Let’s face it – Everyone has had their share of troubles with headphones. And not being able to take phone calls while driving may be a significant issue for iPhone users who are always on the move.

However, regardless of the phone type or model, the “no sound issue in headphones” is pretty standard.

Particularly on iPhone, iPad, and other Apple devices, the no sound issues with headphones can cause a lot of frustration and prevent you from enjoying your favorite tracks, facetime audio calls, etc., on your iPhone.

While blaming the iPhone’s headphone jack as an intuitive action, there are many other reasons for having no sound issues with your iPhone headphones.

The Common Misconception about Headphone Problems in iPhone

Commonly, iPhone users would announce their headphones as the culprit for showing no sound. But other than damaged or defective hardware, there can be problems with a software update in your iPhone, possible glitches in the software that manages the headphone mode, Bluetooth connectivity, etc.

So, it’s not always fair to blame the headphones you bought from the Apple store, especially when you’re paying a hefty price.

Now, when it comes to troubleshooting headphone problems on iPhone, there are a lot of things that you can try.

Why Do You Experience No Sound Issues in Your iPhone Headphones?

Depending on the hardware, there can be different reasons for no sound in your iPhone headphone mode. For instance, if there are issues with your headphone drivers, they might corrupt essential files and lead to no sound problems.

Likewise, the headphone mode sometimes causes problems in the iPhone. On the other hand, it’s common to have broken wires, jammed iPhone headphone jack, dirt, moisture, or debris. These may cause no or low sound in your headphones.

If you are using Bluetooth headphones, some compatibility issues might prevent excellent sound from your headphones.

How to Fix iPhone Sound Issues with Headphones

Since the sound problems in iPhone can be due to hardware or software problems, we will look at the best options to fix each of these issues. Most of these solutions are consistent with all iPhone models. So, it doesn’t matter which iPhone model you might have. So, let’s get started.

Start with a Soft Reset

Restarting your iPhone can resolve many software-related issues in your device. At times, it’s enough to remove minor glitches in the software that can happen for any reason.

It refreshes the iPhone memory and gets rid of some temporary files too. So, restart your iPhone by the following method.

Press one of the Volumes and the Side buttons and hold them until you see the Power Off slider. Then, turn the slider to the Off position.

Restart and Observe the Apple Logo

Now, wait for a minute and press the side button again. Hold the button until you see the Apple logo on your iPhone screen. This technique works for iPhone 8 and earlier models.

For later models, you only need to press the side button, and the device will restart itself.

Check the sound in your headphone again to see if the problem is resolved.

Consider Updating your iOS Version

The iPhone speaker or headphones sometimes won’t work because of glitchy software files. Moreover, an outdated iOS could be the reason too.

Typically, you get frequent iOS updates from the Apple Store, so installing them is best as soon as you receive them. It will most likely kill off any software bugs and potentially remove all software-related issues that might be causing the sound problem.

While updating the iOS, make sure you have enough battery and internet connection to sustain the entire update process.

Go to your iPhone settings, and in the General section, tap Software Updates. If there is a new update, this section will prompt you to install it.

So follow the on-screen instructions to install the new iOS update. Reboot the device after the update to recheck the sound.

Fixing the iPhone Stuck in Headphones Mode

Sometimes, the iPhone stays in headphone mode even after removing the headphones from your device. It’s a software glitch and often occurs with headphones that aren’t initially from an Apple store.

To resolve this problem, you will need an earbud. It’s a hardware-related problem. Take the tip of the earbud and insert it inside the headphone jack.

Now, remove the earbud and insert it again. It should help restore your iPhone stuck in headphone mode. Repeat the process a few times until you see the headphone logo has disappeared from the top of your iPhone screen.

Clean the Headphone Jack

A dirty jack is often the culprit when you can’t hear any sound in your iPhone headphones. Sometimes a dirty jack can disable the phone sound and cause disturbance in the other audio functions.

But it’s quite an easy problem to deal with. instead of running to the nearest Apple store, you can handle it independently.

Keep a vacuum cleaner hose and clear out the dirt particles. It works well when you have somewhat larger dust and dirt particles in your iPhone jack. However, it may not work as effectively for dust particles. In that case, use a microfiber lint-free cloth for cleaning.

Try Other Headphones

Perhaps one of the easier things to do is to try other headphones. Then, if there is a problem with your headphones or Bluetooth device, this trick can figure out the problem in no time.

If you try different headphones, either wired or Bluetooth, and they work, it means that:

  • There is no problem with your headphone jack
  • Your device software is working fine
  • It would help if you replaced your headphones.

