FF 14 is one of the most popular and famous MMO RPG projects that have a large number of mechanics and formats that attract many players to their servers.

Old players love FF because they played all the single-player games on consoles.

Modern fans of MMO RPGs love Final Fantasy for the continuation of the story of the Cloud and Tifa universe and the opportunity to earn gil and upgrade your character in order to fully integrate him into the FF universe.

You will choose your hero and watch the progress of his interaction with the world, because your avatar will appear in all videos and story missions, and you will have at least 100 hours of real time to complete the main tasks.

What is Gil in the universe of Final Fantasy 14

ffxiv gil is the local currency in Final Fantasy, which is used for basic transactions and player interactions with local NPCs and among themselves.

You will be able to buy consumables and redeem various equipment to strengthen your hero.

Gil in FF 14 can be obtained in different ways – completing quests, clearing locations, doing group leveling, farming raids and selling dropped items, completing tasks and going to repel FATE, engaging in professions and creating useful game equipment and weapons for yourself and other characters.


You can complete story missions and side quests not only for the sake of a large and stable amount of experience, but also for the sake of gil.

The fact is that each quest, regardless of its role and significance, has a strict description of the reward that you will receive for completing it. You need to focus on this value in order to understand whether it is worth paying attention to it and what benefit awaits you in the end

You can even combine all types of tasks that can be completed at the same time to generate maximum income in a short period of time.


You can choose a more free and regulated format, in which you simply come to valuable game locations and start destroying monsters until you outgrow them in level and no longer receive gil Final Fantasy 14.

In addition to experience and gil, you will receive additional resources and ready-made items, which, if desired, can be sold to other players and profession masters to earn additional funds.


If you want to spontaneously increase your gaming experience and gil, then you need to react to events called FATE.

These are spontaneous monster attacks that can begin at any time and in a random place in the combat areas.

From FATE monsters, players can receive an increased amount of gil and experience, but the number of opponents will be limited and when the last monster dies, the event will be completed.

You will receive exactly as many rewards as you deal damage to all the monsters that will be in the locations.

Engage in professions

Players who want to provide themselves with equipment and weapons for their class fully, but do not want to rely on the chance of getting these things in raids, or during a hunt, can rely on stability and the creation of the necessary items.

When you reach a high level in the profession of collecting and producing resources and sufficiently equip your character with everything necessary, you will be able to sell new items to everyone who needs them and earn additional gil from this.

You must master the required profession to collect resources that will be used for crafting.

For example, mining for blacksmithing.

If desired, even resources for crafting can be sold, albeit not for a lot of money, but with sufficient volumes you can get a lot of FF 14 gil.

All resource collection professions are upgraded through a mini-game, which is simple, but you need to complete it for the collection to be considered successful and your inventory to be replenished with resources.

You need a lot of ore if you want to turn them into ingots and create full-fledged heavy armor and swords if you choose blacksmithing.

When you fully strengthen your hero, continue to produce, but concentrate on really valuable high-level items, because they will definitely be in demand and will bring a lot of ffxiv gil, because many raids will require equipment of a certain level and if they don’t have it, then they simply will not get access and will go to the trading platform to buy such a kit.


The raid system in online games is always a source of interesting gameplay and an opportunity to earn unique and rare equipment and a lot of experience for your efforts.

Where you can regularly receive legendary and valuable equipment, you can not only receive enhancements for your character, but also sell all the excess on the trading floor to receive FF 14 gil for valuable items and accessories from bosses of various levels, which are determined by difficulty and level of raid.

The benefits of group grinding

If you hunt monsters as part of a group, and not alone, then you can significantly increase your income, although at first glance it may seem that sharing gil and experience among everyone is not profitable.

In fact, the speed of killing monsters can cover all the inconveniences and the division of rewards among all group members.

If you have a tank to collect and hold a large number of monsters on yourself, so that the group quickly destroys them and so on many times until everyone gets tired of this pumping format.

You will collect rewards, where gil will be equally distributed among everyone, and valuable items will be divided randomly between players.

This format is especially suitable for support characters who need the help of attacking classes to effectively level up and earn gil, which can be spent on valuable equipment with a large supply of mana and high health indicators.

For tanks, the story is similar, because you need players who will quickly destroy the monsters that he provokes to attack him.

Attacking heroes also need to support characters, because this increases the number of simultaneous targets that can be attacked without the risk of dying.