One of the fundamental uses of our mobile phones today is using the alarm clock every day. However, healthcare professionals suggest that you keep your phone at a reasonable distance away from you.

Fortunately, the iPhone alarm clock docks allow you to use your phone as an alarm clock while also keeping it away from you. Also, if you’re among the people who can’t wake up from their alarm because it isn’t loud enough, a dock alarm clock is just what you need because it features a reliable and audible alarm.

What Is an iPhone Dock Alarm Clock?

An iPhone dock alarm clock is a device that lets you place your iPhone on it. Then, you sync your phone’s time and project it on the iPhone alarm clock display. 

The alarm clock dock works as a regular alarm clock. It also has other features such as Bluetooth connectivity and charging ports. If you are a heavy sleeper, an iPhone alarm clock dock can help you wake up on time as it has better sound quality and louder alarms. 

How Does an iPhone Alarm Clock Dock Work?

To make your iPhone alarm clock dock work, you have to place your iPhone on the dock station.

The dock will sync your phone’s time and other data. The dock station charges it when your iPhone is docked into the device. Thus, an alarm dock is also called an iPhone charging dock station.

This way, you do not have to put your iPhone on charging. In addition, the best iPhone dock alarm clock comes with an FM radio that lets you listen to music before you sleep. 

Best iPhone Alarm Clock Docks

Some of the best iPhone alarm clock docks have extra FM radio, Bluetooth, and charging ports. You can pick an iPhone alarm clock dock according to the features you require. 

However, we have reviewed the finest iPhone alarm clock docks with all their features to help you pick the product you like best. 

iHome iPL24 Alarm Clock FM Radio

The iHome iPL24 is a highly reliable iPhone alarm clock dock with extra features. This dock alarm clock allows you to choose alarm tunes according to your liking. It also has an alarm clock radio to decide to wake up to the FM radio. 

The iHome iPL24 lets you set two alarms. Additionally, it comes with a backup battery that memorizes your alarm setting. As a result, it can still ring the alarm in case of a power failure. 

The iHome iPL24 alarm clock has a sleep mode and a wake-up mode. Moreover, you can listen to the alarm clock FM radio before sleeping. The device automatically turns off the alarm clock radio when you fall asleep.

Besides this, the futuristic lightning iPhone charging dock features a lightning connector, USB port, and an aux jack. You can use these ports to connect external devices.

iHome iPL24 alarm clock also has an antenna that catches clear signals for the alarm clock FM radio. The display screen shows volume and frequency.

Overall, it has incredible sound quality. Thus, it is the best iPhone alarm clock dock for heavy sleepers.


  • Features an ascending alarm volume 
  • The display is at the top of the dock, which makes it easy to read
  • Lightning connector and USB ports
  • Reliable dock
  • It lets you select specific radio stations


  • The downloadable app crashes frequently
  • You cannot adjust the alarm volume

iLuv Morning Call 5

The iLuv Morning Call 5 is one of the most compact iPhone alarm clock docks that feature various alarm options. It is versatile as it lets you set two alarms that set off at a different times. Moreover, this device enables you to select a preferred alarm clock FM radio station.

This bedside dock features buttons that let you turn off the alarm. It also has a snooze button located at the center of the dock. 

If you’re a heavy sleeper, this dock alarm clock’s loud sound will help you wake up on time as it has a dual alarm feature. This dock alarm also has about ten preset FM radio stations. 

If you like to listen to music before sleeping, this alarm clock dock is just what you need because it also has an alarm clock FM radio.

In addition, you can set the timer for songs on this digital alarm clock. The automatic off-timer will pause the music according to when you put it. So, for example, you can set the timer on the digital alarm clock from about ten minutes to ninety minutes.

The iLuv Morning Call 5 comes with a 1.2 inches LED display. In addition, it features three brightness levels, so if you want to avoid straining your eyes, adjust the brightness settings according to your preference. 

This wireless charging alarm clock comes with a USB port as well. It is QI-certified and compatible with almost all devices. 


  • Separate button for a snooze 
  • It comes with a buzzer
  • Various options for FM radio
  • Reliable sound
  • 1.2 inches LED display 
  • Three brightness options 
  • Charges your device through USB and wirelessly 
  • Great compatibility


  • It does not feature Bluetooth connectivity 

iHome iBTW23 Wireless Charging Bluetooth Alarm Clock

iHome designed the iBTW23 wireless charging Bluetooth alarm clock. This comes with the modern feature of wireless charging, which is flawless because you can position your iPhone however you want.

Moreover, this iPhone charging dock station offers fast charging as you’ll notice that your device charges quickly. Besides this, it also has USB ports for charging devices that do not connect to Bluetooth.

The iHome iBTW23 has a great ringer. It has four tunes for the alarm so choose the one you like best. 

If you end up snoozing the alarms, you can set two alarms for different times as it is a dual alarm clock. However, one of the most impressive features of this one of the best iPhone alarm clock docks is its voice control for answering calls, playing songs, changing music, etc. 

Using this alarm clock dock with iOS 10 and later, you can hear the ID for audio calls.

The lightning dock also has voice echo cancellation. Overall, it is one of the sleekest iPhone alarm clock docks.

Here are some of the pros and cons of this digital alarm clock.


  • Bluetooth enabled device connectivity
  • Good wireless charging alarm clock radio
  • Voice control
  • Lets you set two different alarms
  • Supports Qi wireless charging
  • The snooze button is programmable
  • Various integrated alarm tones 


  • Poor sound  

InstaBox W33 Wireless Charging Dual Alarm Clock

The InstaBox W33 alarm clock dock is a suitable lightning dock for bedside tables. It is a compact dock that clears space and reduces clutter. 

