Products with the Apple logo, including the iPhone and watch, are reputed to be pretty reliable. However, not every piece can be immune to malfunction. For example, one Apple device that usually experiences touch screen lags and responsiveness is the Apple Watch. It becomes quite frustrating when this happens frequently. However, try some of our troubleshooting advice before worrying too much and sending it for repair.

Sometimes it’s just a matter of a few fixes, and the Apple watch touch screen starts functioning normally again. Most of the time, the issue only arises due to the screen, and there is no hardware issue nor any problem with the side button and digital crown. In such cases, follow the ten simple solutions we have mentioned below.

Quick Ways to Fix Unresponsive Apple Watch screen

This article will walk you through some quick and easy fixes to help you repair your unresponsive Apple Watch screen. We have mentioned some general stuff first and then moved on to some tricks and hacks to deal with complicated issues.

Clearing the Screen

Sometimes, the dirt and grime prevent the apple watch touch screen from doing your bidding. So all you need to do is give your screen a gentle wipe. This will remove any obstacles preventing your fingers from making a good connection. Moreover, you also need to ensure that your fingers are clean too. For obvious reasons, remove any gloves or hand coverings obscuring your fingers. Most gloves will prevent touch screens from working as they stop Apple Watch from recognizing your touch.

Removing Screen Protector

We all know your apple watch screen needs protection and a screen protector is mostly welcome. However, if not appropriately put, a protector can affect the use and stop the touch screen from responding. Try re-applying to it and see if the problem resolves. Okay, if the issue persists, the problem is not essential and will require more attention. So let’s find out some other ways to fix it.

Force Restart Your Apple Watch Until You See The Apple Logo

9 out of 10 times, your watch doesn’t respond because it has frozen. A simple fix for this is to force restart your apple watch. However, the usual restarting method won’t work because you won’t be able to swipe across the POWER OFF sign on display after pressing the side button.

So. you will have to force restart your watch instead. Press and hold the Digital Crown and the side button for about 10 seconds. Press and hold till you see the Apple logo. As your Apple watch powers on and the Apple logo appears, check again to see if the screen works or not.

Re-Charging your Apple Watch

This might seem trivial, but sometimes your Apple Watch only requires adequate charging to run correctly when you plug in the charger and wait for around half an hour before turning on the device.

If the watch still doesn’t respond, your cable might have a problem. It might be damaged. So, replace it and always use Apple MFI-certified accessories. If the touch screen doesn’t respond even after trying different chargers, move on to the next solution. Sometimes the battery life has deteriorated, and you might need to replace it.

If the issue persists even after applying the above four methods, the problem is not essential. Instead, it might be something more fundamental and require more attention. So let’s find out some other ways to fix it.

Closing certain apps on the Apple Watch

There are times when your Apple Watch is excellent but lags due to specific apps. If the problem is restricted to particular apps, all you need to do is avoid using them. Find alternatives for them.

Updating your Apple Watch

Sometimes your Apple watch starts hanging and stops responding due to OS updates. So, instead of worrying, you could try checking for the latest versions and updating your apple watch and your iPhone. Once you do this, the hardware issues often get fixed automatically in the ios device.

Resyncing your Apple Watch

If the Apple Watch still doesn’t respond, the next step is to unpair Apple Watch. This means disconnecting it from your iPhone. You can do this via the Watch tab on your iPhone. Don’t forget to re-pair it with your iPhone.

A word of caution, unpairing wipes the Apple Watch content. There is a backup on your iPhone, and once you fix the problem, you can restore the data from it. This method may be time-consuming as restoring backup from an iPhone is slow, but it can fix screen issues.

Erasing your Apple watch

If unpairing is ineffective, then factory reset your watch entirely. Resetting is an age-old method and will fix the problem if there are issues with the backup. However, you will lose all your content after the watch reboots, and it should be used as the last resort

Here are steps to erase your Watch:

  • Go to the Watch App on your iPhone.  
  • In General, Tab, scroll down, and press Reset.
  • In the Apple Watch App, press Erase Apple Watch Content and Settings and then tap Erase All Content and Settings.

Disabling Power Reserve mode  

Power Reserve mode switches off all your Watch features. You may have turned this model on and then forgotten about it. Try to disable the Power Reserve mode, as it might help fix your Apple Watch.

Contacting Apple Support

If none of those mentioned above hacks resolve things, then your watch’s problem will likely be beyond DIY. It will be best to contact Apple Support and ask for their advice, especially if the watch still has a warranty.

However, there may be nothing that you can do in worst-case scenarios. The only option you will have is to get it repaired or sell it.  

That’s it!

That’s all from our side, and we hope these hacks and tricks help you bring your Apple Watch back to life.