In recent years the advent of electronic devices has made our lives super comfortable. However, every electronic device can face issues at times too.

Apple iPad is one of the most efficient and reliable tablets available today. Interestingly, you may also connect it with a smart keyboard to get the best out of it. This will make the device more feasible for regular typing.

Like any electronic gadget, the iPad is also vulnerable to malfunctionings. One of those might be regarding its keyboard. It frustrates you when a device from which you expect top-notch performance betrays.

Sometimes, the iPad keyboard may entirely freeze or does not work as quickly and efficiently.

The good news for you is that some customizations can fix these errors. If you come across such problems quite often, read this guide till the end to get your iPad smart keyboard working best.

Why is My iPad Keyboard Not Working?

Generally, the Apple iPad keyboard malfunctions due to two dominant reasons. Sometimes it may be software related issue; otherwise, hardware may have a problem.

A glitch in the software can be resolved at home with some specific fixes. However, if it’s the hardware causing the issue, you probably have to get an expert’s help.

Here, you may also need some parts replaced.

Basic Troubleshooting to Try for iPad Smart Keyboard Not Working

It is always wise to employ some essential solutions before going for invasive ones. This may save you money and most of all the time.

Here are some fixes that you can try to restore the iPad keyboard’s functioning.

The keyboard may Have a Connectivity Issue.

Sometimes, the issue is insignificant, but we keep looking for a bigger one. When your iPad pro keyboard starts acting up, check for connection.

Visible dirt may also accumulate on the keyboard, which causes connectivity problems.

If the debris is noticeable, the best way to eliminate it is by an unused toothbrush. The bristles can effectively clean up any dust between the keys that may cause the keyboards to lag.

However, you must be very soft and gentle while going about it. Otherwise, you may damage any delicate parts.

Reconnect iPad’s Smart Keyboard

Removing and reconnecting the smart keyboard may also improve the performance.

After connecting the smart keyboard, launch the on-screen keyboard on iPad pro. Next, disconnect the external keyboard and keep an eye on the on-screen keyboard.

If the on-screen keyboard disappears on disconnecting the smart keyboard, then you are executing the procedure correctly.

Lastly, reconnect the keyboard and check if it’s working now. If it still is inactive, then the problem lies elsewhere.

Check Internet Connection

An unsteady internet connection is also another factor that can affect your smart keyboard’s performance. Primarily, such issues arise in the Apple iPad Pro with a faulty net connection.

To confirm whether your wifi signals are strong or not, load a website on your iPad and see if it loads as fast. In case of slower loading, you need to review your internet connection.

Unplugging and replugging the wireless router after few moments may help with the connection speed.

However, if it does not work, you should contact your service provider to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

Force Restart of iPad May Help

Did nothing work till this point?

Forcefully restarting the iPad might work for you. It is one of the primary methods to fix smart keyboard’s working.

To force restart the iPad;

  • Simultaneously press and hold the Home + Power Button for 10 seconds.
  • Release when an Apple logo emerges on the screen.
  • See if the problem is fixed.

If the problem with the keyboard persists, move on to the next solution.

Reset iMessage on iPad Pro

A simple yet effective trick to resolve the keyboard’s performance issue on iPad is to reset iMessage.

  • Turn off iMessage in the setting menu for a few minutes and turn it back on.
  • Relaunch the keyboard to see if it works now.

Resetting all of iPad’s Settings Might Work

If nothing has worked till now, it might be time for performing reset settings. This will eliminate any glitch or bug that may be interfering with your iPad’s smart keyboard.

Moreover, there’s no need to worry about resetting the settings will not remove any data on your iPad. It simply reinforces the original settings of the iPad.

To perform this, you need to;

  • Go to the settings and tap General
  • Swipe down to Reset and click on Reset all settings
  • Wait for few minutes for the process to complete

Remove Additional Smart keyboard from iPad

Installing extra smart keyboard apps on iPad/iPad pro can cause issues with the keyboard’s working too. Therefore, deleting them may bring relief.

Follow these steps to uninstall the additional smart keyboards on your iPad.

  • Go to the General in settings
  • Click Keyboards
  • Select Edit and see other keyboards in use aloof from the default
  • Click on the Minus sign to remove all the additional smart keyboards
  • Check if the problem is solved

Check for OS Update on iPad

Many a time, several iPad functions may start glitching due to an older software version. That is why make sure that your iPad has the latest OS version installed.

Usually, to fight bugs and glitches, Apple rolls out updates from time to time.

Here’s how to check for system updates on iPad/iPad pro.

  • Open Settings on iPad
  • Click on General
  • Tap on the Software Update on the top
  • If it shows update available, tap on Download and Install option
  • Let the update install
  • Reconnect your iPad pro smart keyboard

Apart from bringing exciting new features, these updates also squash any bugs in the system. Moreover, you also do not have to wait for months to get an update that will remove bugs.

Use Third-Party Apps to Fix iOS Issues.

For some users, updating the iOS can bring problems to the iPad’s keyboard’s working. If every solution fails, it might be worth looking at third-party apps that cure iOS problems.

Some top-tier apps, such as TenorShare Reiboot, can ensure quick and easy iOS repair with high effectiveness.

