Daily, we hear a lot of various noises. Some might be sweet, some hostile to the ears. However, a weird noise coming out of your Macbook pro fan is utterly dreadful.

Typically, the fan noise of Mac is a typical gesture. However, you may hear it more often when using a relatively heavier app such as photoshop. Like we humans sweat, a laptop runs a fan to keep itself cool.

But, if the fan gives a whirring sound like it’s going to take off, it’s an indication of a problem. Also, the constant fast running of the mac book fan could lead to its overheating.

But how to know if the speed of the fan is average or something worrisome?

Let’s dive right into why your mac book pro fan may keep running constantly and how to fix it.

Why Is Your Mac Fan Always Running?

A Mac fan is what keeps your computer cool and ensures it does not get overheated. So, there’s no issue if your Macbook pro fan is always running.

However, the fundamental factor is the fan noise. So you must maintain a check on its noise. If it’s running too loud, then you need to look towards some possible solutions.

The most common reason for the booming noises of the fan is when you start an intensive task or a program on the computer. Resultantly your mac overheats and starts lagging.

Here are the possible reasons why your MacBook pro fan becomes noisy all of a sudden.

Background Tasks

Do your Mac fans run at abnormal speed even when you do not use heavy apps?

Sometimes, there might be invisible background tasks running that consume your CPU. This usually happens after a system update or when you change mac settings.

You can see which applications or tasks are running behind the scenes in the “Activity Monitor” on your laptop.

Poor Ventilation

It is the simplest and most basic cause for a noisy fan. Technically, your Mac releases energy that heats it. Although fans are there to cool the device, a poor airflow around the laptop makes it hard for them to do their job effectively.

Mostly, you may face the problem when the Macbook pro is placed at a desk or in the lap. As these places block the air ventilation, your Mac will heat up twice as early as usual, and fans will be twice as noisy as normal.

Using Large Apps

Although Mac is a premium quality product, it still can face problems running a heavy app. But, by and large, it can easily handle simple web surfing and document-creating tasks.

However, running heavy applications or programs such as intense graphics games or video editing apps heats your Mac. Therefore, it will throw out more heat. Resultantly, the fans will have to work faster and louder to keep the system cool and in control.

How to Fix MacBook Pro Loud Fan Noise?

A noisy fan isn’t an end-level threat to the well-being of your mac. However, you should keep a check on it and immediately try to fix it if anything goes wrong.

Lets’ look at some possible ways to prevent this problem.

#1 Ensure Porper Air Circulation

Do you often use the laptop on your lap or bed? Well, to start with, stop doing it from today because what’s good for you may be hostile to your laptop.

There are vents on the back edge and sides of the MacBook. Their function is to trap fresh air and pass the hot and compressed air to the outside.

These vents will be blocked by placing the mac on your lap, bed, cushion, or desk. Therefore, the computer will heat up quickly. Moreover, the bed linen or cushion fabric absorbs heat that is another trigger to mac’s heating.

So, what’s the best place to put the mac on?

Your objective is to give proper ventilating space to the laptop. So, using a four-legged desk is an excellent choice.

Ideally, get a bespoke stand for the apple macbook pro. The stand would lift the device, giving it a good ventilation opportunity.

#2 Monitor CPU Usage/ Activity Monitor

When there’s an immense load on the CPU, the fans tend to work full speed as a preventive action. But, to your surprise, sometimes intensive programs and tasks stay running in the background without you knowing.

To see which apps are running and consuming the most CPU, follow the steps below:

  • Run the “Application/ Activity Monitor” from the utility folder in “Applications.”
  • Go to the CPU tab
  • There you can see all the running apps and tasks in the descending order
  • Make sure no unnecessary tasks or program is in use
  • If you find one, click on it and select the “X” button on the top left side of the screen
  • Now, the process is closed

Furthermore, open the memory tab and repeat the same process as above.

#3 Make Sure Room Temperature is Normal

When the temperature gets too hot in summers, your Apple Macbook Pro tends to heat up too. Improper temperature around the mac can have detrimental effects on it.

Ideally, the room you are working on the mac should be 10 – 35 degree/C hot. If it’s anything above 35 degrees, it’s better to relocate to another place or turn the mac off altogether.

The problem may even worsen while using an intensive application or a program. The fans will fail to cool down the device at a hot temperature.

However, to avoid this, you can always open a window, lower the thermostat, or even use a regular fan for proper ventilation.

#4 Clean the Vents

Sometimes dust particles or debris might get stuck in the vents. Since they are blocked, the hot air isn’t entirely dissipated from the macbook. Thus, the mac heats up. So, cleaning them every once in a while, if not regularly, can prevent you from the loud fan noises.

Typically, vents are present on the sides and back edges of the Mac. Using a tiny brush is best to eliminate any trapped dust or grime. Moreover, you may also use compressed air to puff away the dirt.

Make sure the compressed air does not spill any water drops as it could harm the Macbook parts. Also, with the right tools, you can open and clean fans and other internal components.

#5 Try Resetting the SMC

SMC’s system management controller is the chip that regulates your Apple Mac’s hardware, namely cooling fans, processer, and motherboard.

Another harmless and straightforward fix for the noisy running of the fans is resetting the SMC.

  • Remove the power cord and turn the Macbook pro off
  • Once it is shut down, hold the Control-Shift-Option buttons on your keyboard
  • Now while holding these buttons, press the power button and keep them pressed for at least 10 seconds
  • After few seconds, release the keys
  • Now, turn the Macbook on again by pressing the power button

Usually, resetting the SMC is the final option to resolve a loud working fan issue. After this, all you are left with is to take the Mac to an Apple store.


To conclude, “Macbook pro fan always on” isn’t itself an issue. The fans prevent the mac from overheating. However, if their noise seems too loud, then you possibly have a problem.

There can be various reasons for the constant and too loud running of the fans. For example, it could be due to improper ventilation or high-intensity apps/ tasks in the background.

Nonetheless, you can try out some solutions to prevent or eliminate the issue. For example, try and reset the SMC, open the activity monitor, and see any unnecessary apps in the backdrop. You may even need to open the hardware and clean the fans/ vents manually.

Still, if nothing works, you can take the mac to the Apple store for professional help.