People who love music are always looking for better ways to stream it. If you wish to enjoy your music in an improved quality while sharing it with your favorite people, a speaker dock might be a great solution.

For an all-in-one experience, you need to have a speaker dock that also works as a charger. 

When buying a speaker dock, there are many options to choose from. Some of them are small and portable, while some of them are the size of your nightstand. Though the more extensive docks have louder sounds, the compact ones aren’t that loud.

There are a lot of choices with varying specs and features, but you must always factor in your preferences and budget.

Here’s a list of the ten best iPhone docks that will make your music streaming more relaxed and more convenient. So go ahead and choose the one you think is the most enjoyable for you and perfect for your indoor or outdoor jamming!

10 Best iPhone Speaker Docks

Here are the top 10 speaker docks that are compatible with iPhone.

Earthquake Sound IQ52B iPod Docking Speaker System

If you’re looking for the best speaker dock to connect to your iPhone, we’ve got the perfect pick. The Earthquake Sound IQ52B iPod Docking Speaker is pretty much all you need for the ideal living room stereo system.

At 22.75 pounds and 10.7 inches, it isn’t exactly portable. However, it is the best speaker to set up in your bedroom or near your TV. The built-in 200 Watts class “A/B” amplifier delivers an impressive audio output that’ll take your breath away.

Other than that, the dock also features multiple outputs. That includes Aux AC, TRS, S-Video, and USB port-sync. You’ll also be treated to a 30-pin dock when you buy the Earthquake Sound IQ52B. Plus, remote control with a 32ft range is also included in the box.

Not only is this dock compatible with iPhone 4G, but it can also be connected to iTouch, Airport Express, and other MP3 players.


  • Three audio inputs
  • It comes with a 32-foot range remote control
  • Portable and compact speaker
  • Delivers a loud and powerful sound
  • Good bass and highs


  • No Bluetooth connectivity

JBL On Beat Venue 30-Pin Dock with Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

If you like to listen to music on several devices, look no further than this dock. The JBL OnBeat Venue 30-Pin Dock with Bluetooth Wireless Speaker allows you to connect to your iPhone or any other smart device for a personalized experience.

Admittedly, the JBL OnBeat dock doesn’t provide the most booming sound since it only has 30 watts of power. However, you can still count on crisp and clear sound quality when you invest in this 30-pin dock.

Other than that, the Harman TrueStream technology allows you to stream your music seamlessly via Bluetooth, wherever you are. Since it only weighs 3.3 pounds, the JBL OnBeat is the perfect portable speaker to take on a road trip.

However, you can also connect your device to the dock using the aux input options. You can even enhance your listening experience further by enabling the JBL MusicFlow app that will allow you to control your music as you like.


  • Easy to use
  • It can be connected to a TV
  • Impressive audio quality
  • Great Bluetooth connection
  • Compact and portable speaker dock


  • It doesn’t come with a remote control
  • Only 30 watts of power

Bose SoundDock Series III Digital Music System with Lightning Connector

Of course, our list wouldn’t be complete without the Bose SoundDock Series III Digital Music System. With its lightning connector, you can connect the dock to your iOS device in any orientation. Plus, it’s even compatible with older iPhone and iPod models!

Undoubtedly, its most attractive feature is the sleek and classy design, which is available in several different colors. But, the Bose SoundDock Series III is more than just a pretty face. You can count on this dock to deliver exceptionally crisp sound at versatile volume levels.

There’s also no compromise on the bass, which you can customize accordingly. Otherwise, you can also use the given remote to control the settings on this speaker dock. However, the lack of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity makes it less versatile than the other options on our list.


  • Crisp, wide-ranging sound quality
  • Available in four different colors
  • It comes with a remote control
  • Features a headphone jack
  • Sturdy and durable build


  • No Wi-Fi or Bluetooth capabilities
  • Basic specifications

SoarOwl Fast Wireless Charging with Bluetooth Speaker Wireless Charger Stand

If a compact and ergonomic design is your top priority, look no further than this SoarOwl 2-in-1 dock. The SoarOwl Fast Wireless Charger with Bluetooth Speaker Wireless Charger Stand is the best option for you. Plus, it serves as both a Qi charger and Bluetooth speaker!

