You already know the importance of the RAM of your iPhone and other computing devices. Besides, your phone’s performance depends upon the capacity installed in your iPhone. Sometimes, you have to clear that to make your iPhone clutter-free.

Only 0.41% (1 in every 244) had an overall failure rate about its failure. So, this means that it’s pretty rare facing a complete storage failure in your iPhone.

However, it’s possible that you need to clear iPhone RAM if you are facing lags and glitches while using your phone. Therefore, follow this simple guide to clear iPhone RAM.

What is RAM?

Before we move on to fixing your iPhone’s RAM issues, let’s learn a bit about it.


Ram stands for Random Access Memory. Besides, it’s a volatile working memory which means that you can see the active processes running on your iPhone executed by that.

Being volatile also means that it doesn’t hold data for longer. Once you are done with the task, it will let go of that data to keep the performance of your iPhone intact and smooth.

Besides, the critical data is stored in your iPhone’s ROM, which you can’t see. ROM is the permanent storage of your iPhone. But that’s another story.

No doubt, iOS RAM management is excellent. But when it comes to intense multi-tasking, you will face lag on your iPhone.

Moreover, this usually happens in older iPhones because of so many app downloads and installs and other storage-burdening activities.

Multi-Tasking in iPhone

Multi-masking means playing high-graphics games or streaming video on LTE while a video editing app is running in the background. You can test the sluggishness by opening the app switcher, and you will face the lag.

Moreover, your iPhone will take more time for regular activities like opening the keyboard, and camera, and swiping from the Home screen to other screens. Plus, your iPhone’s temperature might increase too.

These are the indicators that decide whether you need to clear iPhone RAM or not. Therefore, let’s free some space for your iPhone by the following methods.

How Do I Clear iPhone RAM?

If you are an old iPhone user, you might have faced issues like slow performance, low response rate, and application glitches. There’s a high chance that your iPhone RAM is almost full. That’s why your iPhone is behaving like that.

First of all, know that closing the apps from the app switcher is not enough to free up space. You have to follow these steps to reset that storage and get your iPhone to its best performance again.

Besides, the Touch and Face ID iPhones have different methods to clear up the usable memory.


It’s because of the Home button. You can’t go to the Home screen directly by default in new iPhones. You can’t apply the same method to clear RAM on iPhone because of the Home button.

Clear RAM on iPhone – Touch ID

  1. Press the volume up button, then the volume down button, and then press and hold the power button. A slide to power off slider will show up.
  2. Now, press and hold the Home button for a few seconds. Your iPhone screen will flash blank, which means that the RAM has been refreshed. Moreover, you will see the passcode screen.
  3. Enter the passcode.

That’s it. Your iPhone’s volatile storage has been cleared successfully.

Plus, check the running apps on your phone. When you clear RAM on your iPhone, no data is lost. Therefore, clearing that iPhone’s storage is safe.

Clear RAM on iPhone – Face ID

The latest iPhone models don’t have the Home button—the process of clearing RAM changes when your iPhone upgrades from iOS 13. Instead, Apple launched a major iOS significance that affected almost the iPhone’s complete interface.

The list includes iPhone XS Max, iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 12 lineup, iPhone 11 series, XR, and X.

So, how to clear RAM on the latest iPhone model?

First, let’s bring that button on the iPhone’s screen to clear it.

Create a Virtual Home Button

  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Swipe up and go to Accessibility.
  3. Select the Touch option. You have to enable the Assistive Touch button.
  4. Now toggle on the Assistive Touch Button. Once you enable that option, an AssistiveTouch button will appear on the iPhone’s screen.

Reset RAM

Now, follow these steps that are similar to the previous model:

  1. First, press and release the volume up button.
  2. Next, press and release the volume down button.
  3. Next, press and hold the sleep/wake button until the power off slider appears.
  4. Now, press the AssistiveTouch options, and it will show some further options.
  5. Finally, press the virtual home button until the lock screen appears. This means that your phone’s RAM has been cleared.

What if the Power Button is Not Working?

If the power button is not working, go to Settings > General > Swipe up to the bottom > tap Shut Down. When the slide to power off slider appears, open the assistive touch > tap and press the virtual home button for five seconds.

After clearing iPhone RAM, notice the performance of your phone again. It will run faster, and all the apps will typically perform again.

What Does Clearing RAM Do?

It’s like dusting a cluttered space. It doesn’t affect the critical stuff. However, it just clears out the dust.

Similarly, when you clear RAM on iPhone, it flushes out the unnecessary storage and solves other iPhone issues. Thus, it’s recommended to frequently clear that to keep your iPhone at its best performance.

Not only that, all of the applications will reload. However, the RAM on your iPhone doesn’t affect the device’s internal settings.

Therefore, it’s safe to clear RAM on iPhone from time to time.


Does Clearing Up RAM on iPhone Mean Hard Reset?

No. It doesn’t affect any of the software settings when you clear that. Besides, clearing RAM saves you from hard rebooting your iPhone.

What if the Clearing RAM Process Gets Stuck?

That issue might be because of iOS. Therefore, it’s better to get help from the Apple support center before doing anything risky.


No doubt, your iPhone’s RAM sometimes gets occupied by unnecessary stuff. It’s normal on all computers as well as smartphones. This usually happens with the older iPhones you have been using for a long time.

Moreover, when you download apps and files, some of the active processes hinder the performance of RAM.

Therefore, the only option is to clear memory on your device’s volatile storage. You can follow the above trick for both models of iPhones and get the fast-performing phone once again.