However, one issue that lurks around them is their price, as they are not free. Therefore, you might need to put in some effort in comparing the prices of different apps to select the most economical and effective one.

Looking at their reviews available on the internet may help you be more sure about which one to try.

Once you have bought the app, you have to run the program on a Pc/laptop and connect your iPad to it via USB wire. Afterward, follow the instructions to help in the repairing procedure.

After running the procedure successfully, connect the smart keyboard with the iPad and view if the problem is gone.

Resolving Keyboard issues with TenorShare Reiboot

TenorShare Reiboot is an iOS system recovery app that can fix all issues related to iPadOS.

Follow these simple steps to resolve your smart keyboard’s issues quickly.

Step 1: Link your iPad to a PC/laptop and run the program. Then click on “Repair Operating System” to start the repair.

Step 2: A firmware package will begin to download after you click on Fix Now.

Step 3: Moving forward, tap o the Repair Now option to start the recovery process of the iPad.

Step 4: Upon completing the repairing process, your iPad will restart with the latest iOS.

Now connect the iPad with a smart keyboard and see if the problem is gone

Restore iPad to Factory Settings

If you haven’t found the solution to fix the smart keyboard’s working issues, then returning the iPad to its original settings might be another option.

Try the following steps to restore the iPad’s factory settings.

  • Link your iPad to a laptop/Pc via an Apple-authorized USB cable
  • Open the latest version of iTunes
  • Click on the iPad under Devices on the left side of the screen
  • Tap on the Restore iPad
  • Confirm Restore iPad
  • Wait for a few moments
  • Disconnect the USB cable once the process is done

After this procedure, your iPad will return to its factory settings. Now you have to reinstall the apps and go ahead with your desired settings.

Although this step is not so friendly, it will probably fix the issues with the smart keyboard in lesser time. However, it is always recommended to backup your data before carrying out iPad’s restoring to avoid losing your crucial data.

Contact Apple Support to Fix iPad Pro Smart Keyboard.

Has nothing worked even after trying everything to fix the software-related issues? Then the problem lies elsewhere.

It is hardware that is being a menace here. Therefore, your last resort is to take the iPad Pro to an Apple store and get it dissected to repair.

However, first, you need to check if the iPad’s still in warranty. If it still is in warranty and you have not tried anything that nullifies the warranty, you probably won’t have to pay anything to fix it.

The repair will also be free of cost if you have bought AppleCare+.

If Not Under Warranty, Take iPad to Third-Party Store

If the warranty period has passed, you still have the option of taking the iPad to an electronics store. However, it must be your last option as you do not know how professional and trained their employees are to fix an iPad.

Still, if it is inevitable to go to them, never forget to look for a sign that shows Apple licenses them to service and repair Apple products.

How Do I Fix My Keyboard Not Typing?

Does your smart keyboard freeze as you activate it? Does it lag while typing?

There’s no need to panic if you come across any such issues. They are typically due to an un-updated iOS version on the iPad.

There were bugs reportedly in the early iterations of iPadOS. It is suggested to update your iOS if you are avoiding it in the recent past.

Moreover, updating already installed apps to their latest versions may also help. It could improve performance problems when using the on-screen keyboard.

The swiftest way to update all apps at once is by long pressing the Apple App Store icon on the home screen. In few moments, the Update dialogue will show up. Press it to start the process.

Reset Keyboard Dictionary to Fix Lag

The dictionary may cause a burden on the smart keyboard. Therefore if your iPad pro keyboard is getting slow, you may need to reset its dictionary.

  • Visit the General tab from the settings.
  • From there, choose the Reset button and find the Keyboard Dictionary tab
  • Type the password when asked and perform the reset

It is not a particular method of avoiding lag, but it may help pace the keyboard’s speed.

What if iPad Keyboard Doesn’t Show Up?

Restart the Tablet

Sometimes random glitches in the iPadOS prevent the smart keyboard from showing up on the screen. A simple and most effective solution to this issue is to restart the tablet.

You can perform a normal restart of the iPad by pressing and holding the power button for 10 seconds. After that, slide to power off when prompted.

Press and hold the power button anew to turn it back on. Now try to bring the keyboard on the screen; it probably would show up.

Disconnect External Keyboard

External keyboards are one of the main reasons why an iPad’s smart on-screen keyboard doesn’t work or show up as it should.

If you have an external keyboard connected, disconnect it to re-activate the on-screen keyboard.

To remove an external keyboard, turn Bluetooth off first from the control center. The on-screen keyboard would pop up instantly if the external keyboard were the issue.

Moreover, you can also avoid reconnecting automatically to external keyboards whenever Bluetooth is enabled.

To do this,

  • Go to the Settings
  • Tap Bluetooth
  • Click on the small ‘i‘ shaped icon alongside the external keyboard
  • From there, tap Disconnect


Both on-screen and external smart keyboards of the iPad are a treat to work with. However, being a product of technology, they may also face some unforeseen issues.

These problems might be software-related or even of hardware.

If you combat any such problem, trying out the above-explained fixes will most probably eliminate any issues with your smart keyboard.

Nonetheless, if the problem persists, taking your iPad to a technician seems the best resort.