The incredible graphics and fast processor of the MacBook Pro are a plus; however, users often complain about its camera not working.

If you have an upcoming job interview or want to video chat with a friend, such a problem could interfere with your plans. Thus, you may feel exasperated. But before you surrender, know that there is a fix to your MacBook camera.

Your Mac’s built-in camera is located right at the top of your MacBook. It is also known as a FaceTime camera, and it can click photos, make video calls and record them simultaneously. Once you switch on the camera, the green light adjacent to it will also light up. But if it’s not working, the light won’t blink green.

Fortunately, there are ways to fix this issue. Read on and find out!

What’s Wrong With My Pro Camera?

Well, before you go on and read the solutions, you need to figure out the reason behind your MacBook Pro’s faulty camera. Is it damaged? Is there a hardware conflict or a software issue? Such questions can leave you confused and agitated.

Know the source of trouble

Defective Camera

Did you drop your MacBook recently? Or did you hit it somewhere accidentally?

It’s first essential to make sure that the camera is not damaged or broken. This can be one of the biggest reasons why your camera isn’t working. If you find out that it’s damaged physically, replace it instantly or get it repaired as soon as possible.

Look For Apps that Use the Camera

If you use an Apple iSight camera, a software problem may be the root cause of the issue. You may wonder how? Well, it’s because the iSight camera is meant to work with one application at a time. Now, if several applications are open in the background, you might have trouble accessing your skype camera.

Detection Issues

While it is a rare case scenario, your MacBook might not be able to detect the in-built camera. However, it might discover the MacBook Pro iSight camera. Hence, you need to figure out what has got you in a tight spot.

How to Fix the MacBook Webcam

The Apple software is relatively stable, but gadgets still come with a lot of uncertainty. You never know when a problem will pop up out of nowhere. Therefore, if your MacBook Pro camera is causing trouble, here are a few proposed solutions to help you out.

You can test these solutions in a sequence to find a way out (You can stop where it works!)

Restart Your Mac

Here’s a quick fix. Turn off your MacBook.

Anyone familiar with tech knows that restarting your gadget often resolves most issues. You can restart your MacBook by clicking the Apple menu in the upper left corner of the screen. When you turn it on again, see if the camera works.

This would work with slight issues, as a more severe problem would require other possible solutions.

Check Facebook, Zoom, and Skype Settings

All video calling apps have their preferences. You are well aware that when you use such apps, your camera turns on automatically. However, if your MacBook camera is not working, try checking the settings.

Make sure you have not been denied access to the apps that use the camera. For this purpose, you need to

  • Click on the Apple logo.
  • From the drop-down menu, select System Preferences
  • Click Security and then choose Privacy from the list
  • Lastly, click on Camera

Here, you will know which app is denied camera access. Check the app, and you are good to go!

Reset System Management Controller

Another possible solution is to reset the SMC. The SMC is responsible for maintaining the hardware functions of your MacBook Pro. Therefore, resetting it might help. Here’s how you reset the SMC

  • Connect your MacBook Pro to a charger
  • Please turn it off
  • Click on the Shift + Control + Options key at the same time
  • Press the power button to turn on your device
  • As your MacBook starts, keep the Shift + Control + Option keys pressed
  • Hold them down for around 40 seconds until your device turns on completely

Now, check if you can access the built-in camera.

Quit Applications

Several background apps might be the reason for your camera not working. You are aware that the apps that use the web camera activate it automatically. Besides, only a single app can use the camera at one time.

Therefore, it is possible that while you are trying to turn on the camera of the skype application, the camera of FaceTime is on in the background. This might mark your reason for not being able to access your MacBook Pro camera. Hence, it would be best if you force quit all the background applications.

  • Go to Launchpad in the taskbar.
  • Choose Other
  • Click on Terminal
  • Now, type sudo killall vdcassistant and press Enter
  • This will kill all the applications

You might need to type your password here, too (the one you use to log in to your MacBook Pro). After this, you need to wait for 15-20 seconds as your system closes all the background apps.

Test Your Mac

Another way to fix your MacBook camera is to run the Apple hardware test. You can do it with Apple Diagnostics. It will detect hardware-related issues within your MacBook Pro. Follow these steps

  • Turn off your MacBook
  • Unplug all the external devices
  • Turn on your Mac and hold down the power button as it turns on
  • Once the startup options window appears, release the key
  • You will see an icon labeled Options.
  • Press the D key on your keyboard
  • Please choose from the language options (as they appear)

Once the diagnostics are complete, your device will show different codes. These codes will indicate the underlying issue for your camera not working.

Check Screen Time

To stop your young ones from screen addiction, Apple has introduced Screen Time on Mac. Parents can block it as per their choice. As a result, many users cannot access the programs. This might be one reason for your Pro camera not working.

Here’s how to fix it

  • Click on the Apple logo
  • Select System Preferences from the menu bar
  • Click on Screen Time
  • Select Content and Privacy
  • Click Allow and enable the camera

Once done, go to the apps to see if your MacBook Pro camera is working.

Boost Mac Performance

When you use your MacBook Camera regularly, you may encounter several problems with it. The access amount of trash files can deteriorate the performance of your device. Hence, it is essential to optimize its performance.

For this purpose, you need an app that keeps your Mac speedy and up to date. You can install MacBooster and scan your Mac. This app will

  • Get rid of junk files
  • Eradicate Malware and Viruses from your Mac
  • Optimize the hard disk

If your MacBook was slowed down previously, using this application might resolve the issue of your MacBook camera not working. Besides, your device will run efficiently.

Check Software Updates

While you might overlook this one, delaying an update could be another culprit for your Mac OS X to encounter issues. Therefore, if your MacBook camera is not working, you might not have updated its operating system.

To check for an update, you can

  • Go to System Preferences
  • Click on Software Updates

You will see if an update is available. If so, update your software instantly.

If you want to see individual app updates, you can visit the App Store to look for them. Obtaining an updated version of apps such as Skype and FaceTime might fix your camera issue.

Camera Connection

If you are using an external camera for your Mac, you may need to check the camera connection. This will ensure if the camera is connected correctly or not. Here’s what you can do

  • See if there is any dust bunny in your cable (dust it off)
  • Make sure that the wire is not loose
  • Try inserting the cable in a different port

Last but not least, if you are using an external camera other than Apple, make sure you have installed the required programs.

Visit an Apple Technician

While the solutions proposed above are likely to help, if the problem persists, you need to go to the apple store and find a professional Apple technician who can observe the source of the problem.

The good thing is that Apple offers free technical support to its users (unless the device isn’t completely damaged or the issue isn’t enlisted in Apple’s warranty)

Wrap Up

When you use your Mac camera regularly, it’s pretty obvious you can run into several problems related to it. However, it’s not that there isn’t a fix to this issue.

Know that most camera issues signify a software problem. Hence, optimizing your Mac performance can do the job. In case this doesn’t work, your system’s hardware is to blame.

While you can always visit an Apple Store in your locality to learn about the root cause, you can also get Apple support via phone call.