It has versatile modern features such as fast wireless charging, Bluetooth connectivity, excellent device compatibility, etc. 

The InstaBox W33 wireless charging alarm clock can be your perfect music buddy that works as an iPhone charging dock station as it wirelessly charges your devices. It also features a USB port for USB charging.

This wireless charging dock is equipped with Bluetooth 4.2 for the efficient pairing of devices. Moreover, InstaBox W33 has stereo speakers of six watts.

It also comes with a 3.5 mm jack for AUX. You can connect your non-Bluetooth devices to this port to stream music before you sleep. 

For a device this compact, InstaBox has a rich sound. It is a dual alarm clock.

When the alarm goes off, the volume of the ringer gradually increases. The snooze option comes with interval settings of up to nine minutes. 

This alarm clock dock has a three-inch LCD large enough for a compact device. You can also turn off its display if you wish to avoid all sources of light. 

It also features a high-quality antenna for the FM radio. This antenna catches crisp signals for the radio. Moreover, you can save your favorite stations as there are up to twenty presets. 

Besides this, this dock has a timer for playing music. So you can fall asleep, and it will automatically turn off.


  • Features USB charging and wireless charging
  • Bluetooth enabled device
  • Aux in jack for other devices
  • Dual alarm options
  • Large LCD
  • Compact size


  • Weak power for USB charging
  • If you power off the clock, it resets all the alarms. 
  • Disconnects Bluetooth without warning

DPNAO YW-012A Bluetooth Alarm Clock

DPNAO designed one of the best Bluetooth dual alarm clock docks available on the market. This company paired top-notch Bluetooth connectivity with excellent loudspeakers to create this sleek device.

The YW-012A alarm clock dock is the perfect accessory for your bedside table because it is stylish and highly functional. 

It comes with a remote for even better control. In addition, this alarm clock dock has remarkable wireless charging as you can charge your phone horizontally and vertically. 

This way, you don’t have to worry about your device’s position, as flawless charging makes sure that your phone gets charged without a phone charger.

Also, wireless charging is compatible with almost all devices. If you haven’t upgraded and own a previous model such as the iPhone 5, you can use the USB port to charge your device. 

DPNAO also features a large display along with a temperature indicator. Overall, it has a good Bluetooth speaker, connectivity, and charging options. 


  • Features dual alarm system
  • 5-watt loudspeakers
  • Gentle buzzer 
  • Excellent wireless charging 
  • Large screen 
  • USB ports


  • Touch buttons are a little confusing.

i-box Bedside Alarm Clock

Functionality meets a regular alarm clock to form one of the best bedside hubs ever. The iBox bedside alarm clock is versatile and highly functional with white noise machines, nightlights, wireless Qi, clear sound, and a dual alarm system.

This dock is suitable for any device as it is highly compatible with most phones. In addition, this dock has a white noise machine feature that drowns out the noise to allow you to set a peaceful environment around you. 

It comes with six colorful atmospheric nightlights with six ambient RGB settings. You can set the lighting modes on a cycle or keep it fixed at your favorite color. You can also choose the brightness intensity; thus, it is perfect for light sleepers. 

This docking station has a dual alarm option so that you can set the alarm at different times.

It also features an FM radio that lets you listen to music or news. The dock can also save ten preset radio stations. It also has an automatic timer to turn off the music or radio according to your preferred schedule.

This iPhone alarm dock features three watts RMS Bluetooth stereo speakers and delivers rich sound. It also has an aux-in jack and USB port for non-Bluetooth devices. 


  • White noise machine that creates a zen vibe
  • Six nightlights 
  • Bluetooth dual alarm 
  • Autosave feature for FM radio 
  • Alarm clock Bluetooth connectivity
  • Great device compatibility 


  • The clock gets disabled when you use the radio.

What Are Some Things You Should Consider When You Buy an iPhone Dock Alarm Clock?

There are various iPhone dock alarm clocks available everywhere. So how do you decide which alarm clock you should pick for your bedside table?

You can read our detailed product preview along with the features that you should look for before buying a dock clock.

Multiple Alarms 

Since a dock alarm clock’s primary function is to wake you up, you should ensure that it has multiple alarms or dual alarms. Some of the docks feature alarms that you can set to go off numerous times a day. 

This way, you don’t have to reset an alarm every time it goes off. Moreover, if you’re a heavy sleeper, features like a dual alarm can help you wake up on time. 

Automatic off Timer

You should look for a dock with an automatic off-timer because it saves your battery if you forget to turn off the alarm. For example, if you listen to music before you go to sleep, this feature works well with the auto-off timer as your music will stop accordingly.

Alarm Sounds

Some iPhone alarm clock docks do not come with different alarm sounds. So if you’re not fond of waking up to loud buzzes, you should look for an alarm dock that lets you choose different sounds for the speaker system.


The iPhone dock alarm clocks are available in various designs. From modern layouts to regular bedside alarm docks, there is a wide variety to choose from.

However, the only thing you should consider before buying an alarm dock is the size because it shouldn’t add clutter to your side table. 


Some of the alarm clock docks have more features than others. It will help if you look for a dock with a good Bluetooth speaker, excellent Bluetooth connectivity, and device compatibility. Besides this, you can choose a dock with remote control for added convenience.

It would help if you also looked for safety features such as slip resistance. For example, keeping your phone on vibration mode can cause your charging station dock to slip over. So make sure that the bottom of the charging station dock is slip-resistant. 

Final Words 

With the advent of technology, futuristic devices have made regular tasks simpler and more convenient. One such example is an iPhone alarm clock dock that makes it easy for you to wake up on time without setting ten alarms on your mobile phone. Moreover, the wireless charging dock also charges your device without a phone charger.

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