Have you ever wanted to share audio or watch the same movie as your friend without disturbing people around you with loudspeaker volume? While a simple solution is to use one earbud each, listening to dynamic sounds without proper audio balance can be frustrating. Furthermore, borrowing your friend’s headphones isn’t the most hygienic approach as there is no way of knowing where they have been before.

However, with the increased popularity of wireless headphones such as a pair of AirPods, you can overcome this issue in a split second!

Thanks to Audio Share by Apple, did you know you can connect two AirPods or Beats headphones to a single device? As long as you have compatible devices, this article will cover everything you need to know about sharing audio on one iPhone without disrupting the peace around you.

Tap Share Audio with Apple’s Audio Share

Apple has always been the epitome of sophisticated technology and features across its device lineup. Simply put, the brand is always looking for ways to enhance and simplify its user experience. One such enhancement was Audio Share, which made its debut across supported iPhone or iPad models with iOS 13.

Audio Share is the answer to all the times you wondered how to connect two AirPods to the same device. It functions like a multi-output device or manual splitter that links the second pair of headphones to your first pair.

As a result, you can listen to the same playlist, share audio, watch your favorite blockbusters or tune into the same call with your plus one without sharing your Airpods.

Audio Share Devices and Wireless Headphones

Much like other headphones that connect wirelessly, Bluetooth is used to link your AirPods to one phone at a time. Similarly, this can link laptops, tablets, and even Smart TVs like the Apple TV 4K. But that’s not all.

Users can share music between two pairs of AirPods or even specific Beats headphones through the Airplay menu on their home screen.

Unfortunately, Audio Share is not available on all devices. To use the feature, you need Apple products that run on iOS 13 or later and work with Bluetooth 5.0.

Compatible iOS Devices

Compatible iPhone or iPad and iPod models include:

  • iPhone 8 or newer models
  • iPad Pro (10.5 and 11-inch variations)
  • iPad Pro 12.9 inch 2nd Generation or later
  • iPad Mini 5th Generation or later
  • iPad Air 3rd Generation
  • iPadOS device 5th Generation or later
  • iPod Touch 7th Generation

Compatible Headphones

In addition to your Apple iPhone (or any other device), you also require a pair of compatible headphone models. Here is a list of all headphones that support Audio Share:

  • AirPods Max
  • AirPods Pro
  • Other AirPods 1st generation or later
  • Beats Flex
  • Beats X
  • Beats Studio3 and Solo3 Wireless Headphones
  • Power Beats (3 and Pro models)
  • Beats Solo Pro

As long as you have a device and two pairs of AirPods (or headphones from the list above), you will be ready to share audio or music within a split second smoothly.

How to Connect Two AirPods to One iPhone

After determining whether your devices are compatible, you should have no trouble connecting two pairs of AirPods to the same iPhone. To begin:

  1. Ensure your first pair of AirPods is connected to your phone correctly from the control center.

    If you are using brand new headphones, place the AirPods inside their AirPods case. Then, follow the on-screen directions to connect successfully.
  2. Swipe down from the top right corner of your iPhone home screen and select the AirPlay icon.

    At this point, you’re ready to synchronize and share audio to your second pair of AirPods for listening on one iPhone. If you are using Beats headphones, remember to put them in pairing mode.
  3. Open the Airpods case of your second pair. For AirPods Max, the case doesn’t have to be open. Instead, position them close to your device.
  4. Tap Share Audio once the icon of your second set appears on the screen.

What About iPads and iPod Touch?

All iPhone, iPad, or iPod models share the same operating system and control center. So the steps above can be followed to connect two pairs of compatible headphones easily, whether you have an iPad Pro, iPad Mini, or the latest iPhone.

Consequently, it has never been easier to listen to the same audio and music or connect with friends!

Adjusting Audio Sharing from Control Center or Lock Screen

Can’t come to terms on volume or other settings? When you connect two pairs of Airpods or Beats for sharing audio, you can independently control the volume of each set.

This means users have complete autonomy over their volume level and when they want to play or pause their music. You can make these tweaks by using the headphone controls in the top right corner of your iPhone, iPad home, or lock screen.

To access volume controls while using an application for listening, tap on the Airplay icon. Alternatively, you can hold down the volume sliders in your device’s Control Center. These volume slider bars will allow you to adjust and share audio.

If you have AirPods Max headphones, turning the Digital Crown acts as volume controls. Therefore, check your model’s specifications when connecting Airpods to one phone.

Regardless of your method, only the Airpod you wish to connect and adjust will be affected.

Stop Sharing Audio

To stop sharing audio when using two AirPods to one iPhone or iPad, tap the Airplay icon from your Control Center. You can also open these settings within any app you use to listen. Then, uncheck the headphones you want to disconnect from.

Sharing Audio Using Two iPhones

Instead of linking two AirPods to one device, you can connect your iPhone with your friend’s. Combined, the audio is delivered through all AirPods or headphones connected to both users’ iPhones. You can follow the instructions to connect AirPods to one phone and select your friend’s iPhone instead.

While this method doesn’t work with an iPad, it is much simpler and helpful for those who don’t want to mess around with the specifics of their devices. You and your friend can enjoy the same tracks in a few easy steps without removing your headphones!

Split Music in Just a Few Taps

With Apple’s Audio Share add-on, you’ll no longer miss out on the functionality of your AirPods or sacrifice an earpiece. Instead, depending on the tech specifications, you and a friend can now share an iPad or iPhone and skip bickering over who controls the volume!