Everything the company makes, from Apple pay to Apple devices, is packed with incredible features. The Apple Watch SE series is no different either. One of the most impeccable features of Apple Watches is flashlights.

Similar to your iPhone, your Apple Watch also has the flashlight feature. So, you can walk in the dark or find something in the room when there is no light.

Besides, more options are available in that feature that you can use in your Apple Watch. Let’s discover all of them in this guide!

Does the Apple Watch Have a Flashlight?

Yes! Apple Watch does have a flashlight. However, there is no Camera in the Apple Watch.

And why would you want one? Your iPhone already has a camera available to take photos and record videos.

The flashlight on your Apple Watch is for other purposes. Let’s discuss how and why to use this feature.

How Can You Use the Flashlight on Apple Watch?

You can use that feature of your Apple Watch just like you do on your iPhone. Here are the steps:

Turn On Flashlight from Apple Watch Control Center

  1. Swipe up the Watch face and open Control Center.
  2. You will see the Flashlight icon just like you saw on your iPhone.
  3. Tap that icon.

Once you turn on the light, you can now try other modes as well.

Now, the basic flashlight is bright white. This feature is smartly developed in a way that when you turn on the light, it doesn’t reach its maximum brightness at once. Instead, you will note that the brightness level increases gradually.

Why is that so?

It’s because if you accidentally turn on the flashlight, it will not bother other people in the room. Moreover, it will also save your eyes from the sudden maximum intensity.

Even better, it doesn’t force your eyes to go from night vision to day vision, which is quite harmful to you.

Once the flashlight reaches the brightest level, you can then search for things in the dark or navigate if there’s total darkness around you.

Flashlight Modes in Apple Watch

To make things cooler in the WatchOS, three flashlight modes are available. These modes not only give you visibility but send a signal to others if someone is not aware of your presence.

Strobe Light Mode

Swipe left to try the strobe mode. This will make the white bright light intermittent.

It’s like an SOS signal. Assume that you are stuck somewhere strange and dark. Now you have to tell other people who are at a distance that you are in a problem. Therefore, you turn on the flashing white light on your Watch and swipe left to grab other people’s attention.

The flashing white strobe mode is capable of gripping people’s eyes in the surrounding. So, whenever you need such kind of particular help, don’t forget this fantastic feature of your Watch.

Red Light

Swipe to the left side again, and you will see the red light. Now, what’s that for?

As you already know, the bright white flash might not bother you, but it will disturb other people. Besides, you will be the only one getting benefit from that.

Now suppose that you want to leave your bed at night and head to the toilet. You don’t want to trouble your partner. What are you going to do?

Apart from this, what will you do if you drop something in the movie theater and don’t want to interrupt others from finding that thing?

That’s the time when you can use the dim red glow that works better than any other thing.

What is the Red Flashlight on Apple Watch For?

The dim red glow doesn’t break your vision at night. It’s an optimum option for you if you are working in a dark setting. Moreover, if you are on an excursion trip in the wild, the red light will keep the bugs and other creations away from you since they take longer to intercept red luminosity.

Theater Mode & Flashlight Icon

When you switch to movie theater mode on your Apple Watch, it goes silent and turns off the “Tap to Wake” function. Besides, it will give you only a red flash if you want to find something without disturbing other viewers.

You can test that by following these steps:

  1. Swipe up the watch face
  2. Scroll down and find the theatre icon displayed as “two face masks.”
  3. Tap the theatre icon
  4. Now from the Control Center or the Flashlight app, turn on the light

You will get the red light coming out of your watch screen.

Change Apple Watch Display

Press the Digital Crown, and it will send you to the watch face. Now touch and hold the screen. By swiping left or right, choose a watch face. Now tap edit.

Once you reach the Edit option, swipe the left or right screen to select a feature. At last, turn the Digital Crown to change it.


The Apple Watch flashlight is a helpful addition, powered by a safety feature that uses unique technology.

By using that, all the light modes keep you and other people around you safe from the harmful effects of highly-intense rays. On top of that, you can use it for different purposes and customize it by swiping it left or right.

So, use the flashlight when needed and make the most of your Apple gadget.