The iPhone keyboard sound problems are everyday issues users face. Even though the device has a physical switch for turning off sounds, there is more to muting keyboard clicks on the iPhone.

Since the physical switch works for texts, calls, and other alerts, managing keyboard sounds can be slightly tricky with the iPhone.

The Strange Sounds on iPhone

Using the iPhone or iPad, you can encounter some unknown sounds. For instance, iOS 13 users might have experienced a few unfamiliar clicking noises on their devices. Here are a few examples:

  • Soft clicking noise while swiping up the screen.
  • Clicking noise when you tap and hold any apps on your screen.
  • Selecting a function on the control center.
  • Toggling options in the Settings app.
  • Zooming functions on browsers and photos.

The Problem With Unknown Sounds

The frustrating part about these problems is that you don’t know where they originated. Users sometimes try the silent mode, play with the vibration settings, and reset sounds on iPhones. But the problem can persist.

Setting the Mute Switch Doesn’t Turn off Keyboard Sounds

An intuitive solution might be to turn on the mute button to turn off keyboard clicks. But sadly, it doesn’t go silent. The keyboard sounds on iPhone do. Moreover, you can still hear the camera shutter, typing sound on the virtual keyboard, and the lock sound.

Turning off iPhone Typing Sounds

You need a different approach to turn off the keyboard and click sounds on the iPhone. Here is how to mute or unmute keyboard sounds on iPhone or iPad.

Open Settings App

First, tap the Settings icon to open your iPhone settings. You can open it via the control center or the main menu.

Navigate to Sounds

In the settings app, navigate to the Sounds option to configure different sounds. This app is used for all sound options on the iPhone. So, you can toggle keyboard clicks settings, volume options, and other sounds on your iPhone.

Locate the Sound Switches

In the Sounds section, locate the switches to control sound options. You can find these options by scrolling to the bottom of the Sounds page.

Turn off the Switches

You should see two switches—one controls the lock sound, and the other contains the keyboard sound. You can select sounds you want to turn off depending on your requirement.

For this case, turn off the keyboard and click sounds.

Enjoy Noiseless Typing

When you toggle the buttons off, it should turn off keyboard clicks on your iOS device. Likewise, you can turn them back on if you want to play critical sounds.

When you turn off the switches, you should no longer hear any keyboard or locking clicks on your device.

Does this Method Work on All iPhones?

Yes. The method is pretty straightforward, and regardless of the model and iOS version, it can work on any Apple device. So, you can mute the keyboard sound on iPhone or iPad similarly.

Alternative Method to Turn off Keyboard Sound

Another simple way to completely turn off your iOS keyboard click sounds is by muting the iPhone. It disables all the sounds on the phone, so you shouldn’t hear any audio output, let alone keyboard sounds.

To mute the iPhone, press the small button at the top left of your device.

How to Turn Off Keyboard Clicks in iPhone 13?

Since iPhone 13 is one of the latest models, some users may be confused if turning off keyboard click sounds is different. But thankfully, you can apply the same methods to turn off any Apple keyboard sounds connected to your device.

Does iPhone Camera Shutter Mute the Same Way as Keyboard Clicks?

Interestingly, none of the mute options work for the iPhone camera shutter. So, if you’re thinking of turning off the camera shutter from the Sounds and Haptics option on your iPhone, it’s impossible unless you jailbreak your iPhone or iPad.

Why iPhone Camera Shutter Doesn’t Mute

Unlike Apple keyboards, the camera shutter never mutes. There are a few reasons for it, but the most important of all is privacy. The shutter sound on iPhone ensures that people don’t compromise on privacy and can be alert when someone secretly takes their pictures.

It’s an excellent way to avoid sneak photos.

Even though this feature was available in older iPhone models, the privacy features are much improved now.


You need to launch settings and navigate to the Sounds and Haptics option to control keyboard sounds on your iPhone. It’s that simple and effective to help avoid unnecessary noise, especially when you’re typing a text message secretly to someone.