If we ask you to pick an iPhone or Android phone to play RPG Game, which one would you pick? Don’t know about other users but we would surely pick an iPhone. For two main reasons: it offers smooth controls and faster processing speed. But, have you ever tried to play iPhone games on Mac? If not, we suggest you give it another thought; a bigger screen will excite you even more

How Can I Run iOS Apps on Mac?

Getting an iOS experience on MacBook seemed impossible until the launch of emulators and simulators. Yes, you heard that right! It’s now possible to play iPhone games on your Mac with the help of simulators and emulators (Android games on MacBook).

But besides simulators, there is another way through which you can directly play iPhone or iPad games on your Mac. QuickTime Player has now made it possible and without the need for any third-party apps. Let’s find out how to do this.

Here’s How to Play iPhone and iPad Games on Mac Using QuickTime Player!

If you don’t have QuickTime Player installed on your MacBook, download it here. Once downloaded, follow the instructions below to get iPhone and iPad games on your Mac systems. 

#1. First things first! Connect your iPhone or iPad to your Mac by using a lightning cable. 

#2. With your iPhone or iPad connected, next, launch the QuickTime Player on Mac. 

#3. From the Menu bar on top, click on File option and select New Movie Recording

#4. As per the default settings, it selects the FaceTime HD Camera. Change that by selecting an iPhone or iPad, whichever device is connected to Mac.

The QuickTime player will now stream your iPhone or iPad screen on your Mac with your iPhone or iPad acting as the primary controller for the apps you use on Mac. This eliminates the need for a keyboard with your iPhone or iPad acting as a controller.

Pro Tip: Ensure that your iPhone or iPad is in landscape mode Enabling you to utilize full screen for an even better experience while playing games on Mac. That’s probably the best way to play iPhone games on Mac. 

This is one of the methods through Which lets you simulate iPhone games on Mac without the use of any third-party apps. Let’s now explore a couple of other ways such as using a simulator and an emulator for playing iPhone games on Mac.

Use iPadian Simulator for Mac to Play iPhone Games

IPadian is one such simulator that has been famous for a long time, especially among Windows users who love to play iOS games on PC or laptop. But, Mac users need not worry, as iPadian is available for Mac as well. You can get an iPadian for Mac using this link

Using this, the players enjoy the same level of experience for iPhone games on Mac as what is offered on your MacBook. The games look very similar to what you play on your iOS device. iPadian is easy to install and you can only download apps from the iPadian app store itself.

The drawback of iPadian Simulator

The only drawback of using this simulator is, you won’t get all the available App store games and apps on your Mac as iPadian offers its games. But if you find your favorite games in iPadian’s app store, we strongly recommend you to play iPhone games on Mac using iPadian itself. The reason – it’s designed in such a way, it would never let you feel that you’re using a simulator. 

But what about the other apps and games that aren’t available on iPad? Well, either use the Quicktime Player method explained above or simply download an Android emulator using the instructions given below.

Download an Android Emulator to Use iOS Apps on MacBook

If you’re still wondering about how I can play mobile games on a Mac, download an Android emulator like Bluestacks right away! You can download Bluestacks using this link

Once you install the Android emulator, you will be asked to sign-in using your Google account to access the apps and games available in Play Store. Wondering whether The iOS games would be available on the Play Store? Of course, these days most of the apps and games are available for both Android and iOS platforms. So that’s not something you should worry about. 

After signing in to your Google account, search for the game that you want to play on Mac. Download the game and start playing!

If you aren’t comfortable with Bluestacks and looking for an alternative, you could give Nox Player a try; it works pretty well on MacBook. 

Summing Up…

There is a plethora of emulators and simulator software that claim to work when it comes to playing iOS games on MacBook. Besides the ones mentioned above, we suggest not trusting other, unverified sources. [We hope that your query regarding how to play iPhone games on Mac is now solved. Let us know if you face any issues while following the above guide, we would be happy to help you! Till then, keep playing your favorite iOS games on Mac!