Apple TV and Chromecast are different devices, which sounds odd to Chromecast iTunes movies. This is because iTunes belongs to Apple, whereas Google manufactures the Chromecast.

The compatibility issue between both platforms to play the movie is the key reason why it’s difficult to play iTunes to Chromecast. However, it’s not impossible to play iTunes to Chromecast. We shall discuss that in this post.

You’ll also learn why you may not be able to play iTunes movies on other platforms like Chromecast. What’s more, you’ll find out how casting iTunes to Chromecast can be much more effective and practical. For example, it will save you from buying a separate Apple TV or Roku streaming stick.

Anyhow, let’s get reading.

A Brief Overview of iTunes and Chromecast

Chromecast is a cheap and straightforward way to stream online movies and operate the chrome browser. It’s a great media player device. All you have to do is attach the TV’s HDMI port.

From Netflix, YouTube, TV app, Movie Studio, video channels, and Google Play, there are plenty of options that you can watch on Chromecast after connecting it to your television.

On the other hand, iTunes is a media player device developed by Apple. It is also similar to Chromecast. iTunes app also carries countless items like:

  • iTunes movie
  • iTunes Music
  • iTunes podcasts, and much more to entertain you.

You also have access to the iTunes store through iTunes. However, all the stuff that iTunes contains is protected by DRM, which mainly prevents you from casting iTunes to Chromecast.

Both Google Chromecast and Apple iTunes are the leading movie rental platforms and require a WiFi Network to run.

Once connected, they are good to play Android TV, Google Play store, google play movies, chrome browser, audio tracks, iTunes library, and more. They both are excellent streaming box options. 

What is Apple TV DRM Protection?

The DRM stands for digital rights management protection created by Apple. Its main reason is to avoid unauthorized copying, transferring, and playing off iTunes movie stuff on other gadgets.

Items that come under DRM are usually copyrighted. This means that these items need to be authenticated first before use. It is the key reason you can’t cast iTunes movies on Chromecast.

Now, when you know the key reason preventing you from playing iTunes movies on Chromecast, let’s dig into the solution.

Casting iTunes movies on Chromecast

To cast iTunes movies on Chromecast, you need to remove the protection by DRM first. Furthermore, you also need to convert iTunes movies to Chromecast-compatible MP4 or WebM file format.

You would need to use DRM remover and file format converter tools. There is plenty of DRM removing and converting tools available on the internet. You will find the best one to match your need with a bit of effort.

There are different tools available on the Internet that are one of the best Chromecast converter tools. They also have specific steps that you need to follow to convert and remove DRM.

So follow the Chromecast converter instructions accordingly, and it won’t be a difficult task to cast iTunes movies on Chromecast.

It won’t be a long process of using the Chromecast converter to convert and remove the DRM as per the instructions. Afterward, you must follow simple steps to cast iTunes movies on the big screen through Chromecast and watch your favorite movies anywhere. 

Steps to Follow After Converting and Removing DRM Production

The next step after using the converting tool is to cast iTunes movies on the big screen. For this, you need to have the following things ready.

Remember that you don’t need to make a new iTunes account or Apple ID for this. Your existing Apple ID will work well.

  • I was watching a video tutorial before proceeding is recommended. You can also use their official support. 
  • Chromecast streaming stick
  • Plugged in HDTV having HDMI port
  • Available same WiFi network
  • A computer that has the Chromecast app installed through the Chrome browser

6 Step to Chromecast iTunes Movies

Here are the steps to follow:

Step 1: Connecting the HDMI port

Firstly, plug in the Chromecast devices and connect the HDMI port with the TV. Make sure that the Chromecast device is connected to the electricity supply. Also, connect the HDMI cable to your HD TV properly. 

Step 2: Setting up the Chromecast app 

You would need to set up the Chromecast app. And make sure that the Chromecast and your PC are connected to the same wi fi network. Otherwise, you will face connectivity issues and might lose the connection between the Chromecast and your computer.

Once connected to the internet, click the connect button to start the process.

Step 3: Installing the Google cast extension

Once you are done with setting up and connecting the Chromecast with your TV and Internet, you need to install the Google cast extension by using the chrome browser address bar. 

Step 4: Installing cast extension on your computer

Afterward, you must install the cast extension from Chrome Web Store on your computer. It will make a bridge between your computer and the Chromecast, where you will be able to transfer movies on the Chromecast setup page on the main screen. 

Step 5: Move iTunes files

Then, drag and drop the converted iTunes videos from your iTunes library to the Chrome address bar. It will transfer all the well-converted iTunes videos to the Chromecast-suited video file format and add files to Chromecast through the extension. 

Step 6: Play your favorite iTunes movie on your Chromecast device 

Lastly, locate the cast option and click the Cast icon. The converted iTunes movie should play on your Chromecast movie’s TV.

Congrats, you have successfully converted iTunes movies on the Google Chrome cast. You will need to follow the same procedure if you want to transfer more files from iTunes and play the iTunes movie to Chromecast.

Benefits of Casting iTunes Movies on Chromecast

It takes some effort, but the process makes so much sense. Many of us are iPhone users, and it’s a fact that it limits us at some point. The most prominent example is here while casting iTunes movies on Chromecast. 

People Who Don’t Have Apple TV Can Also Watch iTunes

It allows iPhone users to enjoy their favorite movies and TV shows even if they don’t have Apple TV. Google Chromecast is also cheaper.

So why spend so much extra when you can cast your favorite iTunes movies on Chromecast? Spend your money wisely to rent movies instead.

A Cheaper Alternative

Furthermore, in the present world, when there are multiple devices and their specific operators, there is always a requirement for such converting tools. Otherwise, buying the complete Apple product lineup would cost you so much. Additionally, you won’t have to keep two different TV sets.

You can also cast movies from multiple platforms on a single Chromecast device. It is much more practical than continuously plugging in and out different casting devices.

How Many iTunes Items Can We Cast on Chromecast

Chromecast does not limit you from casting anything of your choice. Once you are done with converting and removing the Apple DRM protection, you are free to cast any iTunes item on the Chromecast.

You can use all the features of Google Chromecast, like the Google Play Store, Google Play movies, Chromecast streaming menu, Chrome browser, Chromecast setup, etc. The Chromecast will work as usual.

However, you will also be able to watch movies, music videos, audio tracks, and plenty of other iTunes content on the Chromecast. It will be plus feature for your Chromecast after you convert and remove the DRM protection.


By now, you will be much more familiar with all the benefits and reasons converting iTunes movies on Chromecast makes so much sense. It is loaded with benefits and features once you successfully convert and remove the DRM production.

We hope that you find this article helpful for you while casting your iTunes movies on Chromecast. So play your favorite warner bros movies and much more on Google Chrome cast without any limitation.