone for a few minutes.

Once the settings have been reset, check if the apple logo appears the same or if the problem has been resolved. This method works well if your iPhone seldom gets stuck in the boot loop. It’s a safe method that won’t affect your iPhone data.

Hard Reset Your iPhone XR

iPhone XR hard reset can resolve boot loop issues too. This is a valuable method for frequently occurring loop problems in the iPhone XR. Hard reset becomes inevitable during frequent reboots because it’s an indication that there is something seriously wrong with your device’s software.

As a result, it requires more extreme measures, such as a hard reset. In a hard reset, everything from your iPhone is removed. Hence you must arrange a backup to avoid data loss during the reset.

One of the better options is to back up data on iCloud. Else, you can copy the data to another device or computer.

After securing your data, it’s time to launch the iPhone settings. Here, navigate to ‘Back up and Reset.’ Next, tap ‘Reset Now’ to hard reset your iPhone XR.

A hard reset usually takes a few minutes, so be patient. More importantly, it will restore your iPhone to the factory default settings. So, it’s effectively a factory reset for your iPhone.

Update with iTunes or iFinder

Sometimes, your iPhone may fail to receive an iOS update properly. This can lead to developing boot problems in the device. In such cases, using the iTunes tool to update your device is ideal.

In iTunes, you can search for software updates and upgrade your iPhone to the latest features. Therefore, the latest iTunes version is essential to restore iOS to standard settings seamlessly.

But sometimes, iTunes fails to recognize the connected device. So, even when connected to your phone, it won’t recognize your iPhone, so you cannot possibly update the device software. However, if you succeed in connecting, it shouldn’t take long to update your iPhone XR to the latest iOS.

Unless there is a hardware problem, the iPhone should return to normal booting after the iOS update from iTunes.

Alternatively, you can try updating with iFinder. You will need a Mac computer with macOS 10.14 or older versions.

Once you have iTunes or iFinder ready to launch, follow these steps to update the iOS.

Connect iPhone to a computer. Then, launch iTunes or the iFinder app. The app should detect your device. If yes, proceed toward Updates.

Once you click Update, the system will start updating and installing itself. Here, you may have two options for restoring, i.e., with or without data loss. Choose the option that suits you.

Using the Recovery Mode for Factory Reset

Restoring to factory default settings is one of the last options to eliminate the boot loop issue. This option also fixes bugs and restores your iPhone to default settings.

In a way, you will get a brand-new iPhone for yourself. However, for a recovery mode restore, you need to connect your device to a Mac or Windows PC. the recovery mode is used when iTunes or iFinder don’t identify the device.

Now, press and release the volume-up buttons. Again, make sure to press and quickly release. Now, do the same with the Volume Down button. Now, press and hold the side button to enter recovery mode. Now the iTunes or iFinder app should identify your device.

Now, click Restore iOS to restore the factory default settings. After restoring, you can recover your backed-up files from iCloud. Finally, click the Restore Backup button to migrate all your data to your iPhone.

iTunes will start a factory reset for your iPhone XR and recover it from the reboot loop problem. You could recover your data from iCloud by creating a data backup for your files and images.

Try Removing the SIM Card

Interestingly, there are times when the issue resides with the hardware, and the software works just fine. So, try removing the SIM card to fix iPhone stuck on the Apple logo. Sometimes, the iPhone reboot loop occurs because it can’t connect to a wireless carrier.

So, take out the SIM card and reinsert it to see if the problem is resolved. Moreover, you can try inserting another SIM to confirm if there is an issue with a specific carrier.

Sometimes, the iOS version and hardware are fully upgraded, but you still experience unexpected problems like the boot loop issue. Also, it’s highly possible due to a SIM card issue. So, this easy fix can prevent you from trying fancy hacks like a factory reset or DFU recovery mode.

It’s quick, easy, and saves your precious data from being wiped off your iPhone.

Go to the Nearest Apple Store

If you have tried everything but the problem doesn’t resolve, it’s time to take your iPhone XR to a physical repair shop. Make sure to go to an Apple store only. This is an extreme step and valuable for all hardware-related issues.

If the issue wasn’t related to hardware, it should have been resolved by now. Generally, hardware issues like port damage, loose connections, etc., can lead to restarting loop problems in iPhone XR.

Also, an unresponsive Home button can worsen things, so fix that too.

Usually, you may need to go to the repair center to restore your iPhone if you witness any physical damage to your phone. For instance, if you dropped it in water or accidentally dropped it on the floor.

The repair technician may ask you to replace the battery or connection port, so you must be mentally ready for an additional expense on your iPhone repair.

Battery replacement is a common problem in iPhones. In that case, your iPhone has a hardware-related problem, so you need expert help. First, consult Apple Support or an expert repairer to overcome the iPhone stuck-in boot loop problem. 

Look for iOS Updates.

Whether you’re facing troubles with your iPhone or not, it’s always good to keep searching for the latest updates. Operating an old iOS version for too long can induce unknown problems in your phone with time.

Other than iTunes or iFinder, you can search for iOS updates on the device directly. For that, here is what you need to do.

In your iPhone’s control panel, locate General Menu and tap on it. Next, navigate to ‘Software Updates’ to check if there is any pending update available for your device.

If there is a pending update available, tap on it to download and update the iPhone system. Here, it’s essential to ensure a stable internet connection. Otherwise, you can have incomplete updates on your iPhone, leading to reboot problems.

Once the iOS update is complete, restart your iPhone to check if you still face the Apple logo reboot loop problems.

Dealing With Different Kinds of Boot Failures in iPhone XR

When the iPhone is stuck in the boot loop, there can be different versions of the problem. Here is a look at some quick fixes.

Recovering iPhone From Black Screen

If the iPhone screen suddenly turns black, it means it is frozen. To solve this problem, log into iTunes with your Apple ID, and restore to factory settings. But this means your phone’s data will be at risk of loss.

I am recovering iPhone Stuck in Apple Logo Loop or Blue Screen.

If your phone restarts and gets stuck on the Apple logo, try the Factory reset with iTunes as a last resort.


The iPhone XR boot loop problem is expected but has easy fixes. You only need a Windows PC or a Mac to ensure that you can download the correct updates from iTunes or iFinder. Hence, you can quickly restore proper operation on any iPhone model.

But if updates don’t work, you might be tempted to take extreme measures like a factory reset. In such a case, ensure you have a data recovery mechanism to recover all the data for your iPhone.

Finally, if nothing works, you must consult a local Apple store to replace hardware parts to restore the performance of your iPhone. Now that you know how to fix the reboot loop problems with your iPhone, you won’t feel frustrated or scared when you see the dreaded Apple logo reappearing every time.