Facebook Messenger is currently one of the best ways to communicate with all your pals. It offers text messaging, voice calls, and even video calls so you can stay connected to your Facebook friends at all times.

According to a statistics report, over a billion people around the globe are currently using the Facebook Messenger application on iOS and Android.

However, just like other apps on your phone, Facebook Messenger may also fail to work sometimes. It can present you with many issues, such as:

  • Preventing you from sending messages to your loved ones
  • Posing trouble while launching the application
  • Being unable to make voice calls or video calls

The list is endless.

But don’t worry, it isn’t something that cannot be fixed. In this article, we will review some possible working issues of Facebook Messenger and how you can fix it.

Facebook Messenger App Not Working on iPhone – Issues you may encounter!

We have enlisted some of the possible issues that users struggle with regarding this app on iPhones. Before diving deep into the system errors and how to fix them, look into this.

Messenger Not Delivering or Receiving Messages

One of the most common issues that users encounter with the messenger app is that it won’t deliver or receive new messages. This can happen due to a software glitch or a Wi-Fi connectivity error.

Try fixing your WiFi or updating the app. If the problem persists even after rectifying both errors, then maybe:

  • Your friend has blocked you
  • You’ve been marked as spam by your friend.

FB Messenger Messages Won’t Display

The whole point of downloading this app is that you can read your messages conveniently without visiting Facebook’s website. If the Messenger app isn’t displaying messages, something is seriously wrong.

But before you try to fix the app, make sure you have a stable internet connection. Sometimes if the Wi-Fi network isn’t strong enough, you will not be able to see the app messages. Turn Wi-Fi on and then try again.

Facebook Messenger Won’t Launch

There are also a few instances when the Facebook Messenger app might not even launch. A software issue probably causes this or your iPhone could’ve encountered malware. But it is easy to fix.

Tap on App Store on your iPhone’s home screen and update the messenger app. This should revive the application files.

Facebook Messenger Crashes after Software Update

The messenger app can often crash once users update iOS software to the latest version. In this scenario, Apple support usually takes swift action and upgrades the software for bug fixes.

You might have to wait for Apple to rectify this settings app by default. Since Apple doesn’t allow third-party software integration, only the brand itself can rectify this situation.

How to Fix Facebook Messenger Not Working on iPhone?

There are a few ways to fix Facebook messenger not working on iPhone. These are a few straightforward steps that you can take to resolve messenger issues.

Update Facebook Messenger

An outdated version of Facebook Messenger can be one of the most common reasons your application isn’t performing as it should. So make sure you have the latest version of Facebook Messenger installed on your iPhone.

You can check for updates by launching the App Store and clicking on Updates. You will see a list of all the applications available with the latest updates. If you find a Facebook Messenger app icon among them, click and download the update.

Restart Messenger

Sometimes, complex steps aren’t as practical as some easiest tricks. For example, you can try to restart your Messenger and see if that fixes the Messenger not working issue.

Since iPhone doesn’t allow clearing cache or deleting saved data as we do in Android, you will have to close the app and then relaunch it. If your iPhone has a Home Button, press it until the app’s dashboard appears. You can close Messenger from there.

Ensure a Stable Internet Connection

Always ensure you’re connected to the internet before digging into the problem of Facebook Messenger not working on iPhone. If you don’t have a stable connection, you will not be able to send or receive messages, calls, or video calls on the messenger app.

Whether you are using data or a Wi-Fi network, check if it is offering excellent connectivity or not.

Reinstall Messenger

Another way to fix Facebook Messenger is to reinstall the application on iPhones. If Messenger has gotten corrupted due to software issues, it stops performing efficiently. You can quickly fix this issue by reinstalling Messenger.

All you have to do is long-press on the Messenger icon, and once the applications begin to vibrate, you will find the Delete icon. Click it, and the application will be removed from your device.

Once the application has been deleted, you can return it to your App Store. Search Facebook Messenger in the search bar and click on it. Reinstall Messenger, and it should start working.

Download the Latest iOS Update

If reinstalling or updating the application doesn’t solve the Facebook Messenger not working issue, then perhaps you should check iOS system issues. The reason why the messenger app keeps malfunctioning might be because your system is outdated.

Go to the ‘Settings‘ app and click on ‘General’. Then, tap on Software Update to install the latest iOS software on your iPhone.

It should reboot your iPhone, and you can relaunch the messenger app. If the problem persists, then move on to the next solution.

Restart iPhone

Facebook Messenger issues can be draining if you cannot fix Messenger first or the second time.

Another effective solution you can try out is to restart your iPhone. Again, it doesn’t matter which model you’re currently using; restarting your iPhone should be able to fix the Messenger app.

Press the Power Button with Volume Up button until the Apple logo appears on your iPhone screen. For iPhone 10 and the latest models, you will have to swipe the Power Off icon to switch off your phone.

Once the phone has been switched off, long-press the Power Button again, and it should turn your phone on. Relaunch the FB messenger app, and it should start working.

Reset Network Settings

We have already mentioned once that you must ensure your Wi-Fi is connected to keep Messenger in working order. Unfortunately, users often struggle with Wi-Fi connectivity, so you should reset network settings.

Open the ‘Settings’ application and restore network settings to factory default. You can make a fresh start from here and set up WI-FI again.

If any bugs were associated with the internet connectivity before, the reset should have fixed them, and Messenger should start working correctly.

Sign Out and then Sign Back in

Another way to fix the Messenger not working issue is to log out of your Facebook account on your iPhone and then log back in.

You can go to settings, find the Logout icon, and tap on it. You can try to re-login and see if it has fixed the issue.

Try Down Detector

One of our troubleshooting steps is to check if there is something wrong with Messenger via Down Detector.

It is a vast website with information about apps that may have faced a global outage. If your Messenger not working issue isn’t resolved even after following all the steps mentioned above, you should check this website for any outage.

It will have all the latest information you need on Facebook Messenger, along with various other apps. It will also provide information on the last time messenger was down and for how long.

In case the problem persists, you can always get in touch with Facebook support. They will be able to help you out with the messenger app thoroughly. You can also ask them all your product-related questions for more intel.

Final Thoughts

So, this is everything we could gather to solve the Messenger not working issue on iPhone. We provided as many details as possible in this regard and hope this article has been worth your attention and time.

Remember that resolving an iPhone issue isn’t that big of a deal. Most of the time, iPhone support itself takes care of it. However, if that doesn’t happen in time, you can tap into your App Store and update your application or restore your Wi-Fi connection to eliminate any network-related issues.

If these two most used rectifications don’t work, try the rest of the tips. We are sure you will be able to fix iPhone-related Messenger issues.