The SoarOwl dock is known for its unique design, unlike any other on our list. In addition, its case-friendly build makes it one of the best iPhone docking stations on the market. This SoarOwl wireless charging dock even allows you to accept calls while your iPhone is docked.

Besides supporting NFC and aptX codec, the dock also features a 3.5mm aux port. Even more, this low-end dock is one of the most affordable options on our list.


  • Compact and portable design
  • Able to accept calls while docked
  • Versatile 3.5mm aux input
  • Features Qi wireless charging
  • Bluetooth connection
  • Decent volume


  • Average audio quality

Quirky Ohm Speaker Dock

Next on our list is the Quirky Ohm Portable Speaker Charging Dock, an attractive detachable design. You can detach the speaker from the charging dock to serve as a standalone device.

Additionally, this speaker dock is known for its crisp, transparent, and well-balanced audio output. The gadget also features two mini mics for crystal clear audio input that eliminates background noise.

While the bass and battery life aren’t imposing, the speaker dock makes up for it with seamless Bluetooth connectivity. Lastly, it also features a USB port for wired charging.


  • Qi charging
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Interesting detachable design
  • Compact and portable build
  • It comes in two different colors


  • Unimpressive battery life
  • Not especially loud

Marquee Innovations Wireless Charging Smartphone Dock

The Marquee Innovations Wireless Charging Smartphone Dock is the best in terms of a user-friendly interface. Besides being easy to use, the dock is also lightweight and portable, making it ideal for road trip jamming sessions.

Admittedly, its 10-watt power capacity isn’t impressive, but the battery life makes up for it. It offers 6 hours of Bluetooth audio playback so that you can play your favorite tunes without any interruption. Even more, it’s compatible with all sorts of smart devices.

However, the charging light is quite flashy and can’t be turned off.


  • Qi charging
  • It can be connected via Bluetooth
  • Lightweight and portable build
  • Sleek and attractive design
  • Compatible with a wide range of devices


  • Unimpressive audio quality
  • It doesn’t allow you to turn off the charging light

Bose SoundDock XT Speaker Dock

The Bose SoundDock XT Speaker Dock is one of the best docks in portability and compact design. However, don’t mistake its small size for a lack of efficiency. This is quite a high-end gadget, which means you’ll be getting your money’s worth.

The best part is that it can also charge other devices. You can also count on it to deliver crystal clear sound and thumping bass to amplify all your favorite tunes. Plus, its battery life is quite impressive, which means you can have an uninterrupted listening experience.

The dock only weighs 2.6 pounds, which makes it perfectly portable and easy to carry around. But, there’s a catch. Although this gadget is perfectly compatible with your iPhone, it doesn’t support any non-Apple devices.

Don’t fret, as this problem can easily be solved using the given aux input.


  • Impressive sound and bass performance
  • Lightweight and portable build
  • Easy to use
  • Compact, simple, and unique design
  • It can be connected via Bluetooth


  • No built-in rechargeable battery
  • Not ideal for use with non-Apple devices

Richsound Research (RSR) DS406 Docking Speaker with Bluetooth connectivity

Next on our list is the Richsound Research (RSR) DS406 Docking Speaker with Bluetooth connectivity. This dock has a myriad of features to keep you interested, including the lightning connector and dual wireless charging.

The best part of the gadget is its versatility since it serves as multiple devices at once. So if you have limited space, this is the perfect dock for you. The DS406 also doubles as an alarm clock and radio.

The dual alarm system allows you to set two wake-up times to ensure you’re never late. You can also pick which sounds of the radio stations you want to wake up to. On the other hand, the radio comes with 20 preset stations to keep you entertained at all times.

The dock can also be used to charge other devices when docked. Simply put, there’s not a lot the DS406 can’t do. However, the dock is relatively shallow, which means you’ll have to remove the case before docking your iPhone.


