When you buy an expensive smartphone, you expect it to work flawlessly. However, there are possibilities that your iPhone X may face malfunction at times, and there is a black screen.

But you don’t have to panic. First, this article will share the possible reasons why your iPhone X won’t turn on. Then, you will explore how to force restart the iPhone. Finally, we will also present tips and tricks you can use to fix your iPhone.

Why iPhone X Won’t Turn On

Before choosing any possible solution, it’s good to diagnose the issue. But, first, you must identify the possible reasons why your iPhone X won’t turn on.

There can be multiple reasons behind this problem. It can be a minor charging fault or a major software or hardware issue. For example, sometimes you have to force restart your phone, which will fix the black screen.

However, if there is a significant issue, you must take your phone to Apple care, and they will fix the iPhone for you.

Read the following possible causes why your iPhone X won’t turn on.

How To Force Restart iPhone and Fix iOS System Issues

After diagnosing the iOS system issues, you can force restart your iPhone.

Force restarting iPhone varies from model to model but uses the following technique to force restart iPhone X.

For this, you would need to press and quickly release the volume up button and then press and quickly release the volume down button. Next, press and hold the power button and release the button when the apple logo appears. In this way, you will be forced to restart your iPhone.

It’s as simple as that to force restart your iPhone. In addition, it will probably solve the iPhone X won’t turn on issue.

Reasons Behind iPhone X Won’t Turn On

Charging Issue

One of the primary problems behind the iPhone’s black screen can be a dead battery. As a result, the battery might not supply optimum power, or your phone’s battery is completely drained.

To check this problem, follow the simple steps below.

Take an Apple-certified USB charging cable and a power adapter. Plug your iPhone X into a power source through a wall charger. Ensure that the cable and adapter don’t have any moisture on them.

Also, ensure that the lightning cable is clear from dirt and dust. You have to check the same for your iPhone X charging port.

Shortly after connecting to the power, your iPhone X should show a charging indication on the black screen that states that it has started.

Afterward, leave your iPhone X to charge for at least an hour. Press the power button after that to turn on your iPhone.

But if nothing appears on the power screen, check whether the lightning USB cable and power adapter are working correctly or not. Then, you can connect other Apple devices to the same charging cable.

If the charger and cable fail to turn on the charging screen, consider replacing them with another USB cable and power adopter. Alternatively, you can connect your iPhone to a Mac computer and open iTunes on it.

If iTunes recognizes your iPhone X through the cable, you will see a charging status next to your iPhone. If it’s charging, but your iPhone still shows a black screen, you would have to fix the battery.

Consider replacing the faulty battery but don’t do it by yourself. Instead, visiting your nearest Apple store and replacing your battery is highly recommended.

Temperature Problem

Another reason your iPhone is facing a problem can be the outside temperature. For example, it might be extremely hot or cold outside.

An iPhone X is designed with 0 and 35 degrees Celsius temperature limits. The optimum temperature is 32 degrees Celsius.

If the outside temperature exceeds these limits, your iPhone X might face the following issues.

  • iPhone will stop charging
  • The iPhone X screen will get dim
  • A temperature warning notification will appear on the display
  • The running apps immediately close.

When iPhone fails to control its internal temperature, it turns into a deep sleep until the temperature becomes normal.

So, if your iPhone X overheats, then you should consider taking it away from direct sunlight and letting your device cool down.

Similarly, if your iPhone X is too cold, take it to a warmer place and wait a while.

Try turning on the iPhone X afterward. For example, if it was a temperature issue, iPhone X turned on, and the Apple logo appears.

Frozen Screen Issue

If the screen freeze, it Prevents iPhone from turning on. If the Apple logo does not appear, there might be a software issue.

To check if your iPhone X has a screen issue, you can hard reset your iPhone, and if the Apple logo appears, the display is working. But if there is no Apple logo, then your iPhone has a display malfunction.

It means your iPhone X is okay, but you must replace its screen to clear the bad display problem.

Again, visiting your nearest Apple care store to replace the screen is highly recommended. Never replace the screen yourself if you don’t know mobile repairing.

When you replace the screen from Apple care, it will be under warranty for any screen malfunctions in the future. However, if your iPhone X is still under its official warranty, Apple will replace the screen for free.

Software Crashed

Let’s have a look at likely software glitches. If your iPhone X is stuck at the Apple logo and isn’t proceeding, then there are chances that the root problem is with the software.

Before making sure your phone has a software malfunction, consider restarting it several times. However, consider opting for the following possible solutions if the problem repeats.

You can use the iPhone X recovery mode screen. In addition, various tech service apps provide iOS recovery software to help you use the recovery mode and solve the software problem on your phone.

If iPhone turns on, exit recovery mode and continue using it.

Apple has its iOS system recovery to fix iPhone software issues through the recovery mode without any data loss. Still, if you cannot turn on your phone, seek help from Apple support.

Ensure that your iPhones have the latest iOS version. The newest version of iOS usually solves glitch problems.

Faulty Hardware

The next likely problem on our list is the hardware problem. Your iPhone X is made up of metal, plastic, and glass. These things are fragile and can be easily damaged.

For example, if you accidentally drop your phone into liquid, it might damage water. Likewise, your child or pet can also cause damage to your phone accidentally.

So, if your phone gets punctured, dropped, or water damaged, there are strong chances it won’t turn on. These things can damage the logic board or CPU.

Consulting an Apple specialist can solve your problem. He will open your phone, diagnose the hardware issue and give you the correct answer.

Tips To Save Your iPhone X From These Issues

You can prevent all these likely problems with just a bit of cautiousness. Read the following tips that can prevent these issues.

Use Official Apple Accessories

It would be best if you first remembered to use original Apple accessories with any Apple product. Always purchase items that are Apple certified. The charger and adapter You are using should be original and manufactured by Apple.

Original Apple charger gives your phone an optimal charge with a suitable current. It prevents battery aging as well.

Furthermore, if you are replacing iPhone X parts, get them replaced from official Apple service centers. It will keep your iPhone X under warranty and give you peace of mind.

Don’t Use Your iPhone X In Extreme Temperature Conditions

Another thing to consider is not to use your phone in direct sunlight, as it will overheat your device. Instead, follow the optimal temperature limits in which your iPhone X works well.

Don’t jailbreak your iPhone

Jailbreaking an iPhone X involves 3rd party software that can create issues with your phone’s original software. These issues can eventually Prevent your phone from working usually.


You store a lot of data on your phone. It must work fine all the time. But when your iPhone X stops working, it can be alarming for you. Your data comes at stake.

The Apple iPhone X recovery mode helps you restore iPhone data.

It is recommended that you back up your data routinely on iCloud. So, even in the worst-case scenario where you might not be able to repair your phone, you can still restore data.

But that situation occurs rarely. So perhaps, the tips and tricks mentioned above can help you solve the iPhone X won’t turn on issue.

You can also watch various video tutorials to diagnose and solve the issue.

Follow the recommendations to keep your iPhone X healthy and operational.