Strategy games like Clash Royale can be exciting to play regularly. However, the game is simple as you use several different cards tactically to destroy your enemy’s towers.

In the game’s initial phase, everything seems easy and achievable.

However, your enemy will grow stronger and more rigid as you excel in the game. That’s because you’ve been making mistakes from the game’s beginning.

The key to a successful Clash Royale account can be resisting speedy runs. Therefore, building a decent deck before increasing your ranks would be best. 

But since you’ve already messed up your game, you may wish to restart your Clash Royale journey. 

If you’re wondering how to restart your game, read this post.

How to Reset Game Progress in Clash Royale?

Essentially you cannot wholly restart Clash Royale iOS because your data is linked with an account and cannot be erased. Thus, your game data will always remain synced with Google Play games.

To start your game from the beginning, you must use other ways. So, firstly, let’s explore the easy way out. 

How to Reset Unsynced Clash Royale Progress 

You’re in good luck if you haven’t synced your Clash Royale data to your Gmail account or Game Center ID. Resetting progress with unsynced accounts is more accessible. Then, you can start your game afresh in just a few minutes. 

The process is quite simple. You must clear data by following these steps:

  1. First, navigate your device’s Settings app or press the gear icon.
  2. Next, go to App settings or Application settings.
  3. Search your
  4. Choose Clash Royale game from the list.
  5. Navigate to App Storage options.
  6. Tap on the option to Clear App Data.
  7. Once done, uninstall your Clash Royale app.
  8. Reinstall the game and tap to launch.

There, you’re all done. You can start playing your new game from Level one. Hopefully, you won’t repeat your mistakes this time and raise the game’s ranks while setting a tough competition. 

How to Reset Synced Clash Royale Progress?

Resetting your game data is easier if Clash Royale is not linked to a Game Center account, Apple ID, or Google account. But, it can be risky since you can lose your progress by accident. 

Thus, most people prefer to keep their game synced to the Game Center or Google account. This helps them restore progress in Clash Royale iOS when they switch to a new device. 

If your Clash Royale account is connected to Google, you must take a longer path to restart the game. For instance, you should create a second Clash Royale account and connect it to your game. This way, you’ll have two different game accounts.

Here’s how you can do it

  1. Disconnect your current account from the Clash Royale game
  2. Link your newly created account.
  3. Then, your game will load the new account automatically when you open the app. 

Your old account will keep your previous game progress saved. At the same time, you can use the new account to build your deck efficiently.

This method can be convenient as you can always log back into your old account to access the game from where you left it. 

How to Reset Clash Royale Using Third-Party Apps?

This method is quite unpopular among Clash Royale gamers. Regardless, it can be pretty helpful.

Using third-party apps services can let you use clone apps on your device. Thus, you can use two similar apps for the same purpose. 

You must download a trustable third-party application from the Apps or Google Play Store to restart your game with this method. Then link your clone app with a secondary account that isn’t connected to the Clash Royale game.

You can also use a newly created account for this purpose. Once done, enjoy playing your game from the start while using better strategies.  

Cloning your Clash Royale app lets you play the game without switching accounts. However, the clone app can consume your device’s memory. If you’re low on storage, this method may not be ideal. 

Contact Supercell for a Restart

The last method you can try to reset your game is to contact Supercell. You can ask them to delete game data and let you play afresh. 

For this purpose, you can reach them by submitting an assistance ticket. When filling out the form, add your critical information, like username and the game experience level. Then, request a progress reset on your old account. Once done, you can wait for their prompt response. 

Final Thoughts

You can not restart Clash Royale using the same account unless your game is unsynced. However, linking a new account can surely help you. 

Additionally, if your Clash of Clans account is unlinked, you can easily reset your progress if you precise app data from the App Storage options. Then, you must uninstall and reinstall the app for a new start. 

But if you’re determined to start the game using your old account, contact Supercell. Although most people avoid taking this step, it can be pretty helpful.