  • Features a radio with 20 preset stations
  • It can be used to charge other devices
  • It comes with a remote control
  • Compatible with a wide range of devices


  • The dock mount is somewhat shallow

iHome iPL23 Charging Dock Station

Last but not least, our list would be truly incomplete without the iHome iPL23 Charging Dock Station. Although it’s been created in the style of classic radio, you still get the benefits of a sleek, modern design. Plus, it has an endless range of features that make it better than a standard radio.

That includes the alarm clock feature, which allows you to wake up to any radio station, iPhone, or iPod sound. The radio station comes with six preset stations. Additionally, the flexible lightning dock allows you to keep your devices charged wherever you are.

The dock even auto-syncs the clock to the time set on your iPhone. Despite all that, there’s no compromise on the sound quality, as the Reson8 speaker chambers deliver full and rich sound.


  • Boasts a flexible lightning connector
  • Features a powerful alarm clock radio
  • Can charge other devices during use
  • Pre-programmed radio stations


  • The docking space is shallow
  • Only compatible with Apple devices

Buyer’s Guide to The Best iPhone Speaker Docks

Here are a few factors to consider while buying a docking speaker for your iPhone.

Volume and Sound Quality

Of course, the first couple of factors to consider are your iPhone speaker dock’s volume levels and sound quality. So, you must make sure that your speaker dock has enough volume levels. That way, you’ll be able to crank up your favorite tunes to the highest.

However, the sound quality is much more critical than the volume levels. If you want a music experience with full bass, your speaker dock must deliver exceptionally. The sound produced by the iPhone docking station should be crisp, loud, and full range.

Portability and Fit

Other than that, you want your speaker dock to be portable. That way, you can listen to music on road trips and picnics with loud and crisp sound quality. Thus, your speaker dock should be lightweight and have a compact build.

Additionally, you must ensure your iPhone fits snugly into the wireless speaker dock. It will be a bonus if your dock speaker is phone case friendly.

Compatibility and Versatility

While looking for a speaker dock for your iPhone, you should ensure the compatibility isn’t limited. It would be wise to opt for iPhone speaker docks compatible with other devices. However, if you only own Apple devices, that shouldn’t be a problem.

Bluetooth Connectivity

If your speaker dock allows you to connect via Bluetooth, that would be a real bonus. This feature will allow you to roam while you play music. Plus, you can count on a quick, seamless connection whenever you like.


Do you need speaker docks for an iPhone?

Of course, buying speaker docks for an iPhone isn’t a necessity. However, if you like to stream music wirelessly and with crisp sound quality, a speaker dock is the best solution. Unfortunately, your iPhone speaker won’t deliver the same volume and bass that you can get from speaker docks.

Plus, investing in a pair of speaker docks will let you set up a stereo system in your living room. Finally, the Bluetooth connectivity will allow you to connect your iPhone quickly and seamlessly whenever you like.

What is the best speaker dock for my iPhone?

The Earthquake Sound IQ52B iPod Docking Speaker System is one of the best speaker docks on the market. In terms of affordability and efficiency, it tops the charts. However, it isn’t very portable.

So, if you like to listen to music on the go, the Bose SoundDock XT Speaker Dock may be a better option for you. It’s only 11.8 inches in width and weighs 2.6 pounds! Wireless charging and Bluetooth connection are a few more of their benefits.


For most people, music is an essential part of their lives that keeps them up and about. So, who wouldn’t like to update their streaming quality?

Stop stressing over tangled wires and level up your music game with the iPhone speaker dock of your choice. Of course, you can also enjoy the relief of charging your phone while listening to music or streaming an audiobook.

Using your iPhone gets more carefree when you have a dock by your side that doesn’t let your phone die. So, invest in this innovative and valuable gadget for reasonable prices and ease up with its unique features.

Now that you’ve gone through our list and buyer’s guide, you can easily buy the iPhone speaker dock of your choice. So if you’re heading for a road trip or relaxing in your bedroom, turn on the dock and stream your favorite tunes. 

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