Alternatively, you can go to repair your headphones too. However, go for an option that is more financially feasible for you.

Remove Moisture from Inside the Headphone Jack

If you’re a sloppy eater, there is every chance of an occasional spill that destroys your phone. In some cases, extreme moisture can make your audio jack useless.

However, removing moisture from inside the jack is worth a shot. So, take a hair dryer and blow hot air inside the jack. Then, check if it resolves the issues.

If that doesn’t solve the problem and you know it’s a moisture-related issue, it’s best to take your iPhone to the nearest Apple store.

Break-in Sound Tracks

Often, users can experience breakage in soundtracks while using their headphones. It typically happens when you are using third-party headphones. It’s a hardware-related problem when the headphones don’t properly grip the iPhone jack. Hence it causes breakages in soundtracks.

To eliminate the problem, it’s best to use original or iPhone-compatible headphones.

Erroneous Interruption from Siri

Loose headphones tend to invoke Siri at random times. It’s also due to third-party headphones that don’t fit the iPhone perfectly.

In this case, removing the headphones is best, especially if you don’t want unneeded interruptions from Siri. Moreover, consider getting iPhone-compatible headphones for your iPhone.

Jammed Headphones

This happens when you use other than the original headphones. A jammed headphone doesn’t produce any sound.

To get rid of jammed headphone problems, take your original headphones and quickly attach and detach them a few times. This way, your device can identify the actual headphones and potentially take your iPhone out of the jammed state.

Consult the Apple Store for Broken Headphones

When there are hardware problems with the headphones, there is a limit to what you can do to repair them at home. But remember, most tech devices these days are manufactured by robots, so it’s not easy to fix them by hand.

If your original iPhone headphones are damaged, contact the Apple store nearby. They might repair your headphones or advise you to buy new ones.

Remember, repaired headphones are always at a greater risk of breaking down again. So, buying new headphones is a better and safer option.

Clear Headphone Jack Lint to Resolve Volume Issues

Sometimes, the headphone volume is inconsistent. It means that you are unable to hear from one of the speakers. It happens due to the accumulation of lint in your headphone speakers or the iPhone’s jack.

When such problems occur, you will likely hear clicking sounds when you connect the headphones to the iPhone.

In both cases, there is an easy fix for this problem. Take a u-clip and insert it inside the jack. Clear out any lint and connect again. Moreover, check if the headphone volume buttons have also accumulated any lint.

Check the Output to Bluetooth Devices from iPhone

Typically, when you connect the iPhone to Bluetooth headphones or speakers, the audio reaches the device but won’t produce sound. In such conditions, it’s best to confirm the Bluetooth settings.

Go to the Control Center on your iPhone and tap Bluetooth. Next, turn off the Bluetooth to disconnect from the other Bluetooth devices. Once the Bluetooth is turned off, the sound should play through your iPhone speakers.

Confirm if You’re Getting AirPlay Output

Sound problems can occur if you send audio signals to another output device via Airplay. In iPhones, there is the automatic recognition of Apple audio devices.

Often there can be compatibility issues that are easy to resolve. Here is how:

Go to the Apple Control Center and tap on AirPlay. Next, you will see all the output devices connected to your iPhone via AirPlay.

Now tap the Headphones option and then return to the Home Screen. With this setting, you are directing the sound to the connected headphone. First, check if it resolves the problem.

Factory Reset Your iPhone

When every other hack has failed, you can opt for a factory reset as a last resort. But remember to back up your iPhone data before you reset all settings. To apply factory settings to your iPhone, follow these steps:

Go to Settings on your iPhone and tap General. Next, navigate to the bottom of your screen and tap on Reset.

Tap the ‘Erase All Content and Settings’ option to reset your phone. If the device asks you for the password, enter your password to proceed.

You will see a warning indicating that your data will be deleted. Tap on Erase and continue.

Your iPhone will go into reset mode, where it will erase all the data in the phone. Generally, it takes a few minutes for the iPhone to restore.

When the factory reset is complete, it should fix iPhone sound issues in your headphones. However, if the problem persists, it’s probably time to change your headphones.

It’s also important to remember that factory reset is an optional step that you must only consider if all other methods fail.

But resetting all settings in your iPhone takes a bit of time, and data backup and restoring can be somewhat tedious. So it’s best to consider buying new headphones for your iPhone.


Whether it’s a problem with the headphone mode, Bluetooth headphones, or a hardware issue, there are some straightforward fixes to restore iPhone sound in the headphones.

Now that you know most of them, getting rid of these problems and enjoying excellent sound on your iPhone headphones should be pretty convenient.