Before you can launch your business or organization, you need to have an attractive and distinct logo right by your side. Not only does it give your start-up an identity, but it also helps to make an impression on the audience.

If you think that logos do not make much difference, just look at successful brands like McDonald’s or Apple. Whenever you see a big yellow M on a red background or a bitten apple, you automatically connect it to these brands.

To help you kick-start your business, we are going to help you design your logo on Mac in the following article.

Steps on Designing a Logo Yourself

Instead of hiring a freelancer or paying a massive amount to professional logo-designing companies, you can easily make one at home on your Mac. Read our step-by-step instructions to learn about how to design logos.

Step 1: Brainstorming

The first step always involves brainstorming different ideas for your logo. Think about the nature of your company, is it a software-designing start-up, or are you selling cool notebooks?

Whatever the niche, draw a rough image of the design you want. For instance, you could opt for a computer or a notebook, respectively. It might seem quite simple, but remember, logos make a lasting impression on your clients.

Next, add the name of your company to your desired placing. Make sure that the final design is catchy, bold, and attractive to stand out in this competitive market.

Step 2: Choose an App

After you have a rough idea of what you want on your logo, switch on your Mac, and choose the app you want to work with. Apart from downloading Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator, you can even use Paintbrush, an image editing software on Mac.

Even though it does not have as many features as Photoshop, it is quite simple to use and helps you design appealing logos in no time.

Step 3: Select the Appropriate Parameters

After opening a new file, first, you need to select the appropriate parameters for your logo in the pop-up box. Keep in mind that it is easier to reduce a larger image than enlarging a smaller one without affecting the quality of the image.

Therefore, start with a larger image with a 15 x 15 inches dimension and 300dpi resolution at the very least.

Step 4: Customize

Next, you have to customize your company name. Open up the fonts styles tool, go through all the available choices, and select one that is simple yet eye-catching.

Place the name in your selected area on your rough sample. Change the font color and size accordingly.

Step 5: Main Design

For the main design, just let your creative side loose. Select different images from clipart or download it from the internet. Besides this, you can always create your own by using the various drawing tools available on the software.

Then, make sure to add a different layer for different graphics that you will add to your final logo. As a result, you can edit your images by resizing, changing colors, or relocating them within the final image file.

Having a separate layer for each graphic will allow you to alter different aspects without disrupting the rest of the components.

Step 6: Save it

After you are satisfied with your final logo, you need to save it as an editable file. Since the ending of the file lets you control where you can edit the file, you need to choose an appropriate one for your logo.

For example, jpg, jpeg, and png can easily be edited using Mac’s preview software. On the other hand, image.psd files require photo-editing apps, like Photoshop and gimp, to make changes.

Apart from this, save your logo as a compressed RAR file to help transfer the data with ease.

Logo-Designing Apps for Mac

Apart from using simple desktop editing software, like the Paintbrush, you can always download the best graphic designing software from the Mac App Store. With unlimited features and tools, you can even become a pro at logo-designing with practice.

We have listed some of the top-rated ones in the following section to get you started.

Logo Design Studio

Rated as one of the best-selling logo-designing software, it comes in two versions, Logo Design Studio Lite and Logo Design Studio Pro.

Even though the former is quite cheap, it comes with 110 pre-designed templated and more than 400 graphics. The Pro version, on the other hand, offers 1000 templates and 2800 logo objects.


This vector drawing software was created to help you design floor plans, logos, graphics, templates, and technical drawings. Since they offer a free trial, you can give it a test drive before purchasing the app on the app store.

Even though Artboard has simple and easy-to-use tools, it offers rapid access to iPhoto and related folders along with helping you layer your graphics.


Available in a free and pro version, Sketchbook is a powerful combination of user-friendly interfaces and a massive number of drawing art tools. It gives you the power to create the most amazing designs for your logos in no time.

With features for layer control, customized paintbrushes, and photo-editing effects, this software is perfect for even professional logo designers.


In the case where you do not want to spend money on creating logos, you can come up with the most eye-catching logos right on your Mac. You can either use the downloaded editing software on your laptop or download one from the App store.

Whatever your choice, read our article to get an idea on how to start designing a logo for your business venture.