It’s been days since you last tried using your Apple Watch with an Android phone. However, today you want to try that again. But you have no idea how to connect Apple Watch to Android phones.

Besides, the growth of Apple Watch users reached the 100 million mark in 2020 globally. This shows that there’s a high chance people are using their Apple Watch with an Android device.

If you are one of them, this guide is for you. The following methods will help you how to connect an Apple Watch to an Android smartphone without the Apple Watch app.

Apple Watch with an Android Phone

No doubt, your Apple Watch is a cool wristwear that almost performs like your iPhone. You can check your basic health metrics, receive calls, and reply to text messages. On top of that, the new Apple Watch series is quite affordable with more enhanced features.

However, one thing that’s hard to digest is you can’t connect your Apple Watch with an Android phone.

There is no built-in Watch app or one available in Google Play Store that allows you to use an Apple Watch with your Android phone.

But hold on a second. We have a way through which you can indirectly make a bridge between your Android phone and the Apple Watch. However, this method is different from connecting Apple Watch with another Bluetooth device.


Cellular Apple Watch

Before trying that method, make sure you have a cellular Apple Watch. This feature is mandatory for receiving calls and text messages. However, some network carriers might not offer advanced cellular facilities.

Therefore, you can only receive calls and text messages if you activate the cellular connectivity feature.

An iPhone

Yeah, that’s right. You have to get yourself an iPhone. Because without an iPhone, your Apple Watch is not even to show you the current time. This method is pretty expensive.

However, the iPhone will be your aide in the whole process. Therefore, your iPhone should be able to carry out the following tasks:

  • Works Normally
  • Has iCloud
  • Compatible with the Apple Watch

Other than that, your iPhone will be plugged in with its Wi-Fi turned on. You don’t even have to carry it with you.

Sync Your iPhone with Your Android Phone

This process is important if you want to make your Apple Watch work with an Android smartphone. Moreover, the synchronization will send the notifications from your Android phone to your iPhone, and eventually, the Apple Watch will alert you.

After you are done pairing your Apple Watch with your iPhone, now follow these steps:

  1. Download and install apps that give important notifications like Gmail, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc.
  2. Now, connect the Apple Watch with iPhone via iCloud. Once you do that, you will get notifications on your watch as well.

However, this method kills the battery life of your Apple Watch. All the installed apps will start affecting the Apple Watch’s battery.

Therefore, let’s move to the next method.

Connect Your Android Phone with the Apple Watch

Yeah, you read that right. Unlike a Bluetooth device, you can make a connection between an Android device and your Apple Watch. But how?

You can do that using Wi-Fi. Follow these steps to connect your Apple Watch with an Android device successfully:

  1. On your Android device, go to Settings.
  2. Select Connections.
  3. Now, go to the Mobile hotspot and tether.
  4. Turn on Mobile Hotspot. After creating a Wi-Fi hotspot, pick up your iPhone.
  5. Search and connect your iPhone with your Android’s hotspot. It will be temporary.

What Happened When You Connected the iPhone to the Android’s Hotspot?

First, the iPhone’s network settings saved the information about the hotspot network. Plus, the iPhone will sync the network information with the Apple Watch.

Now how will that be beneficial for Android users?

When your iPhone syncs the hotspot’s network information, your Apple Watch gets that information.

For example, you are out of your house with your Samsung phone and the watch in your hand. Soon, your Apple Watch will lose the connection. Then, all you have to do is turn on the Samsung phone’s hotspot.

Once you do that, the Apple wristwear will instantly become an Android Watch. On top of that, your watch will work without an iPhone.

Moreover, your iPhone’s battery will be preserved because you are directly getting notifications from your Android phone to your Apple Watch.

The Apple Watch gives almost 18 hours of battery life when connected with Wi-Fi.

Android Device Battery Life

You should know that the battery of Android or any Apple device suffers when you keep the hotspot turned on. Therefore, you have to turn off the hotspot once you return home.

Besides, other third-party apps available like Tasker will automatically turn off the hotspot connection once you are home.

Another thing you can do to save the battery of your Android phone is by keeping Wi-Fi connections of frequently visited places on your iPhone. After that, your Apple Watch will automatically connect to Wi-Fi when you visit those places.

Thus, you can keep the Android’s hotspot off and preserve the battery.

Cellular Connection

If you want to get calls and SMS on your Android device and the Apple Watch cellular model, you must set up cellular connectivity.

First, allow your carrier for the same cellular number on the two devices. Moreover, that number will be the same as your iPhone SIM card. Once you do that, now all of the devices share the same number with total independence.

Now, make a test call. You will get a call on all three devices.

Text Messages

Once you are done checking, this last thing is noteworthy as well. Using iMessage, you will receive text messages on your Apple Watch and iPhone, but not on an Android smartphone.

On the other hand, if you disable iMessage, your Apple Watch will stop receiving text messages.

However, you can solve these issues by getting your cellular network’s app. After that, your Apple Watch can receive messages not via iMessage but through that app.


Connecting an Apple Watch to an Android phone without an iPhone is complex. However, it’s the best solution available online for the best smartwatch in the world.

Plus, you will have access to most apps like Play Music on the Apple Watch. On top of that, you will be able to attend calls, receive emails and text messages, and other notifications. Thus, connecting your Apple Watch with an Android smartphone is